The soccer league


As this is Soccer League, we should create a system that is needed to for there daily transactions. In this assignment we have to just identify certain important details that would help us to complete the assignment successfully. There are 6 tasks to complete in this assignment. We have to use many modeling techniques to complete this assignment.

In the first task we have to do tables and DSDs and PSDs.

  • The task 02 is flow chart.
  • The task 03 is pseudo code.
  • In the task 04 we should test the pseudo code.
  • In the task 05 we should use many UML modeling techniques to complete the task successfully.

ask 01

In this task, 3 tables should be created according to the scenario given. Tables are below:

  1. League table
  2. Matches table
  3. Score table.

And according to that I can easily create league report and results report. Task 01 is actually the foundation for the whole system. Here we concern about what are the user requirements and according to that we can plan our system manually. After that we can build the system efficiently and effectively.

Actually Jackson Structure Program (JSP) techniques and methodology can use to analyze the requirements for reports we have to draw using the each table we used. Using these techniques we can show the step-wise progression.

The utility of these techniques are we can easily write pseudo codes for the system. If we consider about the Preliminary program structures (PSD s) there are two parts of the PSD such as function list and condition list.

Program Specification

To create a system to a Soccer league we have to consider about the teams of the each division, day to day matches and score of each team. And also we should consider about the teams. If we have perfect teams we can maintain a good name for the soccer league. There for we should keep all records of the matches and how teams played in the matches. Actually that's why we should create a very effective and efficient system for the league.

In my system I created three tables :

  1. League table
  2. Match table
  3. Score table

There are two reports :

Report 01

This report contains league details for each division, contact numbers by team level. Therefore we can use league table to create this report.

Before we start the create system we should plan our system. How the system interacts with user is must to consider. That's why we use Jackson Structure Charts (JSP)

In here we have to design Data Structure Diagrams (DSDs) and Preliminary Structures Diagram. In DSD we have to consider about whether there is a calculation or not. If there is a calculation we should draw Physical Data Structure Diagram (PDSD). Like wise according to the situation we have to draw each diagram.

Data structure diagram is always Physical data structure diagrams. And also I drew program structure diagrams using report 1. According to the function list and condition list I drew the diagram for program 1. Those are the information about for report 1.

Report 02

This report should contain league no, team no, match no, played date, number of points and goals difference. Therefore have to use two or more tables for report two. Here we have to use match table and score table to create report 02. . To use tables for report 02 also we have to use primary key and foreign key concept. Primary key means we specify particular record as primary key in each two tables. Then if we want to connect with those tables we can use that particular primary key as foreign key.

Here also I drew physical data structure diagram (PDSD) for report 02. In Preliminary Structure Diagrams, after we write function list and condition list I depict it using chart. Actually that is the method of the PSD. In here we have to calculate goals difference. We have to find about the teams who are playing well. As I mentioned earlier if we have to calculate some value we should draw PDSD.

Finally the system should work according to the user requirements. It is mission critical and crucial thing for my system. After this analyzing part, actually I can easily start to create the system as follows.

Introduction To Task 02

In this task should draw the flow chart according to the reports and tables done in task 01. The flow chart is being drawn to show the flow of the future system. The flow chart can be drawn in many ways according to our scenario.

Introduction To Task 03

In this task I have to write the pseudo code according to the scenario. The scenario is the report and the tables. The pseudo code has to be written to the way of how the payment is happening in the system. First a procedure has to be written and the procedure has to be called in the report 01 pseudo code. The pseudo code has to written for the main menu of the report.


Pseudo Code For The Reports Main Menu


Use variables: Username of type String

Password of type Integer

Option of type Character

DISPLAY "Enter Username"

ACCEPT Username

DISPLAY "Enter password"

ACCEPT Password

IF (Username="Soccer") AND (Password= ******) Then

DISPLAY "Main Menu"

DISPLAY "R = Register"

DISPLAY "M = Matches"

DISPLAY "A = Attendance"

DISPLAY "T = "Scores"

DISPLAY "P = Print Report"

DISPLAY "C = Cancel"

DISPLAY "Select Option"

Accept Option

Case option = "R"

Register member ()

Case option = "M"

Matched played ()

Case option = "A"

Check attendance ()

Case option = "T"

Check score ()

Case option = "P"

Print report ()

Case option = "C"

Close ()



Introduction To Task 04

In the task 04 we should do the testing for the report and the pseudo code we wrote in Task 03. There are 3 ways given to do the testing such as test plan, desk checks and dry runs. These test souls should be done successfully according to the pseudo code.

Pseudo Code Testing

Desk Check For The Pseudo Code

Introduction To Task 05

In the task 05 we have to draw many UML modeling techniques such as class diagrams, use case diagrams and sequence diagrams.

UML Modeling Techniques

  1. High Level Class Diagram
  2. Use Case Diagram & Use Case Specifications
  3. Adding a new team to the league
  4. Printing Report
  5. Sequence Diagram

4.1 Adding a new match result

4.2 Adding a new team to the league

4.3 Printing a Report

Introduction To Task 06

In this task we have to produce a review of the whole assignment form task 1 to 5, all the work what I have done. I should also describe the methods and techniques what I used in the assignment.

Review Of The Whole Assignment

In this assignment form the beginning to the end there many diagrams to draw and codes to write. As is there many types of designing techniques and coding ways, I have used some of those to complete my assignment in a successful manner. To complete this assignment I came across many difficulties and I overcame all in a great difficult.

In task 01 I had to create tables such as League Table, Match Table and Score Table. These tables are created to make the report. In task 01 I had to make 2 reports such as League Report and Results Report. These two reports are very helpful to do rest of the assignment, which means the assignment is based on these 2 reports. I drawn DSD diagrams and LDSDs, PDSDs, at last I had to draw the PSD diagrams and write the program specification.

In task 02 I drew the flow charts. There are 2 flow charts that have to be drawn according to the reports. Flow chart is diagram which shows the flow of the future system.

In task 03 I have written the pseudo code according to the questions. First I had to write the procedure and then only I wrote the pseudo codes and I called the procedure in 1st pseudo code that is written according to the report 01. I wrote 2 pseudo according to the 2 reports in task 01. In task 03 they had ask to write a pseudo code for a reports main menu.

In task 04 I did the testing to the pseudo codes written in task 03. I used three desk checks and dry runs ways of testing.

In task 05 there are many different types of UML modeling techniques to draw and describe. As I have many techniques such as high-level class diagrams (domain analysis), use case diagrams and sequence diagrams.

In the high-level class diagrams they not ask to draw sub diagrams. After drawing the high level use case diagrams, I had to draw 4 different diagrams according to the questions such as to check the member details, to renew the annual subscription of a member, to delete a member from the database, and to print a report. I have drawn these diagrams according to my knowledge and also according to the scenario. We should draw the sequence diagrams according the 4 use diagrams mentioned above.

When considering to these types of UML modeling techniques, the most suitable UML techniques is class diagrams. Since in the class diagrams we have mention all the attributes and operations, it seems most suitable for Object Oriented Language.

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