Intention of the PhD

Proposal: Intention of the PhD

Improving the effectiveness of teaching: An examination of approaches and strategies employed by newly qualified teachers

Keywords < Science classroom activities, action research, professional development, newly qualified teachers, induction, dynamism of teaching, improving teaching, improving performance>


  1. To study some of the literature treating; current theories on improving teaching

The intention here is to explore current empirical literature on the following

  • improving teaching through action research
  • making teaching dynamic and teaching styles diverse
  • teachers engagement in personal professional development
  • alteration of science classroom activities and teaching strategies
  • catering for students diverse needs to enhance learning and improve performance

To examine empirical research that has identified ways that teacher leadership is related to improving teaching and learning Implies that teachers as professionals are able to identify and cater for the needs of all their students through support. The focus in this section will therefore be on the characteristics of teacher leadership and its role and implication for effective teaching and learning. This will be related to the means and ways that teachers employ to tackle changes within their classroom and in the teaching.

To examine the perception of teachers' of the factors impeding improvement in strategies targeting effective teaching The research will seek to determine what those factors are and what they are doing to address the impeding factors if any. Gathered evidence from sampled teachers will bring to light factors inhibiting the teaching and learning process. It will explore the extent to which existing organizational structures can influence changes.

To investigate the strategies being used by teachers to improve learning and enhance their professional development The intention is to intimately investigate what teachers do to improve science classroom activities. The strategies they used, the guidance support they get and the indicators that influence their change or use of strategies.

To investigate the limitations to effective teaching?

This will be in two folds; limitations based on findings from case studies or survey carried out internationally detailed in the literature review as well as in the analysis.

Therefore as part of my research methodology I am opting for an examination of teachers' way of teaching, with the possibility of targeting newly qualified teachers. The intention is to examine what teachers do to bring changes into their teaching as well as what influence those changes and factors impeding such changes. More importantly it will look at how they go about doing what they do and the changes they make as well as the evidence they use within the classroom context.


On a large scale a sample of teachers teaching for one year or two years will be targeted to complete a comprehensive questionnaire pertaining to the above mentioned title. The sample group will involve about 50 teachers. A quantitative approach will be used for data analysis. Analysis of variance (ANOVA) and regression analysis will be used here. For instance what are some of the strategies being used by teachers? Are the strategies impacting on performance? Are those strategies good predictors of performance? Correlation will be identified through score and line of best fit for such predictors.

It is apparent that this study is targeting also a group about 4 or 6 of newly qualified teachers who will be in a stage of establishing and researching effective ways of teaching. The intention is to intimately observe them in action, talk to them about what they do to improve as well as the extent they can do what they want. Over a determined period data will be collected through interviews, observation schedules and documentary analysis. Their immediate supervisors will also be interviewed in line with the stated aims. Making use of a range of data gathering techniques will allow for the possibility of triangulation in order to ensure greater validity. A qualitative and quantitative approach will be used to present data.

These are changing times in the educational system in Seychelles. There has been a call to make changes to the education system for efficiency and quality, quality necessary to enable adequate intake into the soon to be created university of Seychelles. What better way to enhance quality than to systematically empower teachers at an early stage in the career. Empowerment in terms of allowing teachers to use suitable strategies that target improvement in their teaching and ultimately influence students learning and performance. It is hoped that the research will help in contributing towards this endeavour with the aim of ensuring effective teaching. Perhaps the research will also reveal (i) the need for proper and extensive induction for newly qualified teachers, (ii) identify ways of catering for students needs and (iii) encourage teaching that does not cater for imaginary average students or average

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