The Rad-tel fond


The Rad-tel fond that its back-office system not able to support for company growth that is why Rad-tel replace the existing system with ERP (SAP Business One). Because SAP B1 is under budget and it support and control everything. After implementation of SAP B1 Rad-tel got cash flow, fast processes and solid platform to support for company growth.

The research paper is centred on a company called Rad-tel and its System. It aims to gives a brief but concise understanding of two proposals that can be considered to replace the current system MYOB, to other integrated system.

About RAD-TRL (

Rad-tel is an Australian based Engineering Company which main focused on Automation and Control in the Water and Sewerage. Rad-tel menially interact with customers, It provide offer to customers such as suitable most integrate software and hardware products for each particular application, the systems provide council's with centralized control and reporting. Rad-tel start operations since last 20year, nowadays Rad-tel's control systems to more than 100 local government authorities and water companies around Australia.

Issues occur in Rad-tel:

Since the large areas of Australia has got low rainfall and drought problems with them. Because of that making available the water resources become a major priority for governments around the country. Now Red-tel use MYOB and an In-House development database which not provide data integration such a way if a sales person was on the file work for two week the company not able to start the work on their order until they returned.

Existing systems & over come in Red-tel:

MYOB, and an in-house developed database, with Intel server and database SQL. It is not working properly and not able to link always company requirements lot of manual work to do. The database was also takings lot of time to develop and support and they were keen to replace it.

To overcome of this problem to change the existing system the solution is only implement any kind of ERP, since ERP systems have provide vital strategic tools in today's competitive business environment. Due to MYBO, company has not got better financial control, after completing market research and examining a number of ERP software, company deiced to place all existing applications with SAP Business One. Because the project was not too costly and was coming under the budget .As well as it has provided an affordable and integrated business management solution. It has specifically designed for any kind of businesses. Which means that we will be able to see how to gain more profit for any organization


RAD-TEL using MYOB system which not working in proper way, RAD-TEL looking for an ERP solution. As our point of view we advise should go with SAP Business One. As SAP claims that small customers consist of more than 60% of their total customers. SAP Business One provides as with instant access to your critical business information - when they need it to run your business. This comprehensive application covers all your core operations, giving you keen insight, so they can confidently make informed business decisions. With SAP Business One, virtually all aspects of your business become more agile, including administration, CRM, Ware house and Production Management, distributions, and financial. So it becomes even more secure to buy. With additional industry-specific functionality, helps manage both traditional and online sales, coordinate loyalty programs, track inventory, monitor customer demand, and view supplier schedules, distributions, and financial - all in a single system.

To get the success in business it required acquiring of new customers, but make the relation with customer relationships is extreme importance. For future success with customers, the SAP Business 1 application provides the tools to, which help to grow customer quality sales, and increase customer satisfaction. Discover how SAP Business One helps your business optimize sales process - from tracking leads and opportunities to managing sales orders and customer data to administering after-sales support.

Streamlined and optimized for inventory and cost control it is important to customer satisfaction with distribution processes. If organization's way of production is expectation and complex, the SAP Business One provide comprehensive inventory and production management functionality for business needs. SAP Business One manage detailed item, inventory, and warehouse data; track and record inbound, outbound, and inter warehouse. The material requirements planning it automatic release production orders based on requirement.

Financial accounting - Handle all your financial transactions, SAP Business One provide a single tool for maintenance general ledger, budgeting, and account setup and maintenance. Budgeting - Manage budget creation, allocation, and distribution. Provide budget tracking, reporting, and alerts that notify the responsible users whenever a transaction exceeds a monthly or annual budget limit.

Banking - For all record organization track all processes such as credit card payments cash, cheque writing, deposits, account reconciliation, and advance payments.

Financial Reporting - Provide easy-to-use financial reports, including balance sheets, profit and loss statements, cash flow analysis, transaction reports, multipurpose comparisons, and budget reports.



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