Consumers & Consumer Classification

1. Introduction

In Studies and researches have shown that the movement of consume things are growing very fast nowadays, we like to consume more things and own everything, and it fused be our habit life where consume things already be our daily needs in life. And it make us forget about the main function of what consume is made for, and made us very often to buy things we do not need.[1]

So, what is the meaning of Consume?

“To use or use up consumer goods”

The Primary function of consuming means to use whatever good that we buy, where very often we did not use things as the function should be use. We like to buy just because it is luxury, it is cute, or maybe because it is cheap, and buy things just according to our emotion, not according to our needs, that end up just to be another useless thing that display in our room or house.

2. Analysis

2.1 Consumer Classification

“Why People Buy Things They Don't Need?”

-Pamela N. Danzige

Pamela N. Danzige is a President of Unity Marketing, a marketing consulting firm that serves consumer-product business. According the book who's Pamela N. Danzige wrote, people like to buy with their emotion, justifying their gratify needs, where to be a luxury class also is one of their needs to be fulfill. And Pamela N. Danzige divided 5 motives or consumer profile why people are buy things. This paper will share the study of the characteristic of these profiles.

The first typical of consumer behavior is the self-expressive. These consumers consume things according through their own self expression, their personal identity, and often are to satisfy their desires, to enrich, enhance, and improve the quality of their lives.

The second type of consumer behavior will be, Careful Indulgers, This group of customers are also express them self in buy things, but they more practical person, reasoned approach to the things they are buying.

Thirdly is the impulsive consumer, this consumer buy things discretionary purchases to indulge them self, they purchase to sheer joy and pleasure, for them purchasing is the end in itself.

Fourthly will be the conflicted consumer, these customers are like to buy unnecessary things, and they intend to feel guilty after make a purchase.

The last one is the bargain Hunter, they are a group of customer that looks for bargains when they shop and tend buy things even more when the sales are come.

According to the 5 characteristic of consumer behavior that Pamela N. Danzige shared about, we can summarize it into two group of how consumer behave when they buy things. First is a good consumer where it shown in first and second point of characteristic of Consumer behavior, they like to buy things according to their needs, their predictions, and their rational behind it, by not just buy thing that unnecessary to be purchase. And second are the group of bad example as a consumer, and it shown at the third, fourth and fifth, which is Impulsive consumer, conflicted consumer, and bargain hunter, these group of consumers are just people who buy things they do not need, like impulsive this group is a group of consumers that do not have any identity for what they buy, they like to spend purchasing stuff for the sake of buying or to satisfy they need of purchasing, this group of people are very active buyer, and they keep acquiring new things, most of them are single, more of men compare to women, and often are a person who have income. This impulsive group will just waste their money in every single product that they purchase.

Similar with the impulsive type, conflicted group are also like to buy thing that they do not need, they always have internal conflict with themselves before they buy or purchase a product and never satisfied with what they bought, they always regret with what they buy but yet they have desire to purchase and own things.

Bargain Hunter, this group are slightly different with the previous groups, Bargain hunter are a group of consumer that like to calculate every single price that purchase, it's the good things from them, but once they see any sale or bargain products they will surely buy regardless whether they need it or not. These types of consumer are just makes the product they bought useless or they just think the quantity and never think about the quality.

2.2 Factors that droves people to buy products they do not need.

“The only way to solve the mystery is to uncover the motive.”

-Pamela N. Danzige

Somehow this quote it's just right where to know how to solve customers from buy things they do not need, is through understand what factors that drive them to buy unnecessary products. Through researches there are seven factors of what drives people to buy things, like:

Pleasure, is one of the factor that brings consumer to purchase a products, the reason is because pleasure are drives consumer to their fantasy level that makes them satisfy and feel the product just so good to be bought, the illusion that create a satisfaction of joy experience when they shops are the things that drives them to buy things, and it is what makes them prefer to purchase things at shops rather than buying online at home.

Education, being educated is just as important factor as purchasing products, customers are intense to get more knowledge or education when they buying a products, research about the products, the prices, the function and the knowledge that they can gain are just so important that drove people to purchase stuffs or products.

Relaxation, are another factor that is drive consumer to buy things, when in the store have shown of relaxation its drove consumers to stay even longer in the stores itself, and the sciences of shopping said:” the longer shoppers spend in the stores the more they spend.” no consumer are like to buy things when they are uncomfortable, stress atmosphere in the stores, they need more relaxation, it is the reason of why they are do shopping.

Entertainment, this are the powerful factor that drives more people to purchase stuff, entertainment brought the excitement of the consumer when they are in the shop, consumer are just need more of exciting experience shopping or dynamic way of shopping, where there is a communication between the shop and the consumer, entertainment brings relationship between the shops and the consumers, when relationship happens it is when the satisfaction of the consumers are molded, and when there is satisfaction there the purchaser are begun.

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