Success of TVs

Success of TVs

TVs or in other words TV channels has become the most famous way to know the latest news around the world, and getting information about anything. In addition, it had succeeded in many sides. Nevertheless, TV gained its ranking and got to higher reputation according to some important factors.

Admittedly, the most important factor for a TV's success is their credibility; as people look for the channels that give them the purest information while on the other side, channels that are fake, misleading and sponsors wrong ideas can decrease the number of its audience and it may lead the channel to be sued. Furthermore, a fair point of view is a must. Taking, for example, biased channels that tend most time to misrepresent the ideas and information. That leads the channel to lose audience; however, getting a fair point of view is a hard job to do, which only few channels have made, thus unbiased channels have the greatest audience and credibility.

Following this further, the quality of the show affects people's attraction for a specific TV channel. Consequently, the quality of the show is measure by the quality of information and the way it is presented; therefore, some TV channels present world news which is considered the most valuable type of information it presents. Besides that, other channels present specialized information which is valued by more people who seek that information. Additionally, technical side is also considered as an important factor for gaining audience for the channel. Clearly, then the way shows are presented is important; taking for example interesting programs upon boring ones as an issue, for that people like to watch interesting programs like movies and music.

Not only these affects the success of TV, but also there is the size of TV audience which depends on the subjects targeted by the channel; for instance, news channels takes the first place as it presents the most crucial and important information all around the world, and everyone watches it, sports comes after news as it is people's entertaining part on TV and it became quite challenging, and at last comes movies and cartoon for kids. Moreover, TV shows can be distributed on the ages of people watching; hence most of the subjects like news and stuff are made for adults. For teenager and kids there are movies and cartoons.

Assuredly, successful TVs are economically successful; companies promote their products and advertise it through them. Just in the same way, these TVs have many successful programs that make people watch them, also make a great entertainment to them, and that makes companies do their advertisements through these TVs, and in that way they can be sure that their products are known. Besides this way, some TVs are economically successful by making people subscribe to their channels packages by paying an amount of money per month.

Now we will simply talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the TC channels, as how people agree about there are many advantages in the TV channels, like being in touch with the whole world, while others can get benefit from educating channels or other. However, no one deny that is television is one of the most important invention in exchanging information but in the same time not all of this information are rights. Not only this, but also the programs could be useful or harmful to watch, for example children should be controlled and do not let them watch the movie which is allowed only for mature audience. The second part of the disadvantage is talking about the health, unfortunately people believe that's TV have no effects on them, and that's a common mistake because since you are being one of the TV addicts, your eyes will automatically start getting weaker and weaker, till u reach to a level of wearing medical glasses and the reason is the hours that you spend in watching TVs. Furthermore, the national report shows up a shocked statistics about the children, and how it is related with the TV show hours. Somehow, it showed that the children who watch TV three hours daily suffer from eyes and fats problems, during those who spend it in doing sports such swimming and football don't suffer from any kind of such problems.

In conclusion, TVs are very famous nowadays for they have been able to attract people's attention to their programs and some of them have succeeded economically and in credibility while the others have failed. People also should beware about their health, and how it can affect them slowly.

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