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The migratory reform it's the ordinary expression use in political debate concerning changes to the present emigration law in the United States; and means that politician and citizen are in agreement to review the immigration laws in United States, by amending or removing abuses or fault on it, giving a solution to approximately 12 million immigrants careless of benefits living in America; focusing in better salaries, working environment conditions, and working protection; making sure that every worker in this country is treated the same way, and get the same opportunity.

President Barack Obama, is his first year agenda, was willing to include the emigration policy. He was clearly in agreement to promote an immigration reform that allow some way of legalization for all those millions of undocumented immigrants, and give a way out to one of the most critical issue that these country is facing the emigration crisis.

Beside the White House, the Reform has the support of many organizations such as UCLA that confirm legalizing immigrants it's the better stimulus plan that we can get, because the Migratory Reform creates 4 to 6 billion in tax profit alone, without mention the creation of new jobs and 30 to 36 billion in families wealth that it could create jobs with the purpose of been occupied mainly for native born American citizen.

Cynthia S. Becker shares some data in her book Immigration and Illegal Aliens: Burden or Blessing?, giving us some data about different opposite points of view about immigrants. In her book, Ricardo Parra, Midwest Council of La Raza, expressed:

"Undocumented immigrant pay taxes in a number of ways, including income and sales tax. The majority of undocumented immigrants pay income taxes using Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITIN) or false Social Security numbers. All immigrants, regardless of status, will pay on average $80,000 per capita more in taxes than they use in government services over their lifetime."(Becker, 2008)

An overwhelming majority of Americans want practical solutions to our broken immigration system that promote our best values and uphold our traditions as a nation of immigrants and laws. Americans want an immigration system that will be fair and serve the real interests of hardworking taxpayers, workers, employers, and families across America.

There are many difficulties for congress in passing the immigration bill and this is not surprise for those who has follows this topic throughout ages; and it's probable the Immigration Reform doesn't happen this year.

The fact is that millions of immigrants are here in violation of U.S. law. This angers the law-abiding Americans; and rightly so. Those who violate laws should be penalized. But what kind of punishments is appropriate and fair? In a moral standpoint, we are forced to conclude that the deportations of immigrants who do not comply with our laws are too severe a penalty. It is a punishment disproportionate to the crime.

The deportations are destroying families. Leaving wives without husbands, children without parents. Family is not only a central element of our faith, but of our society.

We must insist that those who come to our country should respect our laws. If you are here illegally, can not wait to get rid of the penalty. However, exits another ways such as community service that can be a more constructive solution than deportation. This would help strengthen communities, rather than destroy them. And also serve to integrate immigrants into the social and moral fabric of America.

This may or may not be the solution; but with courage and creativity, it is possible for our politicians to find a just and dignified solution to do equal justice to the two great traditions of this country: compassion for the homeless and the rule of law.

Lives of millions of undocumented workers and their families are hanging by a thread. Millions of people are forced to live without rights, regardless of this great country, for our failed policies.


Immigration reform had been falling since the past years, and has remained unresolved, and few believe that legislators will agree, in the election year, on the content and scope of a new plan. Labor shortages in agriculture and high technology could have serious consequences for the national economy. The field has increased the supply of workers, as there are refugees who have found space in the building industry-for the housing crisis, or in other sectors, which is becoming more, complicated the situation. Business and Contractors are abusing more because they are given less wages and benefits because they know people are desperate for work and instead of treating them as workers continue to see as the slaves.

In the other hand, the constant raids that U.S. Immigration does have caused hundreds of indirect victims: children. Every two people arrested in an operation to arrest illegal immigrants, a child is left without families. The impact on children who had been experience separation from their parents because of the raids or other operations, end in collateral damage such as fear, depression and even suicidal thoughts of some of the minor.


The nation is building its own future by investing in the future of children, spending billions of dollars annually in education, health care, preventing child abuse, and providing assistance to meet housing needs and supply. However, unlike other children in this country, children of immigrants live in fear that their parents will be arrested, detained or deported. The Immigration Reform should take into account the circumstances and the interests of all affected children, especially children who are U.S. citizens, during the deportation proceedings.

Reform has always worked under a bipartisan concept. There is no way of adopting single Republican or Democratic support. It takes the votes of both parties. The support of the U.S. President, Barack Obama about a comprehensive immigration reform motivates activists, although not fulfilled his campaign promise to push for changes to immigration laws in his first year in office. Fair immigration reform would introduce new workers to the tax system, which would provide an additional source of revenue for the Government. The legalization of the 12 million illegal immigrants thought to be residing in the country would scope for action of the underground economy, and contribute, ultimately, to increase wages and to prevent labor exploitation.

Dr. Ral Hinojosa-Ojeda from University of California at Los Angeles, prepared a report that contrasts the economic benefits of comprehensive reform, harm the U.S. economy by a "mass deportation" campaign to remove all unauthorized immigrants in the country; and effectively "seal the border" for the future unauthorized immigration. In his report he says:


All of all, we can conclude that Immigration Reform will increase wages, increase profits and help honest employers to generate jobs. The economic benefits of immigration reform are wide and include American-born workers, and other middle-class Americans. Americans consistently support comprehensive immigration reform and independent studies consistently argue the economic benefits of such reform. We cannot build a strong economy grow in the long run on the basis of a broken immigration system and we cannot continue to evade the responsibility of enacting a smart and sensible Immigration Reform.

With or without papers, immigrants pay taxes, contribute to job creation and, in general, are the leeches that describe the anti-immigrant groups. The illegal immigrants are already paying about 7,000 million dollars in federal taxes annually; and their contributions would be increasing when they obtain permanent residency, and no longer be prey of employers who exploit them by taking advantage of their precarious legal status. The illegal immigrants are "invisible" and his work is reflected in all aspects of daily life, from supermarkets to hotels, restaurants, factories and offices.

Although the outlook remains difficult to address such a complex issue in Congress, is more favorable to the tragedy of the undocumented worker has a happy ending in 2010.

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