Example of weather forecasting

3. Give ONE real life example of related pieces of data, information and knowledge, and discuss how one is incorporated into the next. Briefly explain your answer.

We can have a example of weather forecasting.


The reading of the temperature, air pressure, humidity and rain fall are data. For example, on Oct 28, the maximum temperature is 27°C, minimum temperature is 23°C, the humidity is 60% to 80% and rain fall is zero. They are just some numerical fact.


In the past 7 days, the temperature is range from 20°C to 27°C and the humidity is range from 40% to 80%, there is no rain fall in the past week. We know that we are now in season of autumn.

This information can be obtained by recording the data of the past 7 days. For example, we can make them on the calendar or plot them on a graph-paper.


In the past year, if the humidity of a day is over 95%, that day will be rainy. If the air pressure is high, that day is a shiny day. There are some rules that can be summarized by the information and we can make predication. The specialist in observatory can forecast the trend and predict the weather in next 7 days by the data they obtain.

4. Describe a metaphor that would provide insight on the use of knowledge acquisition in KM.

The knowledge acquisition in KM of a company is similar to mining. The ore is the valuable substances that hide in the mine. The minerals may be at the surface level of the mine but most of them are located deep inside of a hill. They cannot be taken unless the workers go into the deep inside of the hill with drilling.

If your company is a oil company and you are going to expand your production volume, you can purchase a new crude oil field. This is similar to the knowledge acquisition in KM that your company can acquire a company with your interested knowledge. After you purchase them, you can extract the useful parts from them.

The knowledge of a company may have different forms. For example, there are explicit knowledge and tacit knowledge. The explicit knowledge is just similar to the mineral that is located on the surface of the mine. They can be seen and workers can dig them out from the ground easily. However, for the tacit knowledge, they hide in the mind of the people of the company. It cannot be extracted unless we need some expertise of KM. The expertise has to use many different techniques to capture this information. This kind of knowledge is like the ore that hide in the mine. The workers have to go inside the mine to search the unseen partition that is rich in the mineral.

5. Discuss how can you promote KM to an organisation that has a relatively low awareness about KM.

We can introduce the benefits of KM to this organization. There are :

(i) Shorten the time of training

If working procedure, information and related documents are filed properly, the training time of a newly staff can be shortened. The staff can find out the information he need and take up his job duty easily.

(ii) Build up of intellectual capital

The expertise of the company such as systems and procedures, management and operational practices can be retained. It is a useful reference for future decision making to similar problem.

(iii) Reduce the chance of knowledge losing

No matter the size of the company is, the turnover of the employee will be result of the loss of the knowledge of that employee hold. The loss of knowledge can be retain if a KM set up.

(iv) Shorten the time to apply knowledge from innovation to application

The time of application of new knowledge from generation, acquisition to end-user can be shortened. The knowledge can be shared among different department and transfer to others in a faster rate.

6. Propose and explain FOUR knowledge attributes that are suitable for evaluating the quality of knowledge in your organization.

Our company is a trading company and we hire vendors to OEM our products that will be shipped to overseas.

(i) Meaningfulness

We should have the documents that are sharing by both the staff in our HK office, our China QC and our vendors. This may include the quotation, specification and shipment schedule. All of them must be easy to understand and precise without grey area.

(ii) Measurability

During the inspection, the testing requirement should be in numerical one. The exact acceptable limit must be stated clearly in the specification. No subjective judge should be made in order to avoid argument with our vendors.

(iii) Velocity

The spread of the documents and information should be fast. A schedule will be made per each project. There is a number of mile stone set up at the start of the project. All the related information must be prepared and distribute to parties correlated before the due date.

(iv) Volatility

There is many changes of the government regulations of our product in recent year. In order to cope with the compliance of the law, we have to keep track with the information and specification on hand. We have to amend them in advance so that our vendor have sufficient time to have a running change to our product. So that we will not violate the law.

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