Proposal bedroom websites

Proposal Bedroom Websites for the Premium Bedroom Furniture Company

As the Business consultant the following websites can be referred as proposal techniques to build up the company's infrastructure.


[DATE: 10.February.2010]

THOMASVILLE is one of the best furniture producers in the world and they are hand crafted and furnished for perfection. This company mainly produces living room furniture's, dining room furniture's, bedroom furniture's and many more. Under Bedroom Furniture they produce many types of wooden and metal products such as armoires, beds, dresses, chests, mattresses, bachelor's chests and many more. Thomasville provides a variety of sales for customers and gives gifts for privileged customers and gives access for registered customers to their ultimate furniture items. For advanced customers they have a search strip to search for international websites and service sites. For additional settings they allow customers to design their own furniture types and purchase them.


[DATE: 10.February.2010]

This is another good furniture website for all the furniture customers. The website mainly categorizes the following Beds,

Dressers, Chests, Bedroom sets and many more. This website gives special discounts for customers and if any of the furniture's were damaged customers can call its customer care hotline and explain. This is furniture selling company due to that they have a variety of other furniture companies to suit every need of customers. If any customer wants to search they included a search bar to provide every need of customers.


[Date: 10.February.2010]

This website mainly categorizes the following Living Room products, Bedroom Products, Dining room products and much more. Under Bedroom products they categorized as Beds, Dressers, Chests and many more. Broyhill provides customers to create their own master piece and let them search anything they want. Broyhill provides a variety of eco-friendly furniture types for customers.


[DATE: 10.February.2010]

Modern Furniture Warehouse sells all sorts of furniture types and they are living room, bedroom, bathroom, dinning, etc. under the bedroom category they sells beds, bed sets, dresses, chests and many more. This website gives great discounts for customers and low interest charges. They also give special discounts on selected furniture producers so that customers can purchase world class products.

5. HAIKU Designs

[DATE: 11.February.2010]

Haiku products are a combination of Japanese and Oriental style furniture and they are hand crafted and painted using original painting and carving skills. The Haiku products vary from Bedroom Furniture to Entertainment centers. Haiku have categorized the bedroom products as beds, dresses, chests and bedroom sets. This website offers search options and hotline calling system for customers.

6. Eco-Furniture

[DATE: 11.February.2010]

GREENCulture is all about eco friendly products. They manly produce bedroom furniture and under that category they produce Bedroom Sets, Dresses, Chests, Bed Frames and many more. This website offers many discounts and different furniture items. They also give user account for registered users to get to know about latest products and if needed a customer hotline is available M.E.H.Fernando DEG007944 IDM Computer Studies City Campus #1

Gantt chart for the entire Assignment

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  • Website Visiting
  • Website Selection
  • Completion and reviewing the website and the task


  • Preparation of the Table
  • Completion of the Gantt Chart


  • Analyzing the company
  • Discovering SWOT details
  • Summary


  • Design of the Organizational chat
  • Completion of the task
  • TASK: 5

    • Preparation and completion of Slides

    TASK: 6

    • Review of the SWOT
    • Possible Problems
    • Solutions

    TASK: 7

    • Preparation of the Decision support system
    • Listing and Task ending

    SWOT Analysis for the Premium Bedroom Furniture Company

    As the business consultant I have seen many threats and opportunities in the company. Following the SWOT analysis I gave found the company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. As a result I have finalized the SWOT below,

    SWOT Analysis


    • High Quality products are manufactured in this company. Due to that customers and other buyers will purchase products and also when workers gain experience the products strength will grow high because of that more and more customers will attract to this company.
    • Proper Agreements have been signed and agreed because it has become one of the company's main strengths. If the company signs more and more agreements, company's profits will rise and will get the chance to survive the modern business competitiveness.
    • Experienced Workers are already maintained the company's name and they are responsible for the future products. They are responsible for the newer workers and to the quality issues. If the company gives necessary rewards the company can gain more profit.
    • Premium Bedroom Furniture is still one of the best. Because it is more than 50 years and are capable of producing high-end furniture types for the customers, if planned correctly the company can harvest many profits using company's name and holdings, but it needs good management and high class products for reasonable prices.


