Technology knowledge

Technology knowledge

The relationship between technology and society:

Technology is the use of knowledge to create tools, equipments, machines, material products in order to help us satisfy human needs. It helps us produce more food than before, travelling from one place to another with the help of vehicle is much quicker compares to the old days when we have to use our own feet or horses, construction buildings and houses consumes less time and becomes safer as the technology develops. By applying technology in different areas (such as: food production, transportation, communication, entertainment, construction buildings and houses), technology has developed an indispensable bond with society and will continue guiding human to a better future. It is needed by societies and they don't want to abandon it but instead to develop and take it to the right direction. Thus, there is always a relationship between technology and society.

Technology is an object created by human to assist in achieving some goal. “A technology is a body of human knowledge that can be passed along from one place to another and from one generation to the next” (Web). It helps human satisfy their needs, solve their problems, increase the chance of survivability, and extend our capacities. Nowadays, technology has become an extremely important part of everyone's existence, it has seem to be invisible and unrealizable even to people that using it.

According to Reid, the influenced society issues are examined from the following perspectives such as security, commercial competition and survival, dependency, social, environmental, communication, political, the Mass Communication Medium, Food Technology and Transportation.


perspective is a very basic idea of protecting ourselves against different sources of danger in order to survive (Reid 2006). Technology has been passed down from one generation to the next generation in the human history in order to survive. During the primitive time, the father teaches their son how to make bows and spears to defend themselves against wild animals and hunting purposes. Throughout the war time, machine-guns, tanks and nuclear-bomb were developed in order to fight against the enemy and protect their own nation. Unfortunately, technology can also be used by evils. When technology falls into the evil hands, they can bring chaos and horrible destruction to another nation. A good example for this is the famous story about the Atomic bombing of Hiroshima on Monday, August 6, 1945, the bomb killed over 100,000 people in the area. 5 years after that event, the death even exceeded 200,000 due to cancer and other long-term effects from radiation, chemical and environmental pollution. (Gosling 1999)

Technology influences commercial competition and survival in many different ways. For example, competition between companies is a never ending battle, when one company brings out a new feature/technology for its product, another company will try to develop different technology to overcome the first one. These companies have to keep developing their technology in order to satisfy the customer and survive in the market. Thus, commercial competition and survival keep pushing technology to a higher level. (Reid 2006)

Technology has been with us for a very long time. It has become a very important factor to our lives. Our previous generations have invented technology and we have been depending on it from the very first day when we were born. Therefore, societies have a very high dependency on technology and we would not be able to perform as much as we want without technology. The higher technology is invented, the more we become dependency on it. For example, society has a very high dependency on electricity, without electricity. I cannot use my computer to do my project, making my 3-D model or generate ideas from internet. Thus, my performance in studying will be effected.

The development in technology has leaded social activities toward its direction. According to The New Zealand Ministry of Education (1995): “technological practice affects our environment, our standard of living, and our quality of life… technology plays an increasingly important part in our health care, choices of food, transport, and the very functioning of society”.

Unfortunately, there is nothing absolutely good or bad. Technology is not an exception. As the technology develops throughout the history of mankind, the more human gets benefits, the more the environment suffers from it (such as: greenhouse effects, chemical pollution, climate changes). (Chandler 2000). And in order to cure the problem, we as the next generation will have to come up with an engineering solution for it because “We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” (Albert Einstein)

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