The personal statement

It is all a bit incongruous : a young student, stemming from a family of doctors and educators, is poised to make her mark in a world of business. The decision to pursue business education has come after a lot of personal deliberation and every personal reflection points me in the direction of a future in business career. I have long been entrenched in learning the cutting edge realms of business and management . I always find myself bent upon exploring the niche nature of different businesses, the sustainable growth prospects of new ventures, the wealth of enticing opportunities coupled with compelling challenges and the exploration of infinite avenues for future advancement in this seemingly cynical age.

I remember how my entrepreneurial skills were honed at a very tender age. Here I go again down memory lane. I have lived in eight different cities in Pakistan, consequently changed 10 schools that meant I had to acquire new survival skills, this made me embrace new ideas and made me quite adaptable to many situations.

I have done my A 'levels in Sciences from St. Patrick's High School, after which I proceeded to do Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA) with majors in Management Information Systems (MIS ) from Institute of Business Administration (IBA). As an undergraduate, I immersed myself in all aspects of my business degree, I always sought for personal development in management skills and interpersonal communication. I covered 91 credits of BBA from IBA. Most of my exposure to business field was through my university. My competence in Businesssmanship is evident from the initiatives undertaken by me as the Manager of Press and Media Society (PAMS) at IBA. To name a few :

  • The launch first ever quarterly IBA E-Magazine that covers all events at IBA and also features articles by IBA students, faculty and alumni.
  • AdFest event (advertising competition) with the mission to inculcate the spirit of healthy competition among students and to bring out the creative edge in them.

To further my credit I have also interned at Chevron Corporation in the Marketing Logistics department where I handled the transactions related to logistics and worked on Olympics Project of Chevron in 2008. I was also the supervisor at The Citizens Foundation (TCF)'s summer school in August 2008 and was responsible to make the entire environment at TCF school conducive to learning for students from grade 8 to 10. Presently, I am Secretary in Rotaract Club of Karachi Karsaz (RACKK). Additional experience has been gained through actively participating in moots and debates which has enabled me to present arguments persuasively and anticipate opposing views.

I continually attempt to accept challenging goals that require considerable mind expansion and personal reflection. My goal is simply to have fun using my competence. The way my entrepreneurial skills have been going for the past six years, I'll probably have a business flop on my hands in the field of Health and Textiles. I would need to possess a well-rounded business information that is inclusive of marketing, finance and management disciplines. I hope to gain this knowledge by studying at a University in United Kingdom. My whole family is shifting to London and I will use this as an opportunity to immerse myself in another culture, and deepen my personal and academic learning of Business and Management. I believe that only by delving myself deeply into this highly competitive environment will it be possible for me to bring my potential into full swing, expose me to a wide range of activities , enable me to view things by considering multiple perspectives and hence allow me solve the most complicated of problems, with effective leadership, excellent communication and analytical approach.

My experiences of business education so far have been both challenging and rewarding, and I hope that my future career will be too. It is my fervent desire to cultivate my understanding in order to harness my own potential .The experiences and knowledge that I will acquire in attending Business and Management Program at Queen Mary, Univerity of London (QMUL) will stretch my mind beyond measure, allowing me to face future intellectual, professional, and academic goals with confidence and enthusiasm. Once given this opportunity, I promise to perform every duty zealously entrusted upon me.

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