Zulekha Healthcare Group

Case Study 1: Zulekha Hospital Selects an Enterprise Asset Management Solution

General Management

About Zulekha Hospital

Zulekha Healthcare Group is one of the largest healthcare groups in UAE. It is a JCI Accredited healthcare provider. Zulekha Group is now a healthcare conglomerate with two multi-specialty hospitals subscribed to international standards, four medical centers and three pharmacies. What started off with a 30-bed setup at Sharjah with basic facilities for Gynaecology, Obstetrics, Surgery, Medicines and Paediatrics in 1992, today boasts of two super structures with JCI accreditation in Sharjah and Dubai.

The Zulekha Group today has over 825 personnel, inclusive of qualified doctors, staff nurses and a host of paramedical staff. Over 500,000 patients have availed their care and time specific treatment. An awe-inspiring 5000 surgeries have been carried out till date. The Sharjah facility is a pioneer in the medical disciplines of Obstetrics & Gynaecology in the United Arab Emirates while cardiac care of the acclaimed Shawl Cardiovascular Institute and an entire wing for Neonatal intensive care with super-speciality suites dedicated to Women's Wellness at Zulekha Dubai define the high benchmarks in complete and comprehensive healthcare of Zulekha Healthcare Group.

It continually evolved from a 30 bed hospital to a professionally managed medical facility provider within the region. The evolution of Zulekha Hospital from a 30-Bed facility to a 32 department multi-specialty healthcare landmark is a definite sign of progressive implementation. 32 Departments namely were Cardiology, Dental, Dermatology, E.N.T, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Gynaecology, Internal Medicine, Laparoscopy, Nutrition & Lifestyle Management, Neurology, Neonatology, Nephrology, Ophthalmology, Orthodontics, Orthopaedics, Paediatrics, Plastic & Reconstruction Surgery, Psychiatry, Physiotherapy, Surgery, Urology, Ambulance Services, Emergency Room, I.C.U, Laboratory, Operation Theatre, Pharmacy and Radiology form important facilities that have been provided to patients over the years.

The Hospital management consisted of well established and eminent people from the health sector. Dr. Zulekha Daud is the Managing Director of the Group. Others are Mr. Adnan Khamees Al-Talyani, Zanubia Shams acting as Chief Executive Officer and Mr. Taher Shams acting as President of the Group.

The hospital provides number of packages to its patients such as maternity packages, Diabetic check up, Executive Health Check up, etc for general public and offers different packages to corporate. These packages vary on the number of employees within the organization and the type of medical insurance subscribed.

Since the hospital was growing exponentially, the assets increased rapidly. The 32 Different departments have different assets apart from the common assets shared among these various departments. Now, Zulekha Hospital was in a problem of how to manage their assets enterprise wide. They required a solution to manage their all kind of assets – enterprise asset management solution. They were in real dilemma and had no clue how to address this big challenge. Mr. Taher Shams as the President of the group started looking at various solutions. Soon the requirements were made known to various solution providers and the evaluation process began.

One such solution provider within the region for similar kind of solution was Intertec Systems. After a series of meeting, presentation and demonstration, Zulekha Hospital decided to go with Infor Enterprise Asset Management Solution. Intertec Systems, a leading IT systems integrator, has implemented this Infor solution that will cater to both hospitals of Zulekha in Dubai and Sharjah using single database to manage Engineering operations responsible for maintenance of all Biomedical and Facility Assets. Other solution or products were IBM Maximo Asset Management, Avantis and Oracle E-Business Suite.

Zulekha Hospital opted for Infor EAM for its flexibility, robustness and ease of implementation. In addition, the project team, configurability of the solution, strong domain experience of Intertec Systems having implemented the solutions at Dubai Health Authority, Intertec Systems understood the Hospital's business and configured the solution to address their Engineering department's business needs.

Infor EAM software has been helping enterprising companies worldwide, including more than 60 percent of the Fortune 500, for over 20 years. Backed by domain experts who understand the enterprise asset management and maintenance requirements of today's competitive businesses, Infor EAM software solutions address:

* Maintenance - deploy resources for maximum effectiveness.

* Inventory/Warranty - optimize inventory and purchasing to save money.

* Uptime - forecast likely failure points and the causes to improve uptime.

* Reliability/Risk Management - predict and take action on reliability issues to prevent problems.

* Strategic Planning - increase visibility into asset performance management to better align these resources with corporate goals.

The president, Mr. Shams was impressed and commented that they are now able to manage their maintenance-related inventory better and the centralized online KPI matrix and inbox feature has helped improve their work-order processes and reduced the downtime of their equipment-based maintenance.

Zulekha Hospital manages more than 5,000 assets through the solution and some of them are very sensitive and critical for their daily medical operations. Even minor engineering glitches like a faulty scanner, or imperfect surgery-related machines can affect quality of care.

Infor's enterprise asset management software will help Zulekha Hospital:

* Maintain the availability, reliability, and operational safety of your plant, equipment, facilities, and other assets.

* Meet your environmental and compliance goals.

* Optimize your maintenance resources.

* Increase the efficiency of your inventory.

* Reduce your operating costs and energy use.

Intertec Systems suggested Infor EAM's Business Edition as it allows the customer to GO LIVE sooner given its lower implementation cycle being a pre packaged version. Infor EAM will help Zulekha Hospital to deploy engineering resources for maximum effectiveness, maintain asset history, forecast likely failure points and cause to improve up-time, predict and take action on reliability issue to prevent problems - on the whole improve visibility of asset performance management.

About Intertec Systems

Since its inception in 1991, Intertec Systems has been at the forefront for providing latest technology solutions to the region. With a strong presence in the GCC and Indian subcontinent, Intertec Systems today boasts of over 1000 leading organizations in the BFSI, Government and Corporate sectors in its customer base.

Intertec provides solutions in IT infrastructure, asset and compliance, information security, banking applications, contact centre, service desk, business applications, and business intelligence and managed services. Over the years company has built strong relations with industry leaders like HP, Cisco, Infor, Frontrange, LANDesk, CosmoCom, Microsoft, Trend Micro, Symantec, F5, Oracle, to name a few.

Intertec Systems is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and follows strong project management methodologies with its PMI certified resources. As a proactive measure, a 360 degree customer relationship and project satisfaction review is being followed.


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Few Questions that can be asked are:

1. SWOT analysis of Intertec Systems or the product Infor

2. Competitive analysis of different product

3. Any alternative cost effective solution they can suggest keeping the financial crisis in mind.

4. Marketing channels of the product

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