Objective are targeted to achieve

Objective are targeted to achieve

1.1Project Objective

The objective set for this project are discussed below, the report will give an outline how the objective are targeted to achieve in the allocated time scale.

  • Understanding the functionality of Bluetooth and how it could be used for implementation of a Bluetooth Piconet
  • Research the current market and looking for similar products if any available.
  • Construct hardware circuitry by the use of microcontroller and Bluetooth Chip.
  • Produce software code with the aid of AT commands.
  • Finally, Bi-directional communication within the Piconet in low power modes.


Bluetooth is a standard for short range, low power and low cost wireless communication that use radio technology. Emerged in 1994, by Ericsson is one of the most common technology used in today world in numerous types of devices like PDAs, cell, Phones and PC's .A Bluetooth transceiver operates at 2.4 GHz ISM (Industrial Scientific Medicine) band with a data rate of 1MBPS.In most of counties the range of frequencies is 2.400-2.4835 GHz. To deal with this situation, special frequency hopping algorithms are used. A list of application of Bluetooth is discussed below.

  • Most popular is the wireless control and communication between the mobile phone and hand-free headset as well as the wireless networking between the PC[1].
  • Replacement of wired communication and economically quite cheaper.
  • Robustness and user friendly.

1.2 Piconet

A basic Bluetooth network is known as a Piconet. A piconet contains one mater and maximum of seven slaves. The single device which operates this network is known as master and other as slave. There is no fixed rule a device which want to communicate request for a connection and when the connection is established the calling device act as master and other act as slave .One or more piconet network form a scatternet.

Techinal Overveiw

Literature Research

In-depth research was done for finding the available products in the market. In order to achieve the project two Bluetooth development kites were found which would be best suited for this application.

  • Casira kit
  • Ezurio

Casira kit launched by Cambridge silicon radio(CSR),who are world renowned for designing single-chip wireless devices. This development kit comes with two RS232 cables, two headsets, power supplies, CD-ROM with all documentation and blue-suite software for host side application but there are few limitation as compared to Ezurio using this kit which could result in delaying the project. The other development kit was by Ezurio( PART NO: TRBLU20-00800) BISM2 is fully integrated Bluetooth solution. It is one of the most compact complete Bluetooth solutions. It is based on Cambridge silicon radio's Bluecore 04 chipset. The module has high performance antenna which is matched with Bluetooth RF and baseband circuitry. In addition to Bluetooth functionality this modules comes with 9 general I/O line and two analogue input and output lines.

Key Features

  • 40 and 50 way hirose sockets
  • Built in RS232 level shifter.
  • On board power regulation.
  • Jumper link for current measurement.

Work Stages

After understanding the different requirements of the project, the project has been divided into different work stages where a step by step method must be followed to accomplish the each task on time.

Stage One - System Analysis

In this stage the basic understanding of Bluetooth should be developed like the Bluetooth Protocol Stack, Serial Data Transmission, RS232, Antenna and AT commands. This is the most important stages as this will be used as the background during the whole project.

Stage Two - System Development

This stages will be looking for the various possibilities of Bluetooth in building a Piconet.in this stage the first step would be building a hardware circuit

H/W part microcontroller would be needed to attach to the Bluetooth module both at the transmission and the receiving end.

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