Leading car rental companies


Easy Car Rental (UK) Ltd, a low- cost, car hire specialist is one of the leading car rental companies based in central London and 32 branches all over the United Kingdom. At the moment the company is mainly dealing with private customers. The Company is looking forward to expand their business to the next level through an online based car rental system.

The purpose of this research report is to perform a literature research to discover the features of the project and a wide range of Tools, Technologies necessary to implement the web based system. As a result of that, I had to go through with the materials such as books, journals, and internet which are related to web based programming, Data base systems, client server architecture, project management, etc.

Statement of problem

At present the company doesn't have a web based system and when a customer wants to rent a car they need to contact the customer service. After contacting the company sends the images of available car models. To keep the customer details the company is using a paper based system and they found it very difficult to keep all customer details with their current system. With the growing competition with the other car rental companies, Easy Car Rental (uk) Ltd is looking forward to implement a system which allows customer to see the available car models and reserve that online as well as to save customer details on a database.

Project rationale

Car renting has become a very competitive, fast growing business in United Kingdom at the present. The main reasons for that are

The demand for renting cars in UK is increasing on daily basis. There are few reasons behind it, such as the increasing cost of car maintenance, car parking difficulties and also the growing number of travellers who is coming to UK. On the other hand increasingly people prefer to accomplish their day to day task by doing them through the web because it is easier than conventional methods like personally visiting or phone calls. In the car rental business also most of the competitors of the client run their business completely through the web based applications. Therefore in a growing market with a huge potential to expand the business it is the best option to develop a system which would be able to attract more number of customers and also to compete with the market rivals.

Title: An investigation in to the development of a web based client server system

Aims : To carry out a literature search in order to collect all required information and to design and implement web based car rental system for Easy Car Rental (UK) Ltd which would allow the client to overcome the problems of the existing system and allow the customers to reserve and rent cars through the implemented web based application.

The main functions of the system

The system allows customers to choose a car from the available models, date, time and book them and also they can make the payment at the same time. After making the payment system will be sent a confirmation e-mail to the customer which he or she has to bring when they come to pick the car. After sending the confirmation email automatic sms will be sent to the customer in order to remind the collection date. System also allows customer to cancel the reservation, 24 hours in advance if they change their mind and money will be refunded within 48 hours.


Research objectives

Understanding the current system how the current operations carried out in the company, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the current paper based system, how does the new system benefits to the company.

Research about car rental systems used in other car rental companies.

Research about type of tools we need to implement the system.

Eg: What type of programming language we are going to be using.

What database we are going to be using to save data.

Interview the company customer service staff to find out what difficulties they are facing at moment when they are a booking a car.

Research about requirement engineering

Gathering information about requirement engineering.

Conducting a feasibility study to see whether the project can be implemented with the use of the current technologies and services within the budget.

Research about client side and server side programming languages


Research about web based data base applications like Oracle,Mysql

Research about Unified Modelling Language, Activity diagram, Use case diagram, Class diagram, Sequence diagram, Collaboration diagram

Practical objectives

Implement a most powerful car rental system, benefits to the staff and the management.

Do the coding by using Asp.NET programming language.

Using the Gantt chart to schedule the project and coordinate the tasks.

Releasing "beta version" of software product for final testing and feedbacks.

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