Quebec, a twisting fate

Nowadays, pollutions disturb the equilibrium of the nature by killing the living creatures and destroying the forest. Do you think that the equilibrium is also maintained between the nature and the human's need? It is obviously not. Water crisis becomes rampant in the world, especially in a poor and underdeveloped country. Water scarcity could also affect Quebec citizens in the long run although our resource is still abundant to date but it is not inexhaustible. I believe that we should implement a fair and equitable water regulation system to discourage consumers to waste water unwisely in order to maintain a pleasant relationship between the ecology and our society.

First of all, water charges in Quebec can prevent severe repercussions which could have a huge effect on the Quebecers. The shrinkage of the Aral Sea is a clear example of a man-made disater in which Quebecors must have to ponder about the possible consequences such as the salt pollution in the farm, a reduced harvest due to a climate change, the negative effect on the sustainability of the water-related industry and on the job opportunity and on the global health of farmers and of consumers. (Micklin, 2005, 114-115) Water tax pollicy in Quebec acts as preventive measure to avoid these outcomes which could potentially affect the rivers and the lakes in Quebec. Water tax should stop Quebecors from overconsuming water; therefore, the amount of water which is wasted by consumers could be sold in the international markets. According to one statistic from the organization "Infrastructure Canada", the average water consumption of residential household is "decreased from 343 liters/persons to 335 liters /persons" in the presence of the water metering system. (2009, October 15).Accordingly, a saving of 8 litres of water by each individual can be summed up in a great quantity which could be exported in the Third World country where the water demand is high. Undoubtedly, the water exportation from Quebec could increase the value of GDP in the province and also stimulates the growth of the province; in other words, the water exportation from Quebec helps to overcome the regression period presented in Quebec to date by stimulating more job expansions and by having more water trade company. Exporting water renders Canadians more independent from the Americans because the Americans are the major buyers of the Canadian products. Whenever the Americans are encouraged to purchase their national products, water exploitation reveals as a potential means for Quebecors to thrive in the world market. In summary, water charges acts as an effective mechanism to assure the growth of our province.

Secondly, water tax in Quebec marks a distinction between high water volume consumers and low water volume consumers. Water tax to Quebec citizens would create a social fairness to the consumers because a water bill would be in proportion to the amount of water consumed. If a household has more peoples, the cost of water consumption would increase in present of the water metering in the household; however, it is not the actual case in Quebec. Although the annual cost for water usage is still minimal in Quebec, it is inevitable to consider the quantity of water used in each household. Assuming all things being equals, only the number of peoples varies within each household; for instance, your household has 1 person and your friend's household has 3 peoples. Do you think that it will be fair that you pay the same flat rate for water usage like your friend in this situation? Hence, an official and legimate water regulation policy could prevent this social unfairness from happening. In addition, water tax policy in Quebec should also be more rigid, for it could negatively reinforce unwanted behaviors such as using water negligibly, especially those peoples who consume without realizing the effect it have on the nature and on the society. For instance, water charge pollicy in Las Vegas really help to reinforce the idea of water conservation because it consists of "a staggered rate hike that increased prices for low volumes 17% and for the highest volume user more than 30%." (Walsh, 2008, December 15 , 35); as a result, a heavy water consumer in Las Vegas could become more hesitant to use water, for he would take time to consider the cost which can influence his monthly budget and his other personal need. A similar water tax regulation in Quebec like the price policy in Las Vegas can produce a similar effect on the high water volume consumer. In brief, water tax in Quebec should distinguish between different kinds of consumers

Moreover, the water tax regulation in Quebec can handle the issue of the unequal water access. Some people in Quebec would argue that water policy would become detrimental because it could favor the wealthy people more than the poor people such as in the case of India where the poor people pays more than the rich people for the same amount of water used.(Walsh, 2008, December 15, 35) The issue of inequal water access could exist in Quebec; however, the human right to access the basic need is more valorized in Canada than India. Thus, the issue of unequal water access could be solved by both provincial and federal governments to guarantee a universal and equitable access. One example which illustrates the caring nature of the Canadian and Quebec government is the welfare system which guarantees an insured basic living to the unemployed workers. Another example is the food subsidized program offered in these public schools to the children who live in a low income family and the goal of this subsidized program is to alleviate the financial worry of the low income family who cares about the growth of the children. Thus, these evidences should suggest a high involvement of both provincial and federal government to solve the issue of unequal water access. In short, inequality to acquire water should not pose a major threat to low income earners in Quebec.

Water tax pollicy in Quebec should be an effectivc means to control water consumption of Quebecers because this approach prevents detrimental influence from the unfavorable environment to the citizens and it distinguishes high water consumers from low water consumers and it also guarantee a universal water access to those in need. I strongly recommend that water tax should also be implemented in all provinces of Canada to preserve equilibrium between the nature and the human's need.


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