Render Material

Render Material

Weber Renders & decorative finishes

Stucco or render is a material made of an aggregate, a binder, and water. Stucco is applied wet and hardens to a very dense solid. It is used as a coating for walls and ceilings and for decoration. Stucco may be used to cover less visually appealing construction materials such as concrete, cinder block, or clay brick and adobe.

Weber renders have found its wide applications due to light weight, appearance and durability it exhibits. “The new teaching block at Dundee University has a dramatic design and an equally attractive decorative finish” (Weber render passes Dundee University test, 2008, para.1).Weber renders succeeded in offering outstanding climate confrontation and sturdiness without stopping the aeration effect of the surfaces. They are manufactured with an intention to suite any diverse milieu. This makes clear about its extended possibilities in construction sector where requirements for renders that will work on any insulation are very high. Weber renders are guaranteed for strong bond to the bluclad render slats giving longer life and exterior fortification in the harsh weather conditions which actually gave them a chance in Dundee University.

(Weber render passes Dundee University test, 2008).

The strength and permanence accompanied by exceptionally striking shades and perfections make them distinct in the render business. Jamieson Plasterers team actually succeeded in installing renders for Dundee leaving a construction inducing pride. The ranges available in Weber render suits for every age group especially youth.

(Weber render passes Dundee University test, 2008).


The main requirement in the application of Weber renders is that the team of workers should accomplish entire surfaces with their hands meeting construction necessities. Dundee University surface was done by the installation of 1500m2 of Weber render with hands by Jamieson Plasterers team. The light weight renders of Weber can be easily installed but with care. The construction case analysed here had a speedy construct agenda having trivial galvanised steel popper organization as an inner surface having superficial layer of calcium silicate render plank. Weber render is applied over this, creating a fabulous appearance and permanence.

Sports Hall + Other Flooring Material

Flooring is the general term for a permanent covering of a floor, or for the work of installing such a floor covering. Floor covering is a term to generically describe any finish material applied over a floor structure to provide a walking surface. Both terms are used interchangeably but floor covering refers more to loose-laid materials.

Materials almost always classified as floor covering include carpet, area rugs, and resilient flooring such as linoleum or vinyl flooring. Materials commonly called flooring include wood flooring, ceramic tile, stone, terrazzo, and various seamless chemical floor coatings

RFS (Raised Floor Systems)

A raised floor (also raised flooring) is a type of floor used in office buildings with a high requirement for servicing to carry cables, wiring, electrical supply, and sometimes air conditioning or chilled water pipes. Additional structural support and lighting are often provided when a floor is raised enough for a person to crawl or even walk beneath.

Structural problems are a serious threat to both equipment and personnel on a raised floor. Problems such as rocking panels and gaps between panels can cause permanent damage to a floor system, personnel injuries, and damage to equipment. Regular under-floor inspections for structural integrity of a raised floor system should be carried out.

(Underneath a RFS)

RFS (Raised Floor Systems) provides “a wide variety Access Floors, Computer Floors, Suspended Floors, Comms Room Floors, and Air Grills in many different environments, buildings and industries” (Raised floor system products, 2008, para.1) make them successful in their field of competency. There are different ranges available that entertains an industrial unit linked 2mm Polyflor SD vinyl perfection attaining an ostensible section or overall structure which is 41mm thick. Gilberts GF Series is a popular name among the successful and modernized manufacturers of floor grilles. The grave and deep loads can be withstood by these products due to their keen observation of BS EN 13264:2001 while manufacturing. But the drawback seen is the roughness and requirements of extra carpets and coverings for such flooring making it not suitable for wet and other areas. The clients of RFS include many major companies from public as well as private sectors like;

Polyflor Sports Floor

Polyflor can be used in those areas failed by RFS, even extending to sports floor construction. “Polyflor use one of the world's most advanced computerised waterjet cutting machines to transform the design into a flooring 'jigsaw', with astonishing precision” (Express design service: meeting your creative needs, 2010, para.7).The flexibility and rubberised effect necessary for sports floors are provided by Polyflor with perfection. The hydro load at the incisor top should be maintained at 60,000 psi, cutting modestly through the manufacturing stuff to a precision of +/-0.1mm; the advantages offered helped them in creating many clients. “Jubilee Fields Community Centre in Shildon, Co Durham” has installed Polyflor indoor sports flooring in their entire portions of sports halls. “The attractive and realistic wood effect helps create a warm and stylish feel, giving us a sports hall to be proud of and to enjoy for many years to come,” said a centre spokesperson” (Sport 80 in action at jubilee fields, 2010, para.2).

