The planet earth

The planet earth

What will be the fate of the planet earth? Definitely it will destroy someday. In which way could it be happen; with a collision of an asteroid or invasion by aliens? The truth is standing in front of us. Sometimes this could be the last chapter of the world as well as the human generation. And all the things are going to happen because of the human. I think that mainly the technological and scientific achievements accompany a huge risk for the environment. The fuels that precede the transport cause the climate change and global warming. The chemicals that control the cooling system affect the ozone layer. We can realize that, how badly the environment is affected with the human deeds, with the feedback. Nowadays most of the countries experience a high temperature, severe droughts, floods, stronger storms, more heat related diseases and increment in sea level. As human we all must be blamed for such a situation. But most of the environmental issues are rooted on the industrial economic system. So the engineer, who activates the economic engine, becomes part of the blame. In such a stage it is engineer's duty to investigate the technological improvement they have accomplish with relative to ecosystem and to find solutions to minimize the risk.

There are a variety of environment issues that rises as a result of engineering activities. In fossil fuel combustion, petroleum drilling and coal mining, it releases gasses like carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide. These gasses cause for the climate and ecological effects. In such a way nitrogen dioxide affects acid rain and destruction of ozone layer. Most industries like automobile industry, civil engineering and chemical engineering fields contribute for air pollution, water pollution and land pollution. The air pollution occurs with the release of chemicals and particulates to the atmosphere. Common gasses of air pollution include of carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, CFC and nitrogen dioxide. And the water pollution is occurred with the release of waste products and contaminants in to surface. The soil pollution issue in when chemical realizes by underground leakages. The noise and light pollution is another way of affecting the environment. The industrial noise, the air craft noise and high intensity of sonar case are some of the influencing factors. Apart from usual engineering fields, the modern technology also has become a partner of environmental effects. In such a way the nano technology, the nuclear technology and the gene science has become a threaten for the stability of the ecosystem. In nano technology the nano wastes and nano toxicology can affect the environment badly. With the case of nano wastes, as they are capable of floating in the air, it might easily cause for unknown effects. A most common factor is that the waste is directly linked with the development in the technology and the society of mankind. So the composition and innovation of different wastes have become a severe threat for the ecosystem. In genetic engineering, it produces altered materials and new toxic chemicals which can greatly harm the environment. Likewise the activities of engineers can be finalized that have become a threaten for the equilibrium in ecosystem. As a result of those activities, not only the living creatures but also the unborn had to pay with their lives.

There had been many policies to minimize the effect on environment by engineers such as, the National Environment Policy Act of 1969 by United States and the Resource Management Act of 1991 by New Zealand. Each of these acts has affected the practice of environmental engineering. Actually they were launched country wise. But this problem should be discussed internationally. With this aspect international environmental law was developed by US government based on a legal agreement. As it compasses wide variety of issue areas from environmental pollution to biodiversity protection most of the industries are bounded to act ethically. Although there were many laws, acts, and summits on environment we made to feel that the harm on earth by the authorized parties are still increasing. As I think it is better to solve this problem with changing the attitude at the environment. Apart from that the industrial leaders must pay a huge contribution to reduce environmental issues. So the engineers must work upon finding solutions. A much attention should be given to solve the problems on the global effect, the waste management and the pollution control. To reduce the global warming effect, the engineers have to minimize the usage of fossil fuels by increasing alternate energy sources that are eco friendly; such as solar power, wind power and tidal power. The clean coal combustion is a short term solution, because it may increase the carbon dioxide emissions associated with global warming. So in this point of view natural gas is the most convenient fuel choice for addition and placement of electricity generating capacity for next decade. More overly the engineers and scientists can develop the technology to remove carbon dioxide from stock gasses. And also they can experiment on reducing fossil fuel use by increasing end user energy efficiency. According to the waste management more priority should be given to the manufacturing and design process. Researches should be directed towards the cost effective deduction of environment hazards which comes through industries. A fundamental understanding of the physics and chemistry should be given on combustion to control the hazardous emissions. The control strategies on chemicals must be developed than now to make more effective use of the environmental ability. So the engineers should be able to design clean economic technologies. The pollution control depends on regulatory action to drive changes in technology. It is necessary to go back to the basics and make institutional changes through designs, research and education.

The engineering profession faces the challenges in satisfying social needs while meeting strict regulations on environmental side effects. Over the long term this calls for institutional changes affecting engineering design, basic research and education. The structural changes in technology must have a profound effect. And also the environmental engineering must become a more integral part of chemical, manufacturing, material, production and other engineering fields ,not only in civil engineering. Environmental quality must become a pervasive ethic in all engineering designs. In turn values must be transformed according to engineering requirements and values about preservation of ecosystem. With considering all the facts, we can say that the environmental impact by engineering activities is severe, though engineers can act upon such challenges as they armed with the physically and mentally. But all the powers are suppressed by the environmental power. Any one cannot exceed nature powers. So it is engineer's duty to invent and act within the environmental boundary.

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