Ethics in computing

Computers have created many ethical issues including plagiarism, pirating software, and employee monitoring, just to name a few. Think of an ethical issue that affects our society. Is it something that is regulated by the government? Should it be regulated? If it is currently regulated, should it be regulated differently? Are there any issues in its regulation? If it is not something that should be regulated, why not? What are some other ethical concerns that should be considered? (Please do not consider religious arguments in your essay). Your essay should not be less than 500 words.

An ethical issue that affects our society is the internet, e-mail, and computer policy. The use of this policy for a company's automation systems including computers, fax machines, and all forms of intranet and internet access is used for company business and authorized purposes only. If occasional personal use of the email system or internet is not excessive or inappropriate during lunch or other breaks it is acceptable as long as no expense is incur to the company.

If use is defined as excessive this interferes with normal job functions and the responsiveness or the ability to perform daily activities. The use of a company networks, internet access, and computers is a privilege that management can revoke at any time for misconduct including, but not limited to:

  • Sending chain letters or participating in creating or transmitting unsolicited commercial email, which is called spam unrelated to company purposes;
  • Excessive use of instant messaging and chat rooms;
  • Misrepresentation oneself or the Company;
  • Deliberately bringing harm to a Company's network by way of propagating any type of virus, worm, or Trojan horse;
  • The use of abusive, threatening, racist, profane, sexist language in a public or private messages;
  • Sending, receiving, or accessing pornography;
  • Forgetting to log off a secure or controlled accessed computer leaving it unattended;

Using the automation systems to create, access, view, transmit, or receive sexist, racist and threatening or illegal material is strictly prohibited. Material is defined as any visual, textual, or auditory entity. Any such material is a violation of a Company's anti-harassment policies and subject to disciplinary action. The Company's email system and internet access or computer systems cannot be used to violate the laws and regulations of the United States or any other nation or any state, city, province or other local jurisdiction in any way. Using Company's resources for illegal activity can lead to disciplinary action and can lead up to and including dismissal and criminal prosecution. If the Company complies with reasonable requests from law enforcement and regulatory agencies, the company will provide them with logs, diaries, archives, or files on individual Internet activities, e-mail use, and/or computer use.

Internet, e-mail, and computer policy is regulated by the government and should be regulated differently by being a little stricter where pedophiles can still go around the system and send child pornography or pictures of themselves and/or exploiting young children. If stricter regulations are in place to make an example of these types of criminals so that, the next criminal will think before engaging in criminal activity.

Some other ethical concerns that should be considered is how can the government improve what is currently regulated as it relates to the internet, email, and computer policy as well as how can a parent be assured the safety of their children is met.


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