How people use power

To all those that possess power, whether it is mental, physical, or political; I salute you. You possess something which people only dream of, something which not every individual in this world has yet tasted, and perhaps never will. You hold in your hands the key that makes this world go round, the key that motivates individuals and invigorates them to undertake journeys to gain power. The only problem is that, do you choose to share this power? Do you choose to use this power for your benefit, or do you choose it for wrong purposes? You see, while all those with power relax in comfortable bliss, those without power are suffering. Those without power desire power and are motivated to earn it. Power is a motivator.

Between me and my brother, the desire of power is what motivates us towards success. We are constantly trying to outrun one another with the increase of our power, mentally, socially, or physically. Doing this, not only have we increased our skills in each of these categories, we have also increased each others. The desire for power benefits not just the individual who desires it, but also the others, provided the person uses the power accordingly. The emotional bond between me and my brother has actually been strengthened due to the fact that we are constantly challenging one another. Because we are frequently challenging one another, our desire for power is predestined.

Everyone's desire for power is preordained. It is power that motivates us. Calls us. It is power that drives us to make something out of ourselves. I and my brother have basically been circling around this concept for our lives. Without mental power, we could not become anything we desire. And because we desire to become what we want, we desire the mental power that will make this happen for us, which will put our effort into action, and which will ultimately decide our future.

But what is power? Is it ability? Perhaps strength or maybe control over someone or something? Power has many meanings. It is usually linked with having authority over another being.

Mental power has always been a type of knowledge that people have taken vast journeys to gain, which gives this kind of power a very high value. Because this power has a high significance, it has made for a very good type of ammunition to use against my brother. Using mental strength to overcome my brother has resulted in a very good outcome, for me, of course. But my brother is not to be underestimated. He may potentially look like a good character, but he is nothing of the sort. He is cunning, and his mind is every bit as agile as his body.

Using simple mental power may have gained me temporary victory, but he always finds a way around my techniques. Though conflicting with my younger brother may seem childish, it is nothing compared to minuscule manners. My Younger, naive-appearing, born-from-hell brother, who makes the devil himself curl up with fear of his own shadow, who takes enjoyment in causing Armageddon within my mind due to his strategic ways that allow him to annoy me at a level no person has been able to match, yet. Because he has this power over me, I am motivated to rise above him. This example clearly demonstrates that power acts like a motivator.

Power may sometimes be taken as a negative thing and is not always perceived to be something that can actually benefit someone. But in my perspective, this is not always true. For me, authority has served to be a factor that has influenced my success. The only reason power is taken to be negative is if someone else is in possession of control. This happens at times with me and my brother, when either he has command over me, or I have rule over him.

Authority, hegemony, control, supremacy, and dominance are all synonyms of power. This element, which not many people have the ability to explain acquire it without knowing. Sometimes, the power between me and my brother immensely differs, but is never the same. Power is never a hundred percent stable. It is dynamic. Therefore, no two people can have the same amount of power.

As a final point, power can have different effects on people depending on what they use their power for. Power is a stimulator, an instigator. The ability of power is possessed by no one but power itself.

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