The online education


Online education is sometimes referred to as E-Learning or Electronic Learning. Most frequently it seems to be used for web-based distance education with no face to face interaction. It is important to learn that the term E-Learning has different meanings. Lately in most universities, e-learning is used to define a specific mode to attend courses or programs of study where the students rarely or never meet face to face.

Advantages of online education

  1. All the real-time information is been updated frequently
  2. E-Learning lessons are generally designed to guide students through information to help students perform in specific tasks.
  3. Information for educational purposes could be found easily.
  4. Multimedia examples and methods of teaching are present when using online education.
  5. E-learning is convenient and flexible because learners are not bound to a specific day or time to physically attend classes. They can also pause learning sessions at their convenience.
  6. And also the learners can learn them from any place in the world where there is an internet connection.
  7. Instructors can share their knowledge with the whole world while the learners could access and learn them for a cheap cost.

Disadvantages of online education

Specially students will become lazy because they do not need to go through books to get some information, because when the E-learning is popular it is just a matter of typing the question and hundreds of answers will come.

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