Manufacturing sound and visual products


This report focuses on Nakamichi, one world's high-end Japanese premium electronic company of manufacturing sound and visual products. It is well known in its good quality and advance technology in sound systems. This company is established by Etsuro Nakamichi who was sound engineer. When the company first begins to sell sound and visual products, there is a high demand for Nakamichi products due to their quality of the product. Their products focus on the technology more than aesthetic. However, the current market of 21st century, the aesthetics as important as the technology of the product. Hence, let us find out their strategies to survive in the market and how Nakamichi design team runs.

Chapter 1


Nakamichi is a Japanese premium electronic company which manufactures high quality with good technology home appliances. It is known as one of the world's high-end manufacturers of premium quality, premium performance audio/video and multimedia equipment. They have good quality of technology in sound systems, which they strongly focus on.

The current Representative Director of Nakamichi Corporation is Takeshi Nakamichi who joined in April 1972. He was included in all important audio product maketing in America. It consists of the first to hold Nakamichi's name of the first launch of Nakamichi 1000 world's first 3 Head Cassette Deck.

Nakamichi offices are currently located in Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan.


In 1948, Nakamichi was founded by Japanese who named Etsuro Nakamichi, he was a sound engineer that serves in the Navy of Japan. The company started designing and developing portable radios, tone arms, speakers and communication equipment. In 1957, the company introduced an open-reel tape recorder and manufactured magnetic heads and tape recorders within three years.

The company was originally established as research and development firm in electronics and optics but later became known as a manufacturer of quality audio products. In the starting of the company, their products were under other brand name of those big and famous companies, like Advent. It began to have its own names after the company was stable.

The earliest product of the Nakamichi was a cassette deck which provided reel - to - reel quality sound. Over the years, they were in the design of compact disc and other optical memory systems on the continuous innovation. The company with a full range of high-quality electronic products will help extent the reputation of Nakamichi.


The logo of Nakamichi (Fig.1 Logo) consists, the letterform of the N is stylized illustrate. It can be represented in a fanciful way the earth, half of which is illuminated by the sun. The Japanese translate the word "Nakamichi" to English is "in the middle of a road" or "midway".

Aims and Missions

The aims and missions of Nakamichi are to be the first global lifestyle brand of the top quality in audio and home appliances.

Products and Design

Nakamichi have manufactured a big range of high-quality electronic products included soundspace, visual display, DVD players, in- car entertainment and multimedia entertainment stations. They focus on the sound and visual quality of their products.

Nakamichi Corporation is concentrating on the technology more than the aesthetic. Hence, its design is recognized to be simple and neat.

The Design Team

The design strategies of Nakamichi are consisting of a strong design team, a good quality of technology and an excellent performance and craftsmanship. As the company is focusing on the technology more than aesthetic design, hence, the designers are always design the cover exterior for the product after engineering process. The job of the designers is to make sure the cover can suit the interior technology. The designers will also use some programs to help them to achieve a better visual for the product's design, like Rhinoceros and Pro Engineering. High technology, geometry and minimalism, distinct characteristics, handcrafts and user experience are the design language of the Nakamichi, it will be applied the product when designers started designing.

Nakamichi is focusing on the teamwork and make sure everybody is involved in the projects. Each designer will be taken turns to lead and manage the design team to achieve the design task. There is only one designer in the currently Nakamichi design team. The rest of designers are handled the current projects. He will be responsible for the overall design process till the final design is come out.

Chapter 2

Choices of Evaluation Framework

I am studying the company background of Nakamichi and understanding its strategies. I find out that there are some frameworks will be involved in this article: PESTLE, SWOT, expert behavior in design, design core competencies,

PESTLE (Renewal Associates 2003)

The first frame work would be PESTEL (political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental). PESTLE analysis allows one important aspect of strategic analysis, the external environment, to be investigated systematically by use of a simple mythology. There are three main elements in the PESTLE: external factors, implications of external factors and relative importance of implication of external factors.

  • Political - global, national, regional, local and community trends, changes, events etc.
  • Economic - world, national and local trends, changes, events etc.
  • Social - developments in society - culture, behavior, expectations, composition etc.
  • Technological - developments: computer hardware, software, applications, other equipment, materials, products and processes etc.
  • Legal - world/EU National legislation changes, prospects etc.
  • Environnemental - Global /EU/ national / local issues, pressures, movements etc.

SWOT (MICA, ERC Services Subcommittee, Workgroup on Creative Industries (2002))

SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunities and threats) is a framework analyzes a strategic planning method used to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in a business venture. Through understanding the objective of the business venture, it would be know how the company is doing in the industry.

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