Night at the museum

Everyone requires courage to live. We need it in education, in occupation, in friendship, in family, whatever and whenever. If you want to succeed, or to stand along among, then you must learn how to obtain it. Courage is very important to us, and only yourself can hold your destiny and no one can change your mind, we should take out our courage to overthrow all the difficulties. If you still feel confuse or lack of courage, do not be nervous, everyone must has the same problem with you.

He, Larry Daley, the main character in "Night at the Museum", who is also lack of courage before. He was a divorced father, who lost his job in an invention company, and failed to keep a long lasting job. He wanted his ten years old son to support him. One day, he went to a job agency and found a post as a night watchman at the American Museum of Natural History. There were three night watchmen are going to be retired, they told Larry that do not let anything in or out. Larry felt strange about this.

In the first night, Larry found that all exhibits in the museum came to life, they moved around and spoke with others. Larry went crazy and did not know how to do. Luckily, the wax model of Theodore Roosevelt told him the details about the Tablet of Akmenrah that brought live to the exhibits. But when the exhibit went out of the museum after sun rise, they will become dust. With the help of Roosevelt, the first night is over. Larry wanted to give up this job at one time, but after Roosevelt's advice, he changed his mind.

The next day, Larry found much information about every exhibit to prepare his work at night. But he failed, and one of the exhibits became dust. He tried to explain to the museum's director to keep his job. Larry brought his son to the museum at night, he wanted to show his son how exhibits came to live. He failed again. Later he found that those three retired night watchmen stole away the tablet and lead exhibits not come to live. His son believed his father and repositions the tablet. All exhibits move. However, they were locked in the Egyptian room by one of the night watchman. With the help of the Akmenrah, all exhibits listened to his order and chased the night watchman with the tablet. Of course, finally, all exhibits returned to the museum safely before sun rise.

Next day, the museum's director fired Larry, but reappointed him when he saw the news on television that can increase the popularity of the museum. After this event, Larry and his son's relationship became better than before.

Not everyone can do this. Larry teaches us not to give up when we meet difficulties. We need to calm down and solve all the questions. Sometimes, we also need to listen the others' comments, think about what you should do next step. Everyone has their difficulties, some may choose give up while some may not. Success or not, is consist in what you choose and how you think. I know it is hard for someone who does not have enough courage, but we can learn Larry that prepared enough to solve all the problems. Of course, our courage comes from our family and friends' support, without their support, it is hard to choose our way. I recommend you to try it first, get some experience and then try once more. Take out your courage from your heart, and try to do. No one can help you if you do not take out your courage. Attempt lead to succeed and give up lead to failure. Remember, only you can hold your destiny. Success is only for people who have courage.

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