Logo of dnv

Logo of dnv

The Logo of DNV

Stiftelsen Det Norske Veritasorthe acronym DNVis a classification society dating back to the year 1864. It was started as a foundation with the objective of “Safeguarding life, property and the environment.” It was started in Norway with the objective of inspecting and evaluating the technical conditions of the vessels registered in Norway. Today it describes itself as a service provider for managing risks.

As one of the leaders as a classification society, it provides risk management to customers in all aspects of a ship's life, ship classification, fuel testing and other issues relating to business, technology and the environment.

What is Ship Classification?

Ship Classification plays an important role in the maritime industry of today. One of the means that DNV adopts to achieve its objective of “Safeguarding life, property, and the environment” is through ship classification. Classification as a concept is based on three elements. These elements apply to both new build as well as already operational vessels. The elements are:

  • Setting Standards
  • Verification of compliance with Standards that have been set above
  • Documenting compliance in relation to the standards.

The society has a rich experience in this field and continuously updates its knowledge based on research and other programs that it undertakes. The classification is done for materials, various systems and components that are used in a vessel. The society offers its services for newly built ships as well as ships which are already in operation. In both the cases the classification rules play an important role. In the case of newbuildings classification concepts lay down the standards for designs and materials. For the operational one's DNV acts as a single point of contact. The technically trained surveyors and engineers in the offices spread the world over are available for assisting the clients in every manner.

Service provided by DNV

The two primary services provided by DNV are

Statutory Certifications: DNV is a trusted name when it comes to certifications. For DNV classified vessels it is authorized to issue certifications which could be related to the entire area of function on a ship or a specific area. Statutory certifications are granted after conducting due surveys , conducted during annually, or after regular intervals during the life term of a vessel. Every time a ship changes the country where it is registered, a statutory survey becomes mandatory.

Certification of material to be used: DNV also certifies all the materials, the components, the systems that are required for safe and efficient operation of the functions of a ship. The materials, components and systems are assessed to ensure the fulfillment of the purpose for which they are to be used, and compliance with standards and prescribed rules. The following systems are duly inspected and certified - communication systems, Control systems, Electrical systems, Fire Safety System, Propulsion and Machinery to specify a few.

Along with Lloyd's register and the American Bureau of Shipping, it is one of the three major players in the classification business and has 300 offices in 100 countries the world over. Well trained staff consisting of surveyors and engineers with the assistance of best technology available in the market are used for conducting thorough inspections on the basis of which classification is done. Today it has its operations spread in various industries like ship transport, energy, aviation, automation, finance, health care etc. The core business is identifying, assessing and managing risks for its clients.

Shipping as a business has its own share of risks that need to be managed, and mitigated. To be able to so what is required is an integrity flowing right form the board room to the engine room. DNV is a complete solution provider for management, technology and risk consulting and managing tasks of a shipping company.

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