Divorce rate in America


Society is riddled with self-absorbed people. These people live their lives in such a way that they ignore everyone that doesn't personally benefit them. I hate it when people act with no regard for others. Selfish people can also alienate themselves from those who care about them. Consider Hitler, Germany loved him but the rest of the world wanted him dead. The attitude he displayed destroys relationships and creates problems for everyone. From marriage to relationships among teenagers, a lack of consideration for other people effects everybody. I believe that everyone should be treated with a basic level of respect. Self-absorbed people bother me because they destroy relationships, I am selfish and self-absorbed, and they hurt those around them.

Truly, self-centered people destroy relationships. Our relationships are some of the most important things we possess. Our material possessions can be destroyed or can rust or rot. It is relationships with people that last. Although, no relationship is perfect, a strong relationship can withstand the toughest trials. Arguably, the strongest relationship a person can be involved in is marriage: however, in the United States, this union is being severed at an alarming rate with between 40 -50% of first marriages ending in divorce1. Infidelity and a lack of good communication are the top two reasons for divorce. Both of these issues have a similar underlying problem, selfishness. In both an unfaithful marriage and one where there is a communication breakdown, one or both partners is being inconsiderate and only thinking of themselves. The parties involved do not take time to consider the other persons wants, feelings, or reactions and only want to pleasure themselves or further their own agenda. It irritates me to see so many families separated and homes broken because of someone's selfishness. If husbands and wives took more time to consider the other members of their family before themselves divorce would happen less often.

Similarly, in a recent study, it was found that 30% of all teens (5.7 million) were involved in some form of bullying. In a separate study, 20% of teens said they felt alone while 30% said that they were generally unhappy2. In all these instances, situations may have changed if kindness, compassion, and consideration were shown to these teens. Teenagers wouldn't feel alone if someone would befriend them.

Ironically, inconsiderate people bother me because of my own selfishness. Because of my pride, I often take the position that everyone should treat me well. I also believe that individuals should treat others well because I attempt to treat others well. Often I see broken men and women tossed aside by people with the ability to help, and while I toss others aside, I still wish that people would be more kind to one another.

Additionally, self-absorbed people bother me because the general population deserves to be treated well. What set people apart from other mammals? There are many different opinions. Some think that we are more evolved while others believe in intelligent design. I believe that people were created and because of creation, people were given special worth and value. I become irritated when people are inconsiderate because everyone is valuable. Every person effects another, and every person has the responsibility to bring good to others. The Holocaust was disgusting and horrendous because human lives were treated with contempt and no regard at all. Murder is punishable by death because of the value of human life. Granted, the person who fails to hold a door or yield to someone else on the road has not killed millions, but it is that attitude of disregard for others that can lead to such unspeakable acts.

People are just that; people. They are not merely organisms. In our society there are those in need. These people can be homeless, hungry, or just emotionally downtrodden. Relationships can be broken and lives can be destroyed by a lack of compassion. It is the encouragement and kindness of someone else that will help a person to start going again. It's like giving someone a jumpstart and hooking them up to a battery. If compassion was shown to these people, there would be less broken individuals. In fact, it is often that these people needed hope and understanding but they were shunned and pushed aside because the world was too busy to stop and help. It makes me mad to see people treated poorly. I hope that someday people will begin to show compassion to one another.

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