Past life memories

Improved economic status always leads to a better and improved standard of living of anybody in given society. With proper planning and management with better resources a place changes significantly to what it has been before and sometime recalling the past is an exciting experience. The manor of Victoria where I had worked in the last 20 years as a servant looked so strange to me that I stood in awe trying to figure if it was the manor where I had leaved for ten years.

I sat in the car as Michael went up the stair cases and rung the bell. A woman whom I assumed to be the house keeper opened the door. A conversation ensued between the woman and Michael and my heart felt tight wondering what reason Michael would give for ringing the bell. I tried to figure out what reason he could give for our presence on the premise. Suddenly, they started coming toward the car and an introduction was done by Michael. To my surprise, I discovered the woman was the owner of the premise. I explained that we had visited the area some twenty years ago when a relative was working there not mentioning that I was actually the one who was working there(Pitt 1).

The present owner of the Manor stated that sine it was built, the manor had undergone many changes with the infusion of money from other sources than the farm. She asked if I was interested to go in and see the house. I was overwhelmed. "Yes, I would like that very much." I knew how the inside of the house would look like but it wasn't at all the way I remembered it. The interiors were brighter and more modern and its locale had been changed significantly. I peeped through the kitchen to a room that was beyond and unconsciously said that someone had painted the wood panel in that room. Looking puzzled the woman asked how I knew. Casually, I told the woman that during our last visit it was not painted but rather was dark or almost black paneling. She led us through the staircases that I had climbed many times everyday during my servitude. I was struck by awe and desired to carry tea tray again up the stairs and see the opposing bedroom doors that had been my daily destination.

As she led us through the house, she talked of the significant additions to the house that had taken place after the family fortunes had improved. With each infusion of money the house was improved and upgraded. The gate to the manor had changed from a simple farm entrance to a formal gate with columns. The gateway pillars had griffons that were not original as the one placed when the manor was built. It was obvious that the farm could not have supported such an expenditure on its own. Money to meet such expenditure must have come from somewhere else. This agreed with what I had told Michael of the rise of the family fortune. We exited the house through the side door and I looked towards the cattle sheds. This is where Michael was taken over thirty years ago to the herdsman. I saw the room that he lived in. I wanted to view the cottage where we lived with Michael after we got married but a school was standing where the cottages were built (Pitt 1).

The lady led us though the backyard and I knew the direction we had taken was to lead us to the church where the family worshiped. She opened the gate and we were right at the church yard. The church was the right church but it looked so different than I knew it. The cemetery was still there but we could not view it from the entrance because of the fence that was erected barring it from sight. We explored the headstone and by then they were unreadable. We entered the church and to my surprise, I could not orient myself. The place was right but everything looked different, nothing was familiar yet it was right.

Michael wanted to know if the church was like I could remember it. The answer was yes and no. the church was rather confusing to me. There existed big stone barns that I could not remember seeing them in those days. Everything inside the church was virtually new. The window size, shape, and even glasses had changed completely. The location of the altar had been altered from one end of the room to the other. The baptismal fount was located in a different section. The pews were different. Virtually everything inside the church had changed since I left the place. No wonder I did not remember a thing about the church (Pitt 1).

I looked at Michael who had helped me remember my past by bringing me back to the manor. Rather than seeing me as a weird person, he found the expedition to be more exciting. He had also lived here in the manor but not for long before we got married and left the place. This is how money can change events and circumstances both in time and space. Manor was a different place to me in a span of twenty years. It had greatly improved and everything looked modern.

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