Afghans are still proud

Afghanistan has a very brave and old history upon which we all Afghans are (still) Proud. Afghans have proved that they are brilliant in the battle fields time to time in the past. We defeated big empires and super powers. These since of achievements which emerged from crashing the enemies of our land, made all of us extremely proud which subsequently became the nature of our people. Not only we Afghans are proud of our history, but also our neighbors, enjoy the heroism of our great bravery of the past. They mention our great heroes in their histories, as they were theirs. They named their streets, and even named their modern weapons (such as Ghuri, Ghaznawi etc.) to show the opponents that they are still brave as they (us) were in the past or to show them that they will defeat them again as they (us) were defeated in the past.

We would like to add that we are the same nation and the same people with the same look and figure. We can do a lot for our country and people, if we had the same commitment and devotion too. We are living under the same sky, the same sun shine, and the same moon, beneath which Ghaznawi, Ghori, Balkhi, Ahmad Shah Baba, Mirwais Nikkah, Ammanullah Khan, Malalai, and many other used to live. These are the same mountains the same rivers and the same land where our great heroes used to fight great battles and defeated many great powers. This is the same field which had fed the people up on whose achievements; we are calling ourselves a proud nation. Brother and sisters, nothing has changed, only the time has past.

Dear brothers and sisters! Nothing has changed. The only thing that has changed is our mentality, the way of our thinking about our nation. The imagination of a united society and brotherhood has died in our minds. We became ignorant and selfish defining ourselves "good" and others "bad". We have started stereotyping all people and then judge them trough our own bad memories. We have started searching for differences rather than searching for ties and similarities. We are focused on what differs us from others and turned our blind eye to those countless elements that tie us to each other.

Let's make a U turn and step forward towards a better change, let's be together, let's be brothers and sisters, let's be one nation and one Afghan. Let's forget what happened in the past 20-30 years, let's think of the future and set goals for the next 100s and 1000s years. We share one land lets make it a nice beautiful home and work for it together.

We have proved that we are the best fighters in the world. We have proved that we were the best in using sword (Shamshir) and guns. We have proved that we are not being afraid of anyone with great power or even a supper power.

We crushed the invaders to its demise. We thought them unforgettable lessons. Because; we were united and felt oneness. We were looking for what was closing us not for what was separating us. We were looking for ties not differences. We were focused on common goals.

As it was mentioned above too, now the time has changed, it is the time of technology, economy, and diplomacy. Shamshir is not in used anymore. Being emotional is not useful anymore. Being proud of past and being a shame of present is not the way of living of brave proud people. It does not suit them. It is the time of walking the talk not talking the previous walks.

Let's come from the past to the present. Let's face the reality. Let's judge ourselves. What are we doing to ourselves, to our children, to our women and elders? We made many of our own children disabled. We are the killers of our own dignity, hope and a prosperous future. If others kill some of us the rest of us are watching them or some times even clapping for them. We burned one another a live. We slaughtered the sons of many mothers who still wait for the return of their sons with a hope of bringing them a loaf of bread. What is lift that we didn't do it to each others? Can we ask ourselves a question that what did we get out of all these atrocities. Are we the winners or the loosers? Ask yourself; who suffered in the battle fields and who won the war? Who stood in front of the firing bullets and who benefited from the bloodsheds out there? Who were bombarded and who were rewarded? It is really the time to find answers to our soul for the un answered questions lay deep down in our hearths.

Let's show the world that we finally got the answers for the questions asked by our wounds, our orphans, and our starving stomachs. Let's show the world that we are the best in using pen as well as we were in using sword (Shamshirs). Let's show them that now we know how treat our wounds don't need two faced mercy. Let's tell them that we are fed up with the smell of our own wounds and our burning houses and villages. Let's show the world that we are the best in unity, brotherhood, education, diplomacy, engineering, production, computer sciences, health, sport etc. Let's let them know that we are not stupid to be manipulated anymore. Let's show them we are the best in loving as we are in warfare. Let's prove that Afghans are good, their enemies are bad and hostile. Let's make peace our slogan, prosperity our goal and knowledge our destiny.

If America can become a one beautiful one nation state out of 52 different states, diverse cultures, diverse traditions, diverse religions and even diverse races, why not should be Afghans united with all those ties which bonds us culturally, traditionally, religiously, and race wise. If China can educate 1.21 billion people out of its 1.33 billion populations; if Uzbekistan Tajikistan and Turkmenistan can educate 99 percent of its whole population, why should we remain illiterate next door? If an Iranian can live (in average) for more than 70 years and Indian up to 69 years, why should an Afghan die in his/her forties?

Our hospitality is famous worldwide and I hope one day we will be famous for being the best civilization in the world and that will be the day, we should all be proud of being Afghan only Afghan.

You don't have to be a president or commander, to distinguish between rights and wrongs and change the wrongs to rights. Rivers becomes rivers from little small drops from the clouds. Heroes never born from mothers as hero; they are called heroes because they did what was the right thing to do. They understood the demand of the time, and didn't set just watching. Not being silent is much easier than being silent especially today because of the access to internet and other medias.

Don't be dis-confident! start efforts stopping the wrong doings now! even with a very small act of fairness and integrity. Even that small act of truthfulness will give you some relief from the pin you curry in your hearth caused by witnessing too many unjust things. Register with and post your sayings here. Don't give any more chances to those who sold our land, our souls, and our blood for their personal benefits. Lets become an academic voice against injustice, corruption, illiteracy, warlordism, tribalism, vilence, racism, discrimination and all wrong doings by becoming a part of Mutahed web society.

God bless you

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