    • High Price is one of the major weaknesses in the company but due to the company's name the price have to be maintained because all the products are sold for a premium price but there is a possibility for selling them to other companies using this technique the company can overrun profit based problems.
    • Lower Maintenance is carried out in the company due to some reasons. Cracks, marks and etc have to be fixed in-order to achieve the highest profit. If these faults are not maintained there will be internal problems like workers with the management panel.
    • Management Faults are another major problem because it ruins the overall productivity the company. In every company management takes a major role therefore this have to be done professionally.
    • Adaptive Measures have to be taken to gain higher profit. But due to less adaption of the workers several productions have been slow down but if an appropriate adaptive system introduced sometimes the workers can be adapted.
    • Expansions have to be done to increase overall effectiveness using several production break-downs to small industries. The wider the company enlarges their scope the more they can produce using small amount of money and time.


    • Agreements are one of their main opportunities to increase overall profit. A single agreement is enough for small companies but PBF must have at least two agreements but sometimes it's not necessary but the managers have to wise to harvest the best.
    • Expandability is another fact when considering about opportunities. Expansion will enable the company to grow its work force.
    • Increased Work Force will be an opportunity when the company get expanded, more branches equals to more workers. When there is diversity between workers then there will be unique ideas.
    • International Agreements can be achieved through national trust and if achieved company's expansion and work force will be increased leading to the global market.


    • Competitive Market is one of the major threats for any company. But if the management panel of the Premium Bedroom Furniture Company harvests the correct ground in the market then it will be a great victory.
    • Internal Disorders are another threat to this company. If the company has leaked walls and cracks then they will be charged as health issues for the workers and if not maintained the workers might argue causing management issues.
    • Workforce Diversity might be a problem within the company because many village workers still have the cast problems but it can be solved with proper cultural influences.
    • Digital threats can be occurred via the company's network. Hackers and crackers might absorb the incoming and outgoing information as well as internal thieves.


    As the business consultant I have found the SWOT's and other expectations. When considering about strength the first best strength is the company's high quality products. The second best is its workers who have been working for long years that gained experience. The third one is the company's name that stands for long years without collapsing and it will be continued in the future. When considering about weaknesses there are several issues. The major weakness is that the workers won't adapt to any new systems due to that many new chances have been missed and the second weakness is that the company sells products for higher cost due to that only limited customers will purchase. Another weakness is that the company hasn't been expanded and result of those only three main branches still exists. The opportunities that the company can gain are agreements and expandability. Agreements have been signed with several companies and still more to come in the future this opportunity will bring the company to a higher standard and when expanded company's strength will be increased. Threats will occur to any company at any time and to overcome them the company must have a good management panel. The main threat is the competitive market but when looked in another side it is the helper. The other threat is a rear threat that damages the company's internal organizational structure but they all can be solved with a good management panel.

    Summary of the organizational chart

    I have included a several expanded sites to the existing company that will increase the productivity. Using these sites the company can produce and separate some products of the existing site A, B and C. I have made slight changes to the production of site-B because it recruited too many workers to build medium scale products and for site-C I have increased office staff members due to increase of product materials. The expansion sites will be decided by the management panel.

    Resistances of the SWOT Analysis

    As I have carried out the SWOT analysis there might be some problems with the staff due to the changes of the SWOT analysis. The resistances are below,

    1. New Machinery.

    a. Premium Bedroom Furniture is a company that has 50 years of experience has experienced workers and these workers rely on hand craftsmanship. When considering about machines these are the newest technologies when compared to hand tools but these machines have to be carefully maintained and mastered. Due to that many aged workers doesn't want use new equipments and don't want to adapt to new situations. New comers and young generation workers would rely on machinery and might use standard hand tools. If this kind of problem occurs, company's internal management levels will be collapsed and workers might go on striking. Therefore it is wise examine both good and the bad side of this kind of situation. When using machinery some workers might don't know how to use them and still knowledge workers might make errors or faults due to that workers won't accept this proposal. When looking at this situation from another point of view a worker can purposely disrupt or damage a machine, if that kind of situation occurs the whole factory can collapse.

    b. In order to encounter this kind of situation the management panel can acquire machinery trainers that train the workers. After the training period is over the management panel can reject or keep the trainers for maximum protection and for the workforce.

