Information technology and business managements


Information technology and business managements are now dealing with the alignment between business and Information technology strategies. The alignment of both seems to be important for the interest of organization and to achieve the objectives of the organization. Business managers are investing in the strategies of IT to achieve business values. In the same manner IT companies have introduced some business techniques to expand business of their organization. By integrating all two, it becomes the most usable concern for the leaders of IT and Business. But maintaining alignment is as important as having a good integration. Also while putting Information technology and business strategies together organizations needs to know how effective it is going to be for the company and what the bad impacts it can cause to the organization. It will help to improve the business performance in Information system management.

Brief history of NOKIA

Nokia is one from the biggest organizations. Nokia was established in 1865 by Fredrik Idestam. He starts from a paper mill it was built on the bank of Nokianvitra River in Finland. So, he named his organization "NOKIA" from this river. It moves towards the electronic track by merging it with Cable Company (Finish cable works) and rubber firm (Finish rubber works). From the start to 1967 Nokia deals in paper, rubber, and cables. Nokia stay in this field for 100 years. In 1968 just twenty years ago when cell phones launched, nokia move to mobile business.

In the year of 1992 nokia introduce its first GSM handset NOKIA-1011. After that in 1994 NOKIA-2100 was produced. This is first handset having nokia ringtone. In 1997 nokia put snake game in their mobiles. Later in 1998 nokia become the leader in mobiles. The internet facility was given to customers in 2000 and after two years 3g technology comes into existence. From 2002 to 2007 number of mobile phones was developed. On that time nokia was the 5th most famous and valuable brand in the world. The value of nokia increased because it put step ahead in the advancement of technology. There are many mobile phones introduced includes internet facility, camera of 1.3 to 5 mega pixel with flash lights and touch screen are having good compatibility with all networks. In the year of 2008 nokia's supporting and business group was replaced with integrated business segments that is called OVI. There are many other IT and Business strategies combined in this organization.

Nokia is the one from the organizations who achieved fame in the world of industries by aligning Business and IT strategies.

Nokia's three mobile device business groups and the supporting horizontal groups are replaced by an integrated business segment, Devices & Services.

Identify and critically evaluate concepts of business values in terms of information, how information management delivers value to the organization and IT as part of the organizations business transformation.


The value of information in terms of Business

How information give value to business??

Informarion- data and info used

  1. To increaase income or revenue
  2. Quality
  3. cheaP AND BEST
  4. communication
  5. time consuming

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