Like babyish science labs

It is said that begin with the small thing, you will get the biggest one. Thomas Morgan-a famous American scientist once succeeded in a small lab which was his own bedroom. However, if there is solely one person in the small lab, it's still much bigger for one than for all. Science labs in Annex Building room 126W at Delgado Community College have the same problem. Moreover, the environment inside the labs is also a factor that prevents students from learning and exploring. If Delgado Community College really wants students to pay more their interest in the science program, moving the science labs, opening a good environment and giving a better condition in the labs should be accomplished.

One of the reasons they should carry out that it is because the environment in the science labs are not good enough to study there. When being asked about the science labs, Margaret Wetzel (sophomore student in General Sciences) laughed and said that they are so "dirty and untidy." According to Tong Do (freshman in business administration), the science labs are like "the mess." "People cannot imagine what it looks likethe mess! I was impressed by the first time and I told myself that I should not come there" (Do, Tong). He also stated that when he needed to study for his test, he couldn't find the model or slides he wanted. After asking the tutor, the tutor said that he had to come back for the following day to see it. "Some of the models are covered with dust. Some of them were damaged and can't be used anymore," enunciated Tong. Truly, students can get sick after going into the science labs with that environment.

Moreover, the tutor in the labs sometimes isn't helpful enough for students. Specifically, when Wetzel's instructor asked her to go into the lab for the tutor's help in working with the problem, the tutor "didn't know how to solve it" (Wetzel). Comparing to Vietnam, although Vietnamese students don't have convenient technique in the labs like here, they have a very excellent tutor to work with them because Vietnamese schools pay their attentions to who will best help students. In most of cases, tutors are trained, depending on which field they are familiar with, and they are very good at the one they take care of. Therefore, tutors here should be ones who should help students beside students' instructors.

Another reason is that the science labs are not a quite place to study and do research papers. A student named Joseph Dinh (sophomore student in General studies) had some other experiences with the labs. "I don't know why the science labs are so noisy as a supermarket, and students are chatting with each other, instead they should spend their time studying for their tests there," said Joseph, "furthermore, the number A and P student's groups came there a lot. There will not be enough chairs to sit and study or use microscope." He also referred that he would not choose that place to study if his instructor didn't require him to get there. Truly, through his sayings, students who go there to study are extremely indignant at studying there. All interviewees agreed that they paid for their labs, and the result is that they receive the bad service like that.

Finally, the science labs' arrangements and sizes are not suit for college students. It is like for babies. Why is it similar to babies' labs? People would wonder because babies don't have labs at very early age. Yes, the rooms in which they eat are the labs for them. Imagine that foods and drinks are on everywhere in the small room. And each baby seats on one chair that doesn't occupy so much space in the room. Is it ok if many adults come to see their children? Is it already too small for a lot of babies there? If plus children's parents, it will be very terrible. Exactly like the science labs! An expert can be believed in is Mr. Eric who is taking care of ESL lab. Mr. Eric expressed his ideas that the science labs are as small as they were before Katrina. Moreover, all the equipment inside the labs weren't bought more or replaced. "They are just like before Katrina. Everything is just exactly the same. People just moved things over there," said he. Indeed, when observation of the science labs, they are really small and the arrangement of the tables is very inconvenient for students to get in and out. Students who study there perhaps don't feel happy because they are bothered a lot during studying there. They should not receive the bad labs like they are used for only babies.

In general, students have to pay a high fee for technology and science labs, therefore, it is fair enough that Delgado Community College should have a building for science labs, create a good environment and give students a best service. Students already have their responsibility to study successfully, however, that responsibility needs to be supported from the school where they attend. Students are worthy to receive what they need to be received because they have been paying a lot for their study, both their money and labor, even their spirit.

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