The industrial revolution

The industrial revolution was a big change in the United Kingdom but it was a good change with both population growth and economic growth both occurring at the same time so the country developed as a whole with a lot more jobs being created in the city as well as in the countryside with people using the area in which they lived to gain themselves a wage and to be able to survive so that each part of the country almost had a different occupation so that the country fed if each part as a whole.

The United Kingdom for obvious reasons became quite an economically strong country with the population and economic wealth growing at a dramatic rate. The cost of land also increased and this meant that the way and where people building was quite different because of the population growth the need for homes was on the increase too therefore people starting building homes wherever they could. Obviously with land being used in the countryside as families incomes, when the thought of building on this land was introduced not many people where too keen.

During the first part of the industrial revolution there was a large split between wealthy people and the lower class/poor, especially in the way in which they lived. The already rich or newly rich, gained most their wealth through the changes in the way in which people worked and how the economic growth had made people in different industries wealthier where they were not rich before. So they decided that they would live in extremely large houses almost like castles. With high walls and large turrets this was a semiotic to represent their wealth and power. These houses would sit amongst vast amounts of land whereas the poor would live in over populated cramped streets with open sewage pipes and shared toilets this made the comparison between the rich/poor very defined. The upper class and more wealthy family's homes and estates would not be situated in the city centre as there was not enough space for the size of the homes they wanted or this vast amount of land for their homes to be set within. They were usually in the suburbs of the city so there was enough room and acres of land for them to build/develop on or to move into. A perfect example of the symbolism and representation of wealth which the upper class people wanted to show is Cliffe Castle in Keighley, West Yorkshire.

So when the wealthy decided to move away from the city into suburbs and its outskirts so that they could build their large homes on the rural land this is known as urban sprawl.

Urban sprawl is the spreading outwards of a city and its suburbs to its outskirts. In this case these areas are in which the wealthy people moved to. It could be quite a distance from the city centre or just on the outskirts but they would not be working so there would be no need for them in the city everyday so this was feasible for them.

During the second industrial revolution in the 19th century the condition in which the lower class people lived did become a little better. This was due to a number of public health acts coming into place so that the sewage pipes and sanitation was covered up. Also a few rules helped by many government and local initiatives to make these cities cleaner places.

I came across Le Corbusier whom had revolutionary plans and ideas in the 1920's to change the future of architecture.

Le Corbusier considered the possibility of using new materials such as concrete and building whole structures from it.

He had other ideas of vertical cities rather than horizontal ones so they would be more space efficient.

With these radical plans these new structures were changing the environment and the mass production of buildings preparing the world for new materials, new architecture and the way in which land is used.

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