Auction her virginity

NatalieDylan, 22 decided to auction her virginity online through MoonliteBunnyRanch ( She receives many feedbacks from possible "customers". Through this scenario, virginity has definitely given a high value of a new era. On the contrary, 2007FaceofGlobalSexReport stated that people lose their virginity at an average age of 19.25 years globally ( Youngsters engaging in premarital sex have definitely captured the attention of the public worldwide and should be explored to the root. Teenagers today believe that staying a virgin until marriage is a lost virtue due to peer pressure, the wide exposure to sex and abuse of addictive substances.

Firstly, peer pressure present in schools and colleges cause teens to lose their virginity before marriage. Peer acceptance is important in teenager years as they tend to be closer to their peers compared to their parents. Thus, teens go beyond extend to feel they are fit in a certain group. This even involves in the pressure of losing their virginity to appear 'cool' among their friends. Even in India, a country which considers sex as a taboo topic to be discussed casually in public, experience pressure from peers to have premarital sex. According to a DurexSurvey, 19.5 percent of youngsters in India lose their virginity due to peer pressure, while 37.5 percent felt the pressure globally ( Besides that, Houts quoted that virginity is viewed as a stigma over time (qtd. in 'Definition'). This stereotype has been assimilated into the youth culture that may lead to bullying. For example, Vanderzee, 19 and Daines, 17 both endured teasing from their peers because of their choice to remain abstinent (Landau CNN). Hence, pressure from peers causes most teenagers to give in to premarital sex.

Additionally, the wide exposure to sex that teens get today leads them to curiosity. This causes them to lose their virginity prior to marriage. Teens are exposed to various sources of sex information especially the mass media. They have greatest influence as teens are surrounded by media daily. For example, teens can gain fast access to porn sites as it is easily available via Internet. Advertisements on televisions also are inclined to promote their products through sexuality. However, according to, TV shows and movies stand at 51 percent of where teens get their sex information. As an illustration, TV show that is popular amongst teens such as 'Gossip Girls', showcases frequent making out and even sex scenes. Teens are drawn into believing the excitement and feelings of the moment that they saw on television and find it harder to remain abstinence and have the urge to have sexual experimentation. The show also contains multiple changes of sex partners which constitutes to Carpenter's belief that teens to think it is just a phase from childhood to adulthood that they need to overcome to acquire sexual knowledge (qtd. in 'Definition'). However, it does not quite reflect the true reality as there are many consequences involved in the aftermath of sexual intercourse. There is no doubt that the exposure that teens get through media makes them overwhelmed with curiosity about sexual intercourse and want to experience it themselves.

Other than that, abuse of negative addictive substances such as alcohol and drugs are closely associated with teenagers losing their virginity before marriage. With increasing freedom exerted to teens today allows them to get involve in social gatherings. Frequent outings to late night parties and open concerts make it easier for teens to indulge in alcoholic beverages, drugs and illicit pills. A survey conducted by SingaporeMedJ explored this issue and the results showed that those who smoked, used alcohol or drugs were more likely to have sexual intercourse than those who abstained to have sex. Consuming these substances can loosen up their mood and lower shyness which results in engaging in risky sexual activities that usually happen in a spur-of-the-moment. These substances also have great influence on one's judgment and sanity. Thus, sexual intercourse occurs due to building of sexual desires and they may not become aware of who their sex partners are. To worsen condition, teens may not properly use condoms to protect themselves and are exposed to sexual transmitted diseases (STDs) and unplanned pregnancies. Thus, teens are likely to regret their action when they are sober. These evidently verify that teenagers have their first sexual intercourse before marriage when they are under the influence of the negative substances.

Teens always have a choice whether to remain abstinence or to lose their virginity through premarital sex. Peer pressure, media and abuse of substances are the causes of teens losing their virginity. However, it all comes down to how strong they hold their principle and not be easily blown by the current. If they do make a choice, they must be able to bear the consequences.

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