About my own work

"Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely "- Aristotle (Greek Philosopher)

By unlocking the door to the past, ones experience can play a decisive role in ones career. One such experience for me was my volunteering experience in a hospital. I first came to know of this opportunity from one of my regular checkups with the dentist. As I proceeded to the reception, I noticed few teenagers wearing white coats escorting patients in wheel chairs. After I finished my checkup with the doctor, I could not resist myself asking one of the fellow workers about these lads. After which, I became overjoyed of an opportunity to achieve my long lasting ambition to deal with doctors and patients. But little did I know about the training and responsibilities involved in it.

I had set my alarm to 6:30 in the morning, so that I will be able to make it on time for my first hospital orientation program. As I explored the hospital along with my fellow peers, I was surprised to see the vast and broad nature of medicine. I still cannot forget the day I was given my white coat and my staff Badge. They even gave me permission to help patients and staff in the ambulance. During the break time, we were even allowed to have lunch with the doctors and staff in the same cafeteria and it was at that time that were we interacted with the doctors and specifically, I was admired by their compassion and open minded hearts towards their work .I also got a chance to meet the biomedical staff, particularly I got an opportunity to interact and ask questions to the Biomedical Equipments manager. It was from him I understood that as doctors use state of arts machines and surgical equipments to deal with patients, behind the scenes, the biomedical medical staff worked to seemly to maintain proper ECG reading, monitor equipments in the operation theaters, and it's because of these few but inseparable Biomedics, the hospital is run by. As a volunteer, I could go to the operations theaters and examine some of the biomedical instruments like the Surgical Diathermy, Continues Passive motion therapy, Ultrasonic with nerve simulators...etc. Finally, as an appreciation for my work, I was give the privilege to be the solo person to play the piano for the patients in the Rehabilitation center.

After falling prey to the lure of Biomedical, I felt that I ought to gain firsthand experience that will provide me a launch pad. I was particularly inspired by the researches in Sweden and Italy. They researched for 10 years and have come up with a new addition to masterpieces. Developed by researchers at Lund University, the 'Smart Hand' is the prosthetic artificial hand which can function exactly as a real hand. The inspiring aspect in this project is that brain controls these hands without any muscle contractions, also these hands will be able to give feedback. This significant discover had not only cemented my choice of field but also set my goals for doing researches on prosthetic parts and organ replacement.

I have also learned that in the last 5 years, a significant focus in some top universities has been to integrate engineering principles with medical and life sciences. Biomedical engineering is one of those interdisciplinary fields, fast emerging to address this gap between basic research in life sciences and usable consumer-friendly products. As I researched further and visited several universities offering biomedical engineering programs, I came across trail-blazing research that is being conducted in biomedical engineering fields. These innovations are very exciting and offer much promise to enhance the quality of life for mankind: for much more effective treatment of diseases, development of new drugs, early and effective diagnosis, as well as breakthroughs in preventive health applications.

Having assessed my abilities and aptitudes in engineering and life sciences, and having researched the emerging fields of studies, I have thus chosen to focus on biomedical engineering for my higher education and future career. It offers a variety of exciting research and industrial prospects in one of the largest industries in the world - healthcare industry. I would especially like to pursue biomedical engineering at Johns Hopkins because Johns Hopkins Biomedical engineering program is widely regarded as the top program of its kind in the world. Also, Johns Hopkins encourages research even at the undergraduate level; hence, I will have early exposure to the culture and methodologies of research. While most other engineering disciplines may enhance the quality of lifestyle for mankind, biomedical engineering is a wonderful field for engineers to address the quality of health and wellness of humanity. Thus I feel that Johns Hopkins University would be both personally fulfilling - from a career growth view - and also provide a way for me to help the society through my work.

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