Legacy systems

Activity 2

The role of legacy systems and emerging technologies in the public sector

Within the library they use a system called Galaxy. There are two types of systems within galaxy; the first is a text based system while the other is a windows based system. Both of these could be classed as a legacy system due to the fact that they are both not the newest version out. The Council is currently adding to the library system. The most modern development is the introduction of the RFID machines at the larger libraries, such as Skegness and Mablethorpe, and the possibility of notification by text message when the user has a book outstanding or when a reservation becomes available.

There is also a website in which the user can create a library account, login to and control the majority of the users library account. This includes making reservations, renewing books the user is already loaning and updating the users own personal details.

There are also several ways of searching for books. These are searching by authors, book titles and the International Standard Book Number, shortened to ISBN. One example is if a book had the title “Computers in the Public Service” Written by “Lamb, Geoffrey Michael” with the ISBN 0043630030 the user can use any of this information to search for the book .On all the searches there is an option to save the search allowing the user to return to that search allowing the user to see, for example, what other books have the same authorThis makes finding any book or author a simple and easy task. One the user has found the book they were looking for it brings up four option which the user can chose: to reserve the book; to add to the basket the user wants to buy; to look at the reviews; and to look at more details .

Reserve lets the user reserve the book for a small charge unless the user is under 20 then in which case it is free. Adding to the basket is the option to buy the book through Amazon.co.uk. Reviews takes the user to all the reviews and more details takes the user to a page listing the: Author; Publisher; Title; Physical Description; price; and Added Corporate


There are two ways in which the user can reserve a book from the users local library. One of these ways is by going into a Lincolnshire library and asking to reserve a book. The librarian will then link the users name with the reservations book list and when the book is available the library will contact the user either via email, SMS or by letter in the post. The second way by going onto the Lincolnshire County Council website, logging on to the virtual library and then click on the reservation link. Once the user has reserved the book and it ha arrives at the library, the user is informed by either SMS, email or by letter in the post.

With in the library there are several inputs, outputs processors and storage devices. The main input devices at the libraries in Lincolnshire are; computer mice; computer keyboards; RFID scanners; and the wand barcode scanners. All of the inputs, outputs processors and storage devices make the jobs of the library staff a lot easier because they can: scan a book of library card with the wand scanners; or enter the users/books name to search for and click on it using the mouse. This is all a lot easier than using the card system where you had to stamp a card in the book and take another card out the book and put it in a filing cabinet. Another item which could be classed as both an input and output device is the Mobile Library. The mobile library sends and receives information via a text straight to the computer. When they are in areas without a mobile signal then the computer store the message and send it when the computer has a mobile signal.

l Mobile library is input and output device

Identify the library's objectives.

l Identify the data input and output methods.

l List the library members' data inputs and outputs.

l Categorise the hardware, software and data parts of the system (you could create a diagram to illustrate the system).

l Describe any online services offered by the library.

l Describe whether the library is making use of a legacy system and emerging technologies.

l Explain how the technology system helps the library to improve its service.

l List the benefits for the library users.

l What is a legacy system and what areemerging technologies and are we making use of them?

l What are the hardware, software and data parts of the system - and have we got a diagram?

l What are the library members data outputs and inputs

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