Children and writing

Thinking about your personal experience, do you consider that writing was a neglected skill? I always had problems with writing. I remember when I went to school; teachers not paid much attention to writing skills. Today, writing is one of my weakness aptitudes, I believe that the reasons are set in the start of writing and that I am not well- trained, these are some examples among some other factors. At the present time, is this skill left aside in L2 lessons? Many teachers' investigations showed that children have loads of writing difficulties. The problem is not only detected when writing in a foreign language but also in their mother tongue. For these reasons, I found Jayne Moon's article really important and interesting to take into account. In the article "L2 children and writing: a neglected skill?", Jayne Moon clearly develops this issue. Through the article, she establishes different aspects, which characterize the writing process taking into account how and when to teach writing, the different approaches and techniques. Therefore, she concentrates her essay on three main points.

In "L2 children and writing: a neglected skill?", the first point that Jayne Moon writes about, describes the status of writing in the L2 classroom. So, is the status of writing really important in both primary and secondary education? The author, Jayne, states that writing takes on a great deal of significance at later stages of primary and secondary education, for the reason that it is a way for assessment or a vehicle where students can demonstrate learning. For teachers, the term writing involves development of the motor skills of writing, writing to communicate, writing to learn, and-or writing to demonstrate other skills. Writing potentially performs many different functions, which will vary Student: Ayelen Veronica Gallego.

according to context, children's level and teacher's goals. I believe, that writing is important since the first grades of education. I think if students are motivated and trained to write from the beginning, then would be able to write without problems. I consider that the purpose for writing can be varied, such as for communication or to show your intellectual capacity between some other reasons.

Another important aspect explains when to introduce L2 writing into the primary curriculum. Reading and writing are seen as interdependent and frequently bring in simultaneously. Some instances of when to introduce L2 writing into the primary curriculum are expounded on contextual factors, such as the role of English in society and the purpose of it. By Jayne's account, literacy skills are introduced right from the beginning of primary school, frequently simultaneously with L1- extra language literacy skills. Although, in Korea the reasons for the delaying of writing skills are set on the interference from the L1, which were not founded. I approve Jayne's idea, which establishes that if L2 literacy is introduced after L1 literacy skills are secure, then children can build on the experiences gained considering that this factor can result in a positive transfer of experience, concepts and skills from L1 to L2. To sum up this idea of when to introduce this skill we would say that, writing in English involves many complex skills and children need to be systematically prepared. I agree with the idea that children can learn L2 literacy better, if L1 literacy was introduced first. The reason is that they can construct due to the experience gained learning writing from L1.

Finally, other important aspects to consider are the approaches and techniques used in teaching writing. There is no specific approach to teaching L2 writing; the techniques used are taken from various approaches, involving a mix of methods. The approaches Student: Ayelen Veronica Gallego.

include: grammar-focused, task-based or communicative and the process- oriented approach. After children have acquired the elementary sub-skills, teachers would encourage students to write to different audiences, which can be real or imaginary. Motivating tasks will provide a natural way of getting them to pay attention to language. I think that motivation is a good way to give confidence to students to develop and learn writing skills. I am also in agreement with the use of IT, when we think of tasks that include writing.

All in all I would say that teaching writing might seem an impossible task when children are not competent writers in their own language. But after reading Jayne Moon's essay I arrive to the conclusion that writing can't be neglected, and it needs to be taught as soon as teachers can introduced it in the classrooms. Actually, teachers have plenty of tools to start working with writing which will be really positive. And nowadays the use of IT is a way to promote writing learning.

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