The Chronicles Of Narnia

So I have now just finished my fourth novel, "The Chronicles Of Narnia" by: C.S. Lewis. This story was very interesting, and it all started from the beginning. The introduction to the story starts, as always, with the characters. We are introduced to Peter, Susan, Edmond, and Lucy, who are all brothers and sister who are sent away to get away from the bombings in England. While they are stuck inside on a rainy day, the youngest girl, Lucy, stumbles upon a room upstairs, and while playing hide and seek she hides in a wardrobe. This wardrobe is the beholder of a far away place, a magical place, where the majority of the story takes place. The rising action takes place when the four children finally all discover Narnia. The White Witch begins to take over Narnia, taking people and turning them into stone figures at her castle. While the whole magical country of Narnia is in a state of disarray, and Edmund is captured, Lucy, Peter and Susan set off to save him. The climax occurs when Aslan, the lion and leader of all of Narnia, is sacrificed and killed by the white witch. The falling action is when it all settles down, they realize Aslan is dead, and the war starts to die down. The people of Narnia mourn the loss of Aslan and go into hiding from the white witch. The conclusion occurs when the children head back to the light post and exit the magical world of Narnia.

"The Wife's Tale" was a very interesting story, however it was also very confusing at the same time. The way that the narrator told the story made it hard to keep track of what was going on, and she kept the whole thing with her husband a mystery until the end. She gave hints and clues as far as the state of her husband, with his changes and everything. She starts off the beginning, kind of foreshadowing what is to come. Overall I would say that this was a very good story, however it was just very confusing the way it was all put together. I think if she would have just told the story, without the little hints and clues, and told us everything in order, that it might have been easier to grasp. I struggled with some of the parts that it skipped back and forth. There were many little clues and hints through out the story that kind of gives away some of the things to come later in the story. Like at the beginning you can tell that the narrator is upset about what happened, so she lets us know that something happens that she doesn't understand why it had to take place. All of the times that her husband sneaks off into the night, and doesn't return until morning, smelling really bad and looking very exhausted, kind of tells us readers that there is something going on. It all comes together when the wife sees her husband transform right in front of her eyes, and that's when all the pieces come together.

In the story "The Growin' Of Paul Bunyan" we see several themes that are displayed throughout the course of the story. But one that really stood out to me was that there's nobody bigger than a man who learns to grow. Its a very true statement because no matter how big you are, if you can continue to learn and grow as a person, then you can help others out and do positive things for our earth. In the story Paul is careless, he just cuts down countless numbers of trees and it doesn't even bother him. He just goes about his business and continues to what he does best, chop down trees with his ax. This is where the much smaller man comes into play, the part where the smaller man has more brains than the much larger Paul Bunyan. Johnny Appleseed goes around planting seeds for trees to grow, and he even tell Paul that he will eventually cut down all the trees around. Johnny knows that there aren't enough trees to be just cutting them down, which is why he plants them. This is the example of the smaller man, Johnny, being a lot more wise than the bigger man, Paul. There are many themes that occur in this story, but that was the main one that I noticed. This story teaches the importance of being resourceful and taking care of your environment, which is why these two eventually came together and grew there own tree. They learned, and that's the most important thing, no matter how big you are.

For my theme paper, I will be writing about "The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe: The Chronicles Of Narnia" by C.S. Lewis. There are several minor themes in this novel, however one major one that stands out in particular would be, the danger of gluttony. It all begins with Edmund's descent into the Witch's service, then beginning during his frantic consumption of the magic within the magical Turkish Delights. However, since this is enchanted Turkish Delight, Edmund can't be held accountable for his gluttony, as if he were overindulging in an ordinary type of candy. The real sin for this particular instance, occurs when Edmund allows himself to fixate on the Turkish Delight long after he has left the Witch. Edmund's consumption of the Turkish Delight may also be a reference to the sin that Adam and Eve committed, when they ate the apples from the tree of knowledge, which was forbidden. So therefore Adam and Eve also committed a sin of consumption, and God also chooses to punish them as well. Edmund's gluttony for the Turkish Delight compares to Adam and Eve's desire to eat the apple. That to me is the major theme that is displayed from my reading of this novel. There are several other smaller ones that I could think of, but only pertain to small parts of the story.

Another theme that I noticed would be, fight for what you believe in. This goes with several areas of the story, it alludes to the people and creatures of Narnia, who must fight this battle in order to achieve what they believe in. Aslan sacrifices himself for the good of the land, to save his people. Yet the people want revenge, so they will continue to fight, for there well being, and for there fallen leader, Aslan. I would say that this particular theme caught my attention the most because it alludes to my life in so many ways, that I couldn't help but think about all the different things that I've had to fight for in everyday life. For me I don't really have a certain lesson or a particular story from my life, but its just more of the fact that I life like that everyday, I fight for what I believe in and, and I never give up. I can remember having knee surgery just two years ago, and I thought that my hockey dreams were done, over. But I continued to work, to fight, through all the physical and mental pain that my knee threw my way and pushed it aside. Because I knew it was worth it. I knew that every day of rehab, of exercise for my knee was worth the opportunity to get back on the ice and play hockey again. It had been my passion for so long, to play the game of hockey, it became a way of life for me, something that was in my blood, and when I had knee surgery it was taken away from me, so I had to fight to get it back. So fight I did, I worked day in and day up until this day I continue to do so. Now I'm playing hockey at a Junior A level, all the way up in Marquette, MI. It gives me a sense of pride, of accomplishment just thinking about how far I've come and how hard I had to work to get where I am today.

So I guess for the main part I would say that this story has a deeper meaning, something that you must look inside the words, that all the creatures and the made up things try to teach you. The story of Narnia can be quiet inspiring if you choose to read it, and think about what it really is talking about. It has many different themes, which is what makes it a good book to read, and the whole aspect of fighting for what you believe in makes in even more intriguing. The two other themes that I think of for this story would be the power of Satan, and humankind's redemption. Both have to do with God and the bible, but they both refer back to the story of Narnia, and how there are several instances where these themes are displayed. That was my theme essay for the novel "The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe" written by: C.S. Lewis.

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