Contented clients are their actual inspiration and support for development and success in the field of flooring systems.


The skills of workman should include keen observance and patience. The gaps should be avoided while installation and joint fillings must not find its appearance after complete installation. The durability and evenness depends considerably on the process of installation where in redundancies are possible. Professional supervision will always help in manufacturing as well as installation procedures employed.

Other flooring

Due to the multi-purposes of the building, other type of flooring would be used as;

Wet areas; Polyflor Polysafe strata

Offices; Propreitary carpet system

Corridors; Polyflor Bevel line stone

Reception; High traffic floor tiles

CPIC garage; Polished cement floor

Engineering brick

Tarmac Durox Foundation aircrete blocks - 350 x 310mm long:

The contemporary construction works necessitates enhanced values of oomph competence which gives a chance to Tarmac. “New Durox Foundation aircrete blocks have been added to the range to support wider cavity walls, which are increasingly being used above ground” (Durox foundation aircrete blocks – 350 x 310mm long, 2006, para.1).Dimension specified for these engineering bricks is 350mm x 310mm x 215mm. Durox blocks can be placed to a fence thickness of 350mm x 310mm based on the needs of the plan. Tarmac claims that those foundation blocks are produced to meet the terms of EN 771-4 and matches to Category 1 production rule as explained in BS 5628-1. The benefits proposed by the firm include savings in delay and cost with excellent prop up due to extended width and increased potency. The product congregates necessity for recurring elation of brickwork entities and also assists exertion in stair basements owing its 215mm altitude. Durox Foundation lumps are made circumstances, methods and administration adopted by ISO 14001 which has a BSI official recognition. “Essex house builder, E J Taylorand Sons has used Durox System thin joint block work in solid external wall construction for a development at Braintree” (Code 3 success for Durox system, 2009, para.1).

The application of Durox systems was made owing to the advantage offered by it including wider walls, easier methods for designing and elimination of cavity requirements.


Fixing of Durox Foundation blocks requires observance of the rules and regulations explained procedures proposed by BS 5628-3. The packaging is done with many blocks per pack, so there can be temporary attachments which should be handled with care and lightly as using unwanted pressures can bring deformations. The main feature to be considered while installing basements below earth level is to keep the blocks at right angled joints which are unfilled monitoring a closer placement of bricks. This is done to hold back the channel for pests traversing at lower levels than ground. This management should be maintained reliable and steady closely following the recommendations proposed by BRE through Information Paper IP7/05.

Ceiling Material:

British Gypsum CasoLine MF - Concealed grid MF suspended ceiling system:

“CasoLine MF is a suspended ceiling system suitable for most internal dry lining applications” (Casoline MF concealed grid MF suspended ceiling system, 2009, p.293).The completely hidden lattice and ceiling coating can be employed in juxtaposition with Gyproc plaster planks and Gyptone and Rigitone laths to produce a flawless, colossal exterior.

(Casoline MF concealed grid MF suspended ceiling system, 2009, p.293).The conflagration confrontation and reverberation padding characteristics can be reached with these ceiling materials under complete supervision of British Gypsum. The features making them attractive are colossal look, deferment from concrete or wooden bases, audio hooks supply choice of pliant deferral, robust ceiling coating and aeration canals. Effortless housing of admittance panes, simpler to produce partitions and plane alteration and wholly incorporated admittance devises makes CasoLine MF popular among the competitors. A broad variety of housing and business purposes are benefitted including education, multi-storey residence, healthcare and public housing structures. Joseph Chamberlain College, Birmingham is a real life example for the outstanding finished structure that made use of British Gypsum CasoLine MF - Concealed grid MF suspended ceiling system.

(Casoline MF concealed grid MF suspended ceiling system, 2009, p.292).


The installation requires better skills because any minute fault can create failure of purpose and permanence of fixing. The ceiling fragments are held to the principal feeds by means of two Gyproc Wafer Head Jack-Point Screws. The workman should have proper knowledge about the parts, their fitting and features so that redundancies are eliminated. The technique is same as used for concrete fixing with the exception of soffit cleats. In this case, hooks are double set straight to the surface of the beams. Installation of planks for Gyproc and British Gypsum professional panels must be kept at 150mm from all edges of the planks and at 230mm inside the area of entire panels. An exceptional practice is used for fitting and connecting Rigitone floorboards.

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