Dereks Story; Life story

14 year old Derek was one of those kids who enjoyed nature, and everything about it. There were not many like him though. But no matter what gets said about him at school back home, he kept his love of animals strong. Only his best friends supported his thoughts of becoming a journalist when he was older.

The story starts out in the heart of Africa, where some of the wildest beasts have been known to roam. What Derek and his father, Mike, were trying to achieve was nothing more than a simple vacation to the wilderness. "Derek, help me pitch this tent! I always told you that you were better at doing this than me."

Derek looked over to where his dad was struggling with the tent. He sighed, and walked over. "Dad, you'd think a grown man could do something better than a kid. I don't understand how you have so much trouble." Derek was finished and had the tent up in no more than a minute. The two of them were going to set up camp out here, and hopefully catch a few photos of animals they come across.

After they ate some dinner, the two of them set out for the wilderness. The weather was hot, and most of the time around these places it stayed hot. They stopped at a small lake to drink, and rested for awile.

"Nothing like being outside, huh Derek?"

"Say what? Oh, yeah, it's great." He responded.

"Is something wrong? I always thought a setting like this was pleasing to you." His father said, concerned.

"Of course it-" He was broken off by a louder crash. "What was that...?'

Before anything could happen, a large male gorrilla exploded out of the bushes and beat its chest.

The two of them stood in shock, unaware of what to do.

- Run away = 3

- Shoot the gorilla = 2

2 - The Gunshot

Mike pulled out his shotgun quickly and aimed at the gorilla. By now it was closer, setting itself for an attack. Mike pulled the trigger, and a loud noise broke out. Derek tried to cover his ears before it all happened, but it seemed to late. By now the roar of the gorilla had stopped all of a sudden. It was dead.

3 - The Run

The two of them ran, trying to get as far away from the animal as possible. As much as they liked animals, they knew how dangerous they can be. Derek stopped to look back, to see if the gorilla was following them.

Mike stopped and looked back. "Wha...Derek! Keep moving! I won't risk your life!"

"Don't worry, it's not following us, we can stop. i'm tired anyway." He hated it when his father yelled. By now, it was close to dusk. The sun was setting, and the two of them were tired. Reaching camp that night, Mike turned back to his son.

"Derek, I don't want you wandering around. at all. Is that clear?"

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever you say. I'm listening." he responded.

His father did nothing but frown, and step into his tent. "Are you coming?" He asked a few moments later. "I prefer you stick close to me right now, in case that gorrilla comes back. okay?"

Derek stared at the tent where his father was waiting, and said soon enough, "no, I'm going to go get a drink of water, okay? Just give me a few-"

"No way. I'll let you go, but I'm coming too." He cut him off.

"No way ! If you wanted to watch over me like my baby-sitter, I believe you're about 10 years late for that! I'll just be over there!" He pointed past a few trees. "If anything happens, I got legs. I can run. It would make no difference if you're with me." Derek walked off now, headed to where he had pointed.

It was really dark now, and Derek nearly stumbled over a few falled trees on the way to a small pond. He took a couple of sips of water, and sat back for a moment to think. I came here to relax, the last thing I'd want is to argue with my dad. Ugh, adults can be so annoying!

Something broke his thoughts. It was almost like a rumbling. A large animal heading this way? No, it can't be. No animal around here is large enough to create this...the rumbling grew louder, and the groung started to shake. Oh no, don't tell me it's an earthquake. That's the last thing I need! But as it went on, Derek started to believe it was an earthquake. He quickly climbed the tree closesed to him, going as far as half-way up the tree. Maybe that wasn't the right thing to do, he thought.

The earthquake stopped. Derek looked around him, but saw nothing. Odd. That's all? then a large explosion seemed to occur, nearly sending Derek to the ground. Now he was scared. He had no idea was just happened, or what was gonna happen. But now there was just silence, and Derek thought about leaving his spot...

Stay where he is = 5

Leave, and run back to camp = 4

4 - Back to Camp

Derek sat for a moment, not knowing which way was up, and which way was the ground. But slowly he made his way down the tree. What just happened? Please don't let there be some animal down there waiting for me! Derek stepped down on to what he assumed was the ground, and looked around him. Nothing. Although he couldn't see anything, he knw nothing was there. "Wierd," he said aloud. "Well that was a rip-off!" Derek turned and headed back for camp. Half-way there, you can imagine who he ran into.

"Derek, you had me worried sick! You said you would only be gone like a minute! What kept you? Huh?"

"Wha...but...did you not, like, just feel that? There was an earthquake! And then like, an explosion! Don't tell me you were aslep for all that!" He responded.

Mike juist stared at him. "What are you talking about? I didn't feel anything. You expect me to believe there was an earthquake, and that's what kept you-"

"Yes! Exactly. You can call me crazy for saying there was an earthquake, but that means I can call you crazy for saying there wasn't!"

"Derek, you're not making any sense. Now come. Back to camp. You have a lot more explaining to do. And don't think you're getting off asy for this."

5 - The Discovery

Derek sat on his branch, waiting for some kind of action. He listened, yet nothing made a sound. He still had no explination for whatever just happened. Derek slowly made his way down the tree trunk, looking around him, trying to make out whatever he could. When he reached solid ground, he became aware that he wasn't alone.

