I won't waist another tear

Dr monrow wrote a passage "the power of purpose" he suggest that everything that god created has a purpose connected to it. If god made it there is a purpose in it. The other day my mind started to think about that statement. There is nothing that god created that does not have a purpose connected and attached to it.

If you look at your kidneys, god made your kidneys to regulate your blood pressure and to produce hormones and to release vitamin d into you system. Look at you heart, god created your heart to make sure your blood flows to every area of your body. When you look at your liver, your liver was created for detoxification to help with your digestive system. But if you look at the body and how god created and everything he created was good. And we tie that into dr. monrow which states that everything has a purpose. And now that leaves us with the question on why would god make tears. Because we can not see from any biological book what function, what purpose does tears have. As you think about human beings are the only spieces on the planet that can cry emotional tiers. The best definition that they can come up with physiciology that is that tiers can lubercate the eyes to protect them from dirt and infection. And may wash away particals that block it from seeing clearly.

I don't want you to look at the from a physiciological level but a spiritual lens that your tears are used to peotect you from dirt to get rid of infection and the things that are blocking your vision might be washed away.

Would you consider that every now and then god would allow you to be provoked into crying. He is using your tears to wash your eyes. Perhaps there are some thing in them that are blocking you from seeing what god is really do in your like.

Looking at the book the healing power of tears said that 85% of women and 73% of men feel better after they've has a good cry. But if they can get a strong cry out of their system they will feel stronger and better as if they have just lifted a weight.

William frame says there is more protein in tears that are caused by sadness, then tears that are caused by irritation. And in other words if I am crying based off of the pain that has been put on me by a friend or love one, there are more neutrience in those tears then the tears as if I was just cutting onions in the kitchen. That means then that god can find more strength out of my tears when I have been wounded then he can get neutrance out of me then when it happens by accident. So maybe god is trying to make me stronger and the evident shows that he is working out my emotions so I still have the ability to cry when I feel strong.

There is somebody in this room and I know that you don't want to admit it because your around friends and family but there has been moments in you life where you've started crying and you couldn't stop. And then there's some other people who won't even wave their hands and thir not even gonna step up to the testionary pool who will acknowledge that there were some incendence where they started crying and they didn't know where it started from. At one moment they were going along in their day and the next day they were drenched and overcome by their emotions. And no matter what anyone tried to do to consoul them it was to late. The fossit was already running.

Crying is not a sign of weakness but it's a sign that you still feel. Its amazing how you still have your emotion in checked after all the war fair attacked you've been under. It a test of you very existence. There are some people on your row that has bottled so much pain, bottled so much anger and even has so much anamoxicity they don't know how to release hemselves from the crying. Because we have falsely associated tears with weakness. Tears are a sign of interstrength that your body can't even control or comprehend.

For any man in the room if you feel that you are to much of a man to cry let me introduce you to am man who cryed on our behalf.

As we come to our text we come to our conquring king Jesus Christ and there were three instance by which he cried and I want to talk about those three incidence because I think this will shead some light based off of what it is your going through in this moment of your life.

The first time we find in the text that jesus was crying is in John chapter 11. And in John chapter 11 you must understand that context of the text. Jesus is out of town with his friends, and when he is out of town with his friends he gets a message that the one he loves lazerious is sick. Not only is he sick but to come to death. The friends who are around jesus realize how close they are, how intemitate they were. They said we must hurry back to the hospital and go see about him before he dies. And jesus says I am not going to panic this is not for his death it is only for him to get some glory. He takes his time and after he takes his time he get back to where lazerious is and when he gets back to where he is, lazerious two sister meets him at the front gate. And they says it to late, had you come earlier you could have saved him. But because you've took your time he died. And in the next verse it declared that jesus "wep".

