Education: Talent, career and success

The night before Gary commenced his final year in high school his parents questioned him on his plans for the future with regard to his career and a successful life. He responded to his parents by asking: "does an education always equate to a successful career?" What he actually meant was: while he had a special talent which was enough for him to use to pursue a career, was getting an education necessary for him. Gary was a very talented singer and song writer as well as a learned high school student. It was clearly evident that pursuing a singing career and gaining fame and wealth is the future he intended on inclining to. He had performed in several singing talent events in his early teenage life, and had received a good response from his critics. He was critically acclaimed by some of his peers and they all concurred that he would make it as a potential future star. In light of the tte--tte Gary had with his parents, several thoughts networked through his mind and heart. It was basically an analysis of what his dreams and goals were and what success really meant to him.

Dating back to ancient times, one's natural born talents such as acting, singing, participating in athletics, to name but a few, has always created a different route towards a career choice in contrast to the classic structural educational system most people take. In other words, the entertainment and sports realms have somewhat been an alternative to the conventional "road to a stable career and successful life" called education. In general, it is a global consensus that education equals a successful career. Having a good education usually facilitates one in getting a good paying job. It was the questions that Gary's parents asked him that made him contemplate on education, career and success in correlation with his singing talent. While having a special talent that one can use in order to pursue a successful career, and thus avoid the general twelve to sixteen years of good education, it should be parents' responsibility to encourage their children to obtain a good education whether or not they possess special talents. Education enriches one with knowledge and this consequently empowers one in most, if not all, aspects of life.

Obtaining a good education even if that is not the career path that one necessarily wishes to take is always a good back-up detour in case the career path that one has chosen has not reached satisfactory or optimal success. The exponential proliferation of the entertainment realm through radio and television has influenced how people make career choices. These electronic gadgets have contributed to the notion that choosing a career in the entertainment or sports industries usually leads to fame, wealth and success. Examples of individuals who pursued careers and gained success by using their talents and not the knowledge they learnt in school surfaced on his mind.

Famous names from Hollywood, sports and other entertainment factions surrounded his mind like a biased jury as though they were on a mission to convince him that education wasn't after all a necessity for a successful career. People such as Michael Jackson from the famous music band The Jacksons and one of the greatest boxers Mike 'Iron' Tyson barely got a good education; however, they used their God-given talents to pursue very successful careers in music entertainment and sports and gained success respectively. Other famous and successful people such as the retired greatest basketball player Michael Jordan including the critically acclaimed rapper and entrepreneur Canibus, however, did obtain high school diplomas, and also college degrees in Geography and Computer Science respectively. After comparing the lives, decisions and prosperities of each individual from both groups, it was clear to Gary that the ones who obtained a good education made life better life decisions, and hence thrived with no sporadic crises most people face in the entertainment or sports industries.

Even the revered rhythm and blues singer, Mary J. Blige, in retrospect to her past decisions she finally realized that having at least a high school diploma was not imperative but something to be proud of. She made a good life decision and obtained a General Education Diploma. That made her feel empowered with knowledge while still possessing a stupendous singing and song writing talent. The World Wrestling Entertainment contemporary superstars are a good example that blending their talents with the knowledge they obtain through education results in quality performances. They constantly have to use their oral skills to make speeches while in the ring. This requires a reasonable amount of vocabulary and oral skills to properly accentuate what it is they intent on saying and best way to obtain these skills is to get a proper education.

While still in deep contemplation with all that information circulating around and within Gary's mind like the Victoria Falls, he was nearing his final decision as to which direction he wanted his life to head. He decided to zoom off his mind zone and actually seek advice from his parents, who had experience with life and its ups and downs. The first his parents told him is that all what parent want for their children is for them to thrive and lead responsible and successful lives. Secondly, success does not necessarily mean that one has to be very wealthy; in actual sense it is the right decisions that one makes in connection with his purpose in life in order to live a positive healthy and prospering life. Thirdly, the most important factor that determines one's career decision should be based on what God has called him or her for. In a nutshell, this was the advice that was delivered to Gary by his parents.

After clenching the advice he got from his parents he was ready to make better decision for his future. Gary now had a panoramic view of the blindingly obvious factors which would influence his decisions when choosing the right career path. Questions to his dreams and aspirations, and whether or not having special talents was reason enough to dismiss education registered in his mind. Examples of the lives and success of talented and famous people he knew, and the advice of he got from his parents also registered in his mind. It was now clear to him that education equaled a good career even if one had a special talent. He was now ready to meticulously seal these factors into a package (brain and heart) and address the questions and decisions in relation on his future.

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