Is that breathing? Derek began to shake, unaware of what was with him. Suddenly, he heard a low growl. he couldn't recognize the growl, though. It wasn't anything he heard before. What are you? He then remembered the flashlight he had stored in his pocket. Slowly retrieving it, Derek switched it on, and began to search around him. The beam of light fell on something, and Derek couldn't tell what it was. "Is that a snake?" He moved closer, and it moved, revealing three large spikes, and showing it was attatched to something larger. Moving the light upwards, he noticed the 'snake' was attatched to a back...then wings...and a neck...When he found the creature's head, he saw it just stared back at him, with glowing eyes that never blinked. Derek gasped, dropped the flashlight, and ran.

Run back to camp = 7

Who cares? Run in any direction! = 6

6 - Flee!

Derek ran in any direction, that he at least considered to go some where. He fell over numorous tree trunks on the way, and each time not even checking to see if the creature is following him. He finally realized, that nothing had come his way. Derek stopped to think about what that was. Let's see. It had a tail with spikes...spikes on its back...head...and had glowing eyes. None of this made sense. A dinosaur? Okay, it didn't make any form of sense. Could it have been Mokele-mbembe? Mokele-mbembe is a cryptic dinosaur that's known to live some where in central Africa. It couldn't be. First, Mokele-mbembe isn't known to have spikes. Second, Derek didn't believe in cryptids. So what the heck was it? If this was something amazing, he could of made like, millions back home for this. Nice going, Derek. It seems you just lost like a billion dollars. But then again it was either the money, or my life...

7 - Camp

Derek burst through the bushes the separated the camp from the rest of the jungle. Stopping in front of his father's tent, he peered in. And in doing so, nearly laughed. His father had fallen asleep before he even got back from his little experience. What a wimp my dad is, he thought.

The next morning, his father caught him trying to head off into the thickness of the forest again. "Did you sleep okay, Derek?"

Derek just nodded. His father was slightly confused. "Alright. Well, do you want any breakfast?"

This time he shook his head.

"Okay. That's it. What's wrong? Do-...don't tell me you did something wrong again." No answer. "Derek?"

Derek looked up. "Huh? Oh, no. I'm fine. Nothing happened, and no I didn't do anything!" He was begining to lose is patience with his father. "Dad, is it okay if I just take a walk?"

Mike looked at him for a long while, and finally sighed. "Sure thing. But if you come across anything, anything at all. I want to know about it."

"Okay," Derek replied, and headed off.

Anxiously walking through the brush, Derek was determined to find out more about what he saw last night. This was something huge. Not just the creature's size, but the size of the situation. This could mean something big...

Derek came to a stop where he heard something. It sounded as though whatever is was, is stalking something. Stalking me? Is is the creature? Derek peered through the bushes, and what he saw nearly made him faint. The animal that he saw the night before was....a dragon! It had blackish-brownish scals, with a stream of white spikes going down its back. Its wings were tucked back, and Derek could see numorous more spikes on its body. The dragon was stalking something that he could not see.

Image (c)me. It's my drawing

Derek watched in amazment as the dragon attacked, and brought down its prey. Although he still couldn't see what it just killed. After th draon finished, it looked back to where Derek was hidden. He could now see a long horn on the dragon's head, it almost looked like a unicorn's horn. Derek daren not move, but he could tell that the dragon saw him. Every muscle in his body froze...

- Remain frozen = 8

8 - The Dragon

The dragon just stared back at him, not daring to move either. Is it scared of me, too? Or am I just going crazy? The 20 foot high dragon turned torwards him, and took a few steps closer. Derek's muscles still didn't work, so by now all he's thinking is he's going to die. The dragon strained its long neck, and sniffed Derek. But it didn't do anything more. It just sat there, and stared. Derek straightened up, and continued his stare as well. the dragon's mouth, which was studded with large, sharp teeth, began to shape into a smile.

"You're not going to hurt me, are you?" Derek was confused. The dragon sat down, and began to sniff the ground around him. Did the dragon come from the ground? Is it the result of the earthquake? But a gunshot broke his thoughts. Derek looked up to see the dragon stumble, and fall. He frantically looked around, trying to see where the shot came from, and came across some men standing where the dragon was sitting. Their eyes were wide in surprise and happiness, mostlikely because they just came across a dragon. His friend.

"Hey Rick, I can't believe it! We just found ourselves a large sack of money here!" One of the men said.

"Yeah, who knows how much this guy will fetch back home, huh?" His friend responded.

"Hey....what you do that for?" Both men turned to see where the voice came from, and looked down to see a boy. "Hey, scram kid. Listen you saw nothing here, okay? Now get!"

- Attack the guys = 9

- Jump into the bushes = 10

9 - The Attack

Derek lunged for the gun that one of the guys was holding, but missed.


10 - Ending

Derek jumped into the bushes, and made it seem as though he had left the two men. He listened, and heard the two guys continue with their kill.

Comeing up behind one of them, and jumped and managed to swipe a gun out of his hands. Stepping back with the gun, he aimed it at each guy.

"Woah, kid, be careful with's dangerous."

"Yeah, no kidding," he said still aiming it at them. All of a sudden, the gun was pulled from his grip. Derek looked back to see his father looking angrily at him. "Now dad, it's not what you think!"

"Yes, it is. Men, I'm sorry. My son must have gotten out of hand." Mike gave the gun back to the hunters, and pulled him away into the bushes. Derek was in for serious trouble now. He was sure he couldn't imagine the punishment for aiming a gun at someone. But his father needed to understand they killed something first...

The two hunters stood grinning at each other, and one pulled the gun up, and aimed it at Derek, completely unaware. The man's finger was on the trigger, and just as he got set to pull it, a large tail with three white spikes on it knocked him down.


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