Lim Goh Tong



Lim Goh Tong was born in the year 1918 in Anxi. He was the fifth child in his family.pic_Lim_Goh_Tong.gif When he was born, China was in the period of turmoil as the Xinhai Revolution was just over. However, Lim Goh Tong was lucky as he was brought up in a peaceful environment. He even had the chance to acquire knowledge from school until he was 16, which is when his father passed away [1].

Lim Goh Tong decided to come to Malaya in year 1937 as the condition of China was becoming worse [1]. He worked for his uncle as a carpenter for two years when he first reached here [2]. During that period, he learned to speak the Malay language. After gaining enough experiences, he involved himself in building a double storey secondary school as a sub contractor.


Lim Goh Tong is well known as a risk taker. Before the development of Genting, he had involved himself in various fields. During the Japanese Occupation, he had tried working as a farmer, as a petty trader and as a scrap metal and hardware trader. After the Japanese Occupation, he engaged in the second- hand machinery trading. From there, he managed to earn his first fortune. Other than machinery, he also involved in iron mining, and even construction field. His family construction company Kien Huat Private Limited became well known after completed many major projects successfully. One of the biggest deals was the Ayer Itam Dam [2]. However, he also faced difficulties throughout his life as a constructor. He even faced bankruptcy when dealing the Kemubu Irrigation Scheme.

Lim Goh Tong had the idea of Genting Highland when he was having dinner in Cameron Highland [3]. Then he started to collect information and decided that Genting Sempah is the most ideal place to build a hilltop resort. For this project, he had dumped in all of his fortune. He even put aside all the negative comments from his friends and relatives. Genting was granted the first ever Casino licence after Tunku Abdul Rahman. The whole Genting project was done in January 1971 and started the business in May 1971.

In the next 30 years, Genting has evolved from wilderness to a developed tourist attraction township. Cable car system is provided to tourist as an alternative route. He even built a new township known as Gohtong Jaya on a land around the Genting Skyway cable car system [3].

Lim Goh Tong's company, Genting Group has diversified into various field ranges from plantation to oil and gas and even to cruise boat industry.

Lim Goh Tong was married to Lim Kim Hua. They have altogether six children and nineteen grandchildren [1]. He wrote a book titled “My Story - Lim Goh Tong” and it was published in year 2004. Lim Goh Tong passed away on 23 October 2007 in Subang Jaya Medical Center leaving behind a USD4.2 billion fortune and a huge legacy [3].


Lim Goh Tong had won many awards throughout his extraordinary life [1]. After taking a huge gamble and setting up a hillside resort, and proving all the doubters wrong, Lim Goh Tong was awarded the title ‘Tan Sri' in 1976 as a token for his contribution in booming the country's tourism industry. This is followed by the Malaysian Entrepreneur Award in 1985, his first major award. This is followed by the Manager of the Year award the following year. As his pet project bloom and in 1994 he honored the Business Achiever of the year in 1994. Genting was awarded the Number 1 ranking Malaysian Leading Companies in 1996 and icing on the cake was the Best Employer Award at the same year. Apart from his success in business he still gives back to the society through his foundation, the Yayasan Lim. The foundation helps out those who are in need by providing scholarship for deserving student, and contribute to charitable causes.


From the start when Lim Goh Tong came to Malaysia, he already shown the hallmark of a true champion. He can only speak hokkien, mandarin, Cantonese and some broken Malay language [5]. He can neither speak nor write English [2]. However, this limitation in language did not stop him in his negotiation of all of his business contracts. Against all odd, he prove that language is never a barrier to success.

When Lim first had the idea of Genting Highland, he received many negative comments from his relatives and friends. However, he had successfully put all of these comments aside. On the other hand, he put in more effort into this project. Lim Goh Tong once said that ‘Once the goals have been clearly defined, with the greatest amount of determination and hard work, one can conclusively realise one's goals.'[3].He a great determination shown is clearly admirable especially to the younger generation, that when we put our mind to it, we can achieve anything.

His humbleness that keep him grounded despite his success and status as a ‘Tan Sri' have won applause and was admired among his peers. Tan Sri Lim Gait Tong, president of the Federation of Chinese Associations of Malaysia paid tribute and said in Lim's farewell word, “He had undergone more difficulties and challenges than any other entrepreneur, before he became successful in his business. However, he remained a friendly, sporting and humble person who was actively involved in charitable activities.”[1]

Lim was well known as a risk taker. The idea of building a resort on top of the hill is very costly and the outcome is not guaranteed. He had spent all of his fortune in conducting this project [1]. However, he foresees that one day, Malaysians will desire for a cool mountain holiday resort. This is due to the country's weather and also the economy stability. He is very brave yet very careful in conducting this project.

Behind every successful man, there is a successful woman. In Lim's case, behind Genting Group, there are many workers. Lim always believed that is the people that run the organization. This project will never success if it's a one man show. The ‘Best Employer Award' that he won in year 1996 has proven that he is a employer who care and look after his employees

Lim Goh tong had set up a foundation called the ‘Yayasan Lim' which donates regularly to educational and medical institutions and other charitable organization [1]. Lim is never stingy in donating money. As a result of generosity, he gained more respect from others and of course adding his own karma

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