Analysis of an advertisement

Make a detailed analysis of an advertisement, commenting on why it would appeal to its target audience.

The following assignment comprises of an analysis for my chosen advertisement. It publicizes BlackBerry's smart phones through celebrity endorsement by Barack Obama. BlackBerry's aim is to promote and persuade the purchase of its products. 'Smart Phones' are profoundly known for their precisely-manufacturing; features which solve the problems with portability of communication i.e. emails. BlackBerry originates as a brand created for phone enthusiasts. However, in my view, it is now appealing to the vast main stream due to its current approach.

Focusing on the presentational devices used in the advertisement, there are many direct and indirect approaches which appeal to consumers. The general ambience of the advert is cheerful. This is created by the mass number of people shown in the advert. Subsequently, the advertisers create a sense of trust amongst the consumers. The pictorial design of the advert does not contain any patterns. In my opinion, unlike other adverts, it is very self-explanatory. This gives the reader independence to be judgemental about the advert, before the product is directly advertised. On the contrary, there isn't a lot of "white space" left in the advertisement. This has a strong effect on the audience as the consumers do not have time to make any assumptions about the product since they are flashed with graphics and written elements. In my view, this indirectly represents how BlackBerry can fulfil your life. In essence to this, the basic components of the ad i.e. the writing is placed in the centre- eye level- and at the bottom of the page. Therefore, as well as having time to focus on the images, the readers also read the written statements.

The font of the writing is eligible and standard. The advertisers have used fonts which people are familiar with. This may indirectly represent the familiarity people have with the brand itself, which has not been directly mentioned yet. In addition, amongst the busy images is the slogan/statement which is written in white. The colour white represents purity which can consequently re-enforce the idea of trust and reliability amongst consumers. Moreover, the written elements at the bottom of the advert are also in white. In addition, to grab readers' attention some words are written in bold.

Colour plays an important part in this advert; even if there're fewer bold colour statements. Blue is an overwhelming colour which is a favourite of many. Blue is seen dependable, trustworthy and committed. The sky and the ocean are also blue therefore the colour is seen as a constant in our lives. On one side blue invokes calming chemical. This means that once you're re-assured about the product, the blue discards sceptical thoughts that might come into the readers mind. However, blue is not always seen as a serene colour. It's also an engaging colour that is dynamic and dramatic which, in my view, delivers the unique selling point for the BlackBerry products, to the consumers. There is also a slight-but bold- use of the colour red. Red is power, hence the red ties in for the business people (target audience) and the red carpet for celebrities and VIPs i.e. Barack Obama himself, who endorses the product. This makes the readers associate with Barack Obama, who is an inspirational figure to many, as consumers sub-consciously might look for the power, status and financial position he has.

The ad's plot, in the photograph, conveys Barack Obama's electoral moments while the BlackBerry was placed in this hand. This convinces the consumers that BlackBerry plays an important part in Barack Obama's success. The background tells us that the location that the photograph is captured is during Barack Obama's electoral speeches. The background consists of voters of all ethical; religious; generations happily supporting Barack Obama, with warming and joyful expressions. This may as well be due to the President-Elect (at that time) himself but in the advert it is portrayed in terms of the product. This reflects the theme of the ad which is faithfulness and re-assurance. This is essential as people will need to be assured of the quality as most individuals are hesitant to spend a lot on a luxury item.

The advertisement contains many symbols. The American flags held by the audience in the background image represent unity, and more so represent the originating nation where BlackBerry initially gained its popularity. This affects the audience as they are made to believe that every person involved in this advert-and more- support and trust the product; this is repetitive reassurance. Moreover, the banners held by the audience in the back show the consumer that everyone in the photograph has gathered for the same purpose. At the bottom of the page is the BlackBerry logo, itself. This may recall some consumers' memory about the brand or may be new to the others. Anyhow, the logo provides an image for the consumer to remember if they're interested in the product.

In my opinion, the type of shot of photograph can interpret a lot. I believe that a long focused shot is used to make Barack Obama look approachable. This is so consumers are made to believe that they can have something in common with a powerful individual. Moreover the light focusing on him makes him feel enlightening; as though if he was introducing the world to consumers. And, finally, his body language can be interpreted can be as though he was reaching out to the public to hand them the "secret" to success- BlackBerry.

While looking at the written elements, this advertisement uses many techniques. Firstly, the slogan is somewhat like a definition of the endorser's life:

"This is one change I won't make!"

The statement is contrasting to the background (people demanding for change), as most people assume that a leader would agree with its followers' demands. Moreover, this statement- once again- reassures the readers. Changes are only made if one's unhappy about something. Consequently, if a leader with so many needs is happy then an ordinary person will be too. The use of a personal pronoun makes it seem more personal and not just an endorsement. In addition it it's a quote which makes the reader believe that Barack Obama uses BlackBerry. Finally, the use of exclamation mark stabilises the statement; making it unchangeable.

At the bottom of the advert, the advertisers use suspense to reveal the product:

"Some habits are hard to break, which is why President-Elect Barack Obama against the wishes of attorneys and his own secret service, just can't give up the ease, convenience and reliability of his BlackBerry."

BlackBerry is described as a 'habit'; this makes the consumer believe that it is more than just a phone and makes it unique. Consequently, most phone enthusiasts are looking for uniqueness. In addition to the BlackBerry stated as a habit, it is also described as a 'habit' which is 'hard to break'. This persuades the reader that it is an addiction and looking at today's society most addictions are considered as things which are pleasurable and help people to escape the world around them. Subsequently, the consumers expect high standards from BlackBerry.

Moreover, the paragraph states the Barack Obama has gone against the people who confide in him to keep using continue with this 'habit'. In my view, this rebellious approach will appeal to phone enthusiasts who strive to stand out. Lastly, the advertisers give the consumers three reasons to but the product: 'ease, convenience and reliability of his BlackBerry.' This directly re enforces the message which the advertisement has conveyed, indirectly, throughout.

There is a contrast between pictorial and written elements. The images represent unity; the written elements convey rebellious nature. This, in return, perfectly conveys the message that if you buy BlackBerry you'll be like by people. However, the red validates the verb 'won't' in the slogan as red. Moreover, the little block of red-represents Barack Obama- used in the background over the vast amounts of blue- represents the audience, attorneys and secret service. This, in my opinion, shows that Barack Obama rebels against the majority in order to keep his BlackBerry. The endorser, Barack Obama, plays an important part in the political society to show progression and change. However, indirectly, this advertisement portrays rebellious nature against change.

Conclusively, in my opinions, this advert provides a lot for a consumer to interpret. The language and font used are both easy to read and understand. It also has multiple layers of meanings to suite the low-high ability consumers. The celebrity endorsement leads the consumers to believe they can attain celebrity's characteristics by purchasing the product. The images validate and conflict the written elements. This advertisement cleverly conveys indirect meanings which might vary from one individual to another. Most importantly, the advert targets its audience well by reflecting their cultural attitudes in the advertisement.

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