Explaination of Primary Data

Primary Data

The original data that is being gathered and evaluated is known as primary data.It is the data that is being compiled for specific task and purpose and which is not being merged with any other persons data.In primary data is that data you collect is unique to you and your research until you publish no one can access it.It is the data which is collected for the first time.

There are many methods of collecting primary data that can be done through different ways that are:






Lets us understand how these different methods can be helpful in primary data.Let us know about each of them one by one:


:It is one of the means from which we can collect data and sometimes many rewrites are required before an acceptable questionnaires is being produced.It is one of the mean that can be posted or faxed as well as it is relatively cheap.Having some advantages it has also some disadvantes like it creates design problems,it requires a return deadline etc.


It is one of the technique that is being primarily used to gain an understanding of the underlying reasons and people's attitudes, preferences as well as behaviour. Interviews can be undertaken on a personal one-to-one basis or in a group. It can be conducted at work, at home, in the street or in a shopping centre etc.It helps in good response rate as well as it is completed immediate.It can be also used as recording equipment.It also has disadavntes like time consuming,training required.


It helps in recording the behavioural patterns of people,and events in a systematic manner.Observational methods may be personal,mechanical and structured.Observation can be of two types Participant observation and Non-observation Participant.In Participant observation methods the person records the daily behaviour and life of the person while in the Non-observation participant method the preson who is doing the research will not join the informants rather he will watch all the things from the outside.


:It refers to fairly intensive examination of a single unit such as a person,a small group of people. The case-study approach is also done to make practical improvements on the primary data.It has four major methods they are :

Determine the present situation.

Gather background information

Test hypothesis

Take remedial action.

Diaries:It is one of the ways by which the person can gather the information about the individuals activites.They can record both qualitative as well as quantitative data and can help about the activities and work patterns during the research.


The merits of Primary Data:

In this the degree of accuracy is quite high.

It does not require any extra caution.

It helps in depicting data in great detail

For some research ,secondary data is not available

It is the source of data collection frequently includes definitions of various terms.

The demerits of Primary Data:

It consumes lots of time during collection of data.

It needs lots of finance.

In some of the research it is impossible to collect primary data

It requires lots of skills and labour.

We have seen some of the methods which help the individual during his primary research.These were the different methods which help individual in finding out the quantitative as well as the qualitative data during his research.Quantitative data is the data which can be measured by statistical ways while Qualitative data is the data which can only be expressed by attitudes,feelings, and customs.Like if we consider then we can say that if the person uses the above different methods for conducting his/her research then we can say like questionnaires would help them in gathering the quantitative data while if the individual also conducts the interviews he/she would be able to derive the Qualitative data as well.We can have lot many examples for both qualitative as well as quantitative data like gathering economic data,check census data are examples of quantitative data and while how many people like to go out for club?,Who believes the earth will end in 2012? These are some examples for qualitative data.

From the above data we can finally conclude that primary data is one of the most important factor during the research because for the indiviual during his research it is the only thing which the individual finds it out and it's the mystery for all others because this is not the work which the other person had alrady done it is something which an individual does by himself.


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