Universal secure identification


Globalization is the concept which is modelling the behaviours of the world to accept human resources from any part of the world to meet their corporate or business requirements. If this continues barriers between the countries become thin and it becomes necessary to issue universal secure identification numbers to individuals to maintain their information rather than using different identities issued generally by their home country. So, this paper discusses about requirement of issue of global/ universal security identities to every individual using GRID technology. Two main sections of this paper include background review and personal recommendations. Background review discusses about research done on issuing Universal Secure Identities to individuals and how information related to it is managed using GRID technology and Personal recommendations part presents my personal thoughts based on background review done by me.



GRID technology is an emerging technology where a multiple combinations of the admin domains are used to solve a common problem. This technology is used generally to solve large common problems. Because, solving large and complex problems takes too much time solve them if we are using normal available resources. In order to solve complex problem in a given time effectively it requires purchasing new resources which is a cost effective matter for the problem solver. This problem is solved by using GRID technology where multiple admin domains share the complex problems and solves it in a given time. Issuing of the universal secure identities to the world population creates a complex database which consists of different type's data from different countries of the world. This complex problem can be solved by applying GRID technology to this area. Database GRID is a form of GRID technology which offers uniform view to the varied database resources available in GRID environment and it integrates scientific databases such as biological databases, spectrum databases and geographic databases.

Background Review

This paper discusses about the application of GRID technology to manage data collected in the in the process of issuing Universal Secure Identities to the world population. As the information collected for the world population contains information about individuals belonging to 194 countries of the world, the data collected becomes a most complex database the database can be architecture in GRID architecture [Hosam 2010]. Whenever dealing with complex databases it is better not to use single database because it cannot access other databases in timely and it also affects the speed of the data processing [Xiaosheng Liu 2009]. According to this for 194 countries data can be collected separately for every country and using GRID technology providing uniform view of the heterogeneous databases available.

According to the Population Reference Bureau world population is almost reached 7 billion (approximately 6.8 billion) and it is expected to reach 8.1 billion by the year 2050 [World population Datasheet 2009]. Maintaining information about 6.8 billion individuals is the primary task of the organization which is technically big complex task and it is projected that the population is about to increase 2 more billions in coming forty years this increases the complexity of the problem because it is not going to happen after forty years it is a day to day process. As the information collected for the world population contains information about individuals belonging to 194 countries of the world, the data collected becomes a most complex database the database can be architecture in GRID architecture [Hosam 2010]. Because it simplifies the database contents to represent in terms of processing, segmenting and analysing.

Personal Recommendation

Massive databases are efficiently managed by using GRID and e-Science applications. The use of application of database technologies in GRID computing enables users with dynamic problem solving, resource sharing coordination, knowledge generation and also provides scalable, distributed, autonomous and adaptive infrastructure [Tsamoura 2009]. The large scale GRID applications best suits to manage the complex databases. Deploying a Virtual GRID information system is the other source to solve the issues related to the complex database problems [Hauhui 2008].

It is clearly evident from the background review that issuing Universal secure Identities to the world population raises the importance of the managing data collected. And it is also evident that the information collected belongs to 194 different countries so, the databases representing each country is definitely forms a heterogeneous database. So, the main objective of the problem solver becomes to present the heterogeneous database in a uniform view.

GRID technology enables the user with coordinate resource sharing and dynamic problem solving features. It is also evident from the research work that massive or complex databases are managed efficiently by applying GRID technology. There are different types of GRID middleware's which include OGSA-DAI, OGSA-DQP, etc and lot of research work going on GRID databases by organizations such as Oracle, SUN and etc. These middleware's helps the organizations to manage massive heterogeneous databases to provide uniform view of the data.

By applying GRID technology in this application area helps the world local companies to manage the universal human resources efficiently and they can achieve good results by doing so. The concept of issuing universal secure identities to world population also helps the Border agencies to complete VISA related processing immediately as the information related to the individual is provided by the trusted agency which is accepted by the world nations. This decreases time lag because of the VIAS processing and guarantees the availability of the human resources for just travel time cost.

By using the GRID technology to manage and solve the complex problem of managing information of the 6.8 billion of the world population by issuing universal secure identities the cost incurred can be reduced. Some ethical issues can be raised as the information collected is personal information but all terms and conditions about the personal information collected is revealed to the person before issuing USID to that person.


GRID technology is an emerging technology where a multiple combinations of the admin domains are used to solve a common problem. in this paper it is discussed about this technology is used to solve large problem like managing infromation about the world population. It is assumed in the paper that if a situation occurs where necessity of issuing universal secure identities to the world population it becomes problem to manage all information about them. By using GRID database technology we can manage that complex database and can create a uniform view to that database.


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