Entertainment and Leisure

Access to Original Entertainment

It has never been easier to publish original entertainment.

It has never been harder to see and hear original entertainment.

I agree with the first statement because with websites like Youtube, you publish nearly any video you want, this may range from comedy, sport etc. Therefore this could be see as original entertainment. A drawback however would be the fact that you can't post very long videos on youtube because of the video capacity size.

I also agree with the statement that it is harder to see and hear orginial entertainment because of the fact that most of the posts online are copies of things other people have done before. It is very rare to come across a good online original entertainment source.


The information and communication technology takes an enormous part when it comes to entertainment. Earlier in the 1990's music was played by cd's, those cd's were sold at very high prices. But after the internet became popular people began to share the music songs each one had. Therefore we can say that the information age had an great impact on the music. Almost everyone in Uk have the access to the internet. So they log on to web-sites and download songs, some are for free download. This gives an opportunity for the people, because they can access to any kind of music they want to listen. Even though some of the songs which could be downloaded from web-sites are illegal copyrights, nobody takes any reaction to it.


Today almost all the newly released films could be watched online and could be downloaded to the computers due to the internet. During the early days people had to do to shop and buy cd's to watch the films. Sometimes the film cannot be found in shops. But in the internet anyone can watch or download film at anytime from anywhere which has the access to the internet.

Online Television and Radio

Now people can listen and watch real-time broadcasted television channels and radio channels. If somebody missed his/her favourite programme, in the early days they had to wait until the channel broadcasted it again, but due to the information age the people only have to enter to the web-site of that specific channel and watch or listen to it.


Games have an impact on all children and adults; it doesn't have an age barrier. Due to the information age nowadays people can play online games or can download them to the computer and play, some could be played and downloaded freely.

Perhaps one of the largest impacts of ICT on the personal lives of young people has been the explosive growth of home games players or "play" stations. An article in new scientist (23rd October 2004, p.26) stated that $3.8 thousand million of games were sold in 1995, rising to $6 thousand million in 1998 and $7 thousand million by 2003. It is estimated that 25% of these games were violent.

Computer games are so popular because it provides an easy way to play games without leaving the house. Also, some people would rather stay in and play computer games rather than go out the play. Also, on the whole, computer games are fun to play.

Also, i would agree that computer games do make you more violent as it is scientifically proven that playing aggressive video games causes a mild aggressive arousal in your brain thus making you more prone; lying face down, to aggressive outbursts.

Also, i agree with the statement that computer games make you more isolated as you are not generally playing computer games with friends, unless if you are playing online. So if you are generally playing computer games by yourself, you are more prone to be more isolated.

I feel that networked computer games do make you more and less social because one aspect of playing online is that you can play with and chat with friends making the experience more social. However, it lowers the social interaction between two people if you are playing an online game thus making it less social.

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