Important Persons

Important Persons Whom I Met In My Life

The world comprises of different categories of people in the ratio of good and bad. But in the present generation only few people come forward to do good for others. On the other side most of them are planning to put down others around them. Most people now are more attached to their career and growth of their individual families. Surely they will reach heights in the volume of wealth but will not get respect from others. According to me “A man is said to be wealthier when he is been heartily respected by others around him”.

In each and every one's life there will be some people whom they admire and follow. Likewise In my life also I have been across many people and only some of them still remain in my heart and I am following their ways.

Everyone at first will be surely inspired by their parents. They are the ones who show us what's around us and takes care of us with patience even though we give a lot of trouble to them. They look after us with love and affection that no one can give us in our life. My parents also did the same to me. I am following what all they said during my childhood days. They are the first ones to change my life. Next is the teacher who taught me some of the important things which is been followed in my life. If all teachers start thinking that they and their family should only follow the good principles in life then, what will happen to the children going to the school? Teachers are the ones who keep on insisting us to do all the good things in life.

In every class there will be around 50 students and the teachers will usually say everything in common and I was not much attached to the things which were said by them. But, when I came to 7th I was taken to tuition centre named “Cyndra” by one of my cousin's. I went there to learn maths, it was taught in the terrace of my master's house. My master name was Mr.Iyappan. He was the first person in my life who I admired a lot. I studied there till my 12th standard. The first day when I entered the class was terrible; because he was beating a student like anything and I was too young and got frightened by seeing him. After beating the student he came to me and spoke normally as if he was doing some meditation. That incident inspired me by seeing his presence of mind he had with him. He was able to transform himself according to the situation.

As days past I was adapted to the environment. He used to take classes early in the morning and he will go to his work after finishing his tuitions. From that I learnt the amount of hard work that is to be done in life. The teaching method followed was different, that he used to tune our mind to think beyond limits. He will not refer to any guide; will ask us to solve the problem by our own by saying no issues if the problem is right or wrong. From that I got confidence on self and was able to solve sums on my own without anybody's help. He was the booster for me in my life.

The tuition classes starts from 4 in the morning till 9. Only the board exams students used to come in early morning and rest of the students come later. Before going there I used to get low marks in maths after few years of his training I got more marks such that my school teachers was also surprised by seeing my marks. When I went to class 10th I was told to come early in the morning, but I was not used to it. I usually get up late and go to the class late, he will be angry and with a help of a stick he used to beat me like anything. Then after few days he told me that I am doing it for your sake, I am not getting anything by beating you, and I can simply take the class and go away. From that I was taught with dedication towards work that everyone should have in their life.

The tuition centres in our locality according to my knowledge; will ask the fees sharply at the beginning of every month. But my master has not even asked me a single time about the fees when I studied there. From that I understood money is not everything in life we should have self-satisfaction towards what we are doing. He was fully dedicated towards teaching good principles to others which he had with him. I should not take him as an aged man; he was just 25 when he developed many engineers and doctors. He used tell me that nothing is wrong in life unless it becomes habitual to you. You should enjoy everything in life but it should have a limit and we should not cross it. “Life is like an ice-cream; enjoy it before it gets melted”.

As the days passed I enjoyed going to tuition daily, did not bunk even a single day. And I was addicted to his class. From then on sincerity came to me. Now I am very much sincere towards work on all that I do. On the other side he used to give me useful advice that is been helping me in my life. In 10th board exam also I got good marks and continued classes for my higher secondary also. He appreciated my honesty and sincerity towards my studies.

In my 12th he was the only guy who helped me out to secure good marks. He used to tell me to write and see whatever I studied. And I followed him; I used to keep a notebook by my side and used to write whatever I study. In the last three months before the board exam he made me study all the subjects. I used to come from the school in the evening and I will sleep for a while and used to get up by 9 and will have my dinner and will go to his house. He will come from work and will sit with me till 12 and will go to sleep. He used to provide me his computer to listen to songs whenever I get bored, and will check out in the morning. I studied sincerely and go home by 4am and will have sleep for 3 hrs and then go to school. Like that he made me to work hard for 3months and I came with good result which made him proud.

I used to tell everything that happened in my life and he guided me in a way that leads to success. And he is an idle for students who ever studied in our tuition.

Next man who came in my life was my close friend, In-law. I saw him once when I attended his marriage and after a long gap my friend introduced me and gave his number. I used to call him but he was busy, could speak hardly few words “I am in a meeting”. The fact is that he is a busy man who is involved in a huge business. He used to give me lot of opportunities but I failed to utilize it, but my close friend consistently boosted me. That was the only tonic for me. And one fine day he spoke with me for an hour in spite of his busy schedule and spotted out my interest and encouraged me with some examples that he had experienced in his life. During that conversation I used to tell some things which would have made him angry but he politely answered me and I got confidence on me, that I can also do something in my life. From him I learnt Patience how to be and how to speak in favour of others by not letting them down even though they have less potential in them when compared to others. I remember he said “An Idle Mind is a Devil's Workshop”. These lines made me think to a great extent (which I never did few years back). Now I am very much interested in what I am doing, I am sure that I will practice regularly and will live up to his expectations.

Thus, till now I have been blessed with some of the wonderful people around the world. I am sure that I will follow all the good things that I have been absorbing since my childhood days. And will be a successful man in the near future.

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