Some of you this seems a little abstrack but you really haven't cried until you lost somebody you wanted to be with. You really haven't cried until someone you always thought would be there now disappears. See some of you only cry only when it's about a boyfriend, girlfriend, a husband, or even a wife. But there is another group in here who has cried for the first time for real when you mother died, you cried for the first time even in your mind you knew it wasn't true you had hoped they were gonna live forever. Now you see people who has not experienced lost can not idenitify with your pain. But when your going through something where you've loved so much people can't understand how you could love so much. But sometime you have to be separated in order to find out what god is trying to get out of my life.

Maybe we have looked at the text too lightly because jesus said he wasn't going to die. He said what he is going through is only for my glory. But when he gets there he finds out that he is dead. And in order to get the glory you've got to raise him back up to life. Might I suggest to somebody that sometimes the thing you thought wasn't going to happened but when you get there in spite of all the faith you've got in god it stills falls apart. And I some of you can't even be real today but those of you went through such a lost and this is not for everybody and it made you revaluate your relationship with god. Your trying to figure out why did god let me go through this when there are some other people haven't gone through nothing and the person he took hadden done nothing to nobody but god made me go through the pain.....i wish I had some people who could understand what I'm talking about. Because I've cried over someone so heavy that and this was an eye opener for me because I thought we were on the same page but for me to then have the light bulb to go off and I then relized that I'm the only one in love and they are not in love with me. They just like me when it's convience. But now that I won't jump through their hoops and do what they want me to do the people when I look behand me and see the knife thay is in my back that has stabbed me but if it was from a stranger I could take that but this is from people who has been in my car, ate with me, who was sitting up in my house, and now I have to be wounded by that which will make you cry.

The second time we find jesus crying I'm now in Luke chapter 19 verse 41, and when the second incident by which jesus cries he has hust come through a season of temptation. He tells satin get thee behind me, but when he tell satin to get behind him, he now looks over jersulam. And when he looks over jersluman the text says he weep over jersalum. Now don't get this twisted he is not crying about seeing buildings. He is crying about what took place in the building. He is not crying about the economy, he is crying over the effects of the ecomony on the community. I am talking to some people with the pain you have endoured is so intrieged it is so deep it is not it is not connected neccerary to a person. It connected to a place. And there is some of you who can't even go to a house. Because even if you go on the same street where that house is something will make you feel like you back in tha moment . there is some of you don't understand why you don't got to family gathering. Because as soon as you step back into that old house the memories begans they don't understand why you got a attitude and you mad. Everything you see reminds you of everything you went through in that place. There is somebody who can't even come to church because it was in church that cost them so much pain, they got the greatest disappointment, they got the greatest hust and thy swore that they aint gonna never let myself be that venerable to church folks again. You see it takes a lot of work to turn to mt neighbor and to turn to my neighbor means that I have to entrust my self. You see I don't even intrust things to the people clost to me. Because the close people that us to be close to me the last time I told them what was happening they took that and they used that against me. But I understand that there is somebody in this room who understand that there is no place that has no power over me for my life. The sermon says that even if I make my bed in hell god is still right there. And if I go to the hights of heaven he is still right there. What happends when the place have you in bondage and the person has moved on. God gave Joshua a promas that every place that the souls of your foot stands upon I am giving it over to you. Some of you are going to get you deliverance this afternoon. Because when you leave the church you will drive to the place where you greatest pain happened. And god says all I need you to do is to step one foot out on faith. And itf you will step that one foot out you will tell your enemy you are under my feet. What ever you thought you would do for evil god is working it out for my good.

One more instance where jusus cried luke chapter 22 verse 42-44, is the raising climex of the gospel. He's in the garden of yosedimi , he is hanging with his three closest friends and he tells his three closest friends you yall stall here. Let me go a littlie bit futhur. And the text says ne begins to pray. And he begins to pray let this cut pass from my mouth. Nevertheless not my will but thy will be done. You see the first time he cried was over a person. The second time he cried it was over a place. But the third times he cried he is dealing with something personaly. And I don't know where you are in this room, your going through something that is so herrendius. That the three closest to you don't even know your going through. But when you go you end up iolating you self. Because you don't even what to explain to them why I feel the way I feel. The bible says he prayed so intensely hat sweat didn't come from his skin. That blood came out of him.

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