Job description analysis and specification

Job Title:

  • Content Writer [Subject matter expert], English Writing/Content Writing

Desired Profile:

  1. Candidates with a good command over the English language
  2. We are looking for prolific candidates preferably, post-graduates/graduates in English Language/ Literature or any in that bracket.
  3. Secondly, a candidate with a flair for writing, and expressing clarity of thoughts is an absolute must.
  4. As a Subject Matter Expert in English writing, candidates who can understand and grabs the concepts and organize their thoughts into well-drafted articles/essays, which should necessarily provide the required information to the readers in an interesting manner is mostly preferable.
  5. Finally, clarity of thought, critical thinking, intellectual capacity, good analytical skills, and ability to organize/structure report as per with client specification is very important.

Key Role and responsibilities:

  1. Content Writing, Editing and Proof reading
  2. Writers are expected to write essays/reports/articles as per the assignments guideline given to them from time to time.
  3. Internet research for relevant material from the net, academic articles, books, journals etc, to support and justify an objective and well written academic paper.
  4. Essays/articles/reports must be original, logical/factual, information rich, zero grammatical errors and most importantly well researched papers.
  5. Self evaluation, proof reading and editing are expected from candidates in respect of their work that are submitted for final recourse.
  6. We are interested to work with professionals committed to their work, its ethics and most importantly deadline oriented people in delivering assignments on-time.

Apart from the above mentioned designation the following also should be clear to you:-

As a content writer, Advantal Services: Academic Research Dep't plus its roles and responsibilities, we expect the following from you (candidates/job applicants):

  1. Fluency on communicating in written languages.
  2. A candidate who is able to express thoughts in crystal clear writing
  3. Comfortable with core Academic paper writing. [By academic paper we mean MBA curriculum, advanced master level Academic paper, etc.]
  4. Written content should be, original, scholarly in outlook with zero grammatical errors.
  5. Though we don't follow any particular formatting styles, but writers are expected to adhere to client guidelines and format content accordingly.
  6. Concise, to the point, and accuracy in the use of in-text citation, paraphrase and other bibliography materials as per with the international standards writing rules applicable from time to time. [Preferably, APA and MLA standardization]
  7. Should develop a reader friendly article or essays aimed at general audience, rather different from web-writing.
  8. Plagiarized free paper. By plagiarism free paper, we meant not to deter using of referencing material, either from the website or otherwise; however writers should note that when using other work or the subject already discussed, specific citation and correct referencing at the end of the content paper in any one case is an absolute must.
  9. Qualitative and quantitative use of analytical tool in formatting a report.
  10. Technically, candidates are expected to be comfortable with the use of internet research tool, MS Office, etc

Type of Interview tests that can be done

  • Preferably online writing test on any one topic. MBA stuff and core academic course work, literary analysis, etc.
  • English Language Comprehension on a particular topic

Candidates Evaluation Questions:

  1. Illustrate in your point of views the meaning and term of team work? .
  2. International business
  3. ABC Topic


  • Please note that your write-ups in articles/essays will be subjected to plagiarism and grammatical check, accuracy in punctuation, etc, and should be clearly formatted in a concise manner.
  • Reader friendly essays/articles, and use of easy understandable English language is a must.
  • You can consult any number of websites or literary articles, books, journals or any in that capacity. However the final formatting of reports/essays/articles, should most necessarily be in your own words.

Select the Topics below in which you are comfortable, among the list of preferences

  1. Article writing
  2. Press release
  3. Blog writing
  4. Website content writing
  5. Technical writing
  6. Finance related articles or review
  7. Website reviews
  8. Academics paper review
  9. Scholarly writings
  10. Movie review
  11. Creative writing


ADVANTAL POLICY [Specimen Copy] in brief

Subjecting to your recruitment process with us for an opening in content writing the following should be clear to you

  1. Intellectual property right of documents vest with our clients, and with Advantal services at its discretion
  2. Maximum 8 Working Hours during the day shift.
  3. Likewise, candidates undertaking the position during normal working hours are expected to deliver the best possible work and on time delivery within the stipulated deadlines.
  4. Content quality is a must at all time
  5. Punctuality in attending office and strictly adhering to company policy is expected at all time.
  6. In accordance with writing skills and experience, remuneration/salary also will be decided, agreed and compensated likewise.

Finally, please take note that If you are agree to working with us on the aforementioned terms and condition, we will be expecting your good self you to take a writing test on any of the following topic.

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