    2. Adaption to the new System.

    a. As a new order to the company all employees must adapt to the new system of working therefore many works might reject the new system. Most workers in this company are experienced and aged workers due to that they sometimes don't like to try new things. This new system might replace old techniques such as,

    i. Employee sign in/sign out account.

    ii. Free day and holiday settlements.

    iii. Intervals and free times.

    iv. Working Hours and Salary changes.

    b. When considering about these changes old and aged workers might reject the proposal because they sometimes don't know how to use them, operate them. For example a worker identity card will replace the traditional writing and conversation sign in and sign out system. If the interval time rejected workers might feel the uneasiness and tend to work poorly.

    c. To solve this kind of a problem the management panel can still implement the new system without rejecting the traditional methods.

    3. Computerized file management.

    a. Today computer is vital to our nature and to our living therefore every company these days have computers to do their day to day jobs. Premium Bedroom Furniture is a company that has many tasks associated with costs and financial statuses. PBF is a company that has 50 years of experience in financial and reporting system therefore account handlers might not be compatible with the modern technology. There might be workers that are not fluent in English due to that they might do not agree with the new system.

    b. In order to encounter this problem the management panel can divide the staff in to several areas. When considering about the separation management panel can assign a team that has enough knowledge to work with computers and then that team or that area will be the digital file handlers and the other team or the area will be manual file handlers that handle written reports and accounts therefore it will be a valuable decision to make.

    4. Overall company changes.

    a. In order to run the Premium Bedroom Furniture Company successfully there has to be changes around every topic that starts from work to agreements and financial opportunities. As a resistance the staff and the workers might give proposals that are unnecessary but when looked from their perspective the management panel has to listen to what they say because they are the people that made this company the best of the best.

    b. As a solution the management panel can propose changes that are compatible with the surroundings which mean the workers and the trading operations.

    Decision Support System

    The decision support system can support in many ways to the management panel. This system can be computerized or a manual system and to get the maximum throughput it is wise to implement a computerized support system. Decision Support System will provide vital information in many ways such as,

    1. Day to day cost management.

    a. Using a decision support system the management panel can monitor all sorts of cost related situations and the management panel can look for solutions. If a type of cost is higher than related types of a cost then the management panel can look for solution and balance the two types of costs.

    2. Day to day faults management.

    a. In company's there might be faults that soon turns into errors which will lead the company to collapse, using a decision support system the management panel can look for solutions that can repel each fault within the staff and the employee system. When considering about faults there might be machinery or employee faults or there might be supply faults such as, decrease of wood logs or a decrease of hard ware tools.

    3. Future Decision making.

    a. The management panel can make future decisions by looking at the current status and situations. If the current situations are good the management panel can make their future brighter. Future is a vital factor to a company without a future a company cannot stand against the present, the future will be mysterious such as it will be good or bad but it's the management panel's duty to layout valuable decision in order to make the future good.

    4. Employee recruitment and rejections.

    a. Using the decision support system the management panel can acquire new workers or dismiss the current workers in order to raise the company's standard and experience. The company might have frauds and good workers it is supervisor's duty to inspect every worker and give report to the management panel and after that the panel can determine which workers is good or bad.

    5. Company Maintenance management.

    a. The decision support system can undertake any maintenance problem while holding other essential tasks. The management panel can look for disorders of the company and make them perfect for each worker. As the company's ergonomics it is the management panel's duty to provide the best for the workers.

    6. Financial assessment management.

    a. Decision support system can give valuable information on financial report so that the management panel can make various decisions depending on the reports. Financial reports are essential for the company due to that the account handlers and the management panel always have to stay sharp. Using the decision support system the panel can look both bad and good spots of the financial area.

    7. Future opportunity management.

    a. Management panel can look for the best opportunities that are available to the company by looking at the future plans and the current situations. If the company's finances are working properly the management panel can expand the company to other geographical places.

    8. Threat management.

    a. Decision support system can support the company in a threat situation by correcting the past and making the future correct. Management panel can quickly look for the best solutions for a particular threat. As a company the major threat is its competitive market. The market can change always and the best solution for that is to adapt to the particular situation and using the decision support system the management panel can look for the best solution.

    9. Business assists management.

    a. When something happened to the day to day business operations the management panel can look for solutions. Businesses are an essential reason for a company and a good management panel will be needed to run the day to day business activities. If there is a good decision support system then that company will be one of the successful companies in the world.

    10. Overall company management

    a. Using the decision support system the management panel can determine what are the costs associated with the company's physical structure. Electricity, medical, material, tools, salary and all sorts of cost related subjects. The management panel can look for solutions under each topic using the decision support system.



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