Study guide

Study Guide: Three Cups of Tea

Introduction: In Mr. Mortenson's Orbit, p. 1

  1. What is David Relin's thesis for this book?
  2. Ch. 1: Failure, p. 7

  3. Why did Greg decide to climb K2?
  4. How was Greg among the real heroes of the expedition to K2?
  5. Ch. 2: The Wrong Side of the River, p. 17

  6. When Greg went out of his way, how did Mouzafer Ali go out of his way to care for him?
  7. Compare and contrast the Balti and Sherpa people.
  8. Ch. 3. "Progress and Perfection," p. 27

  9. What in Greg's past allowed him to connect with the people of Korphe?
  10. What is ironic about this chapter's title?
  11. Ch. 4. Self-Storage, p.34

  12. List at least 2 features from Greg's background that would help him fulfill his promise to the people of Korphe.
  13. Ch. 5. 580 Letters, One Check, p. 47

  14. For what cause would you sell all the memorabilia from your parents, your favorite car and the gear from your favorite hobby?
  15. Ch. 6. Rawalpindi's Rooftops at Dusk, p. 57

  16. Where did the pleasure Greg felt in praying like a Muslim come from?
  17. Ch. 7. Hard Way Home, p. 70

  18. Trace on the map located after the title page the Karakoram Highway, the Indus Gorge and the road from Skardu to Korphe.
  19. Ch. 8. Beaten by the Bradlu, p. 83

  20. Describe the three setbacks Greg experienced in this chapter and the outcome of each.
  21. Ch. 9. The People Have Spoken, p. 98

  22. What further setback did Greg experience upon returning to San Francisco after failing to deliver the building materials to Korphe?
  23. What was wrong with the bridge to Korphe that they needed another one?
  24. Ch. 10. Building Bridges, p. 108

  25. How did the 800 lb. reels of cable for the bridge get from Askole to Korphe?
  26. What did Greg learn from the ibex-hunting trip?
  27. Ch. 11. Six Days, p. 125

  28. To what does the chapter title refer?
  29. Ch. 12. Haji Ali's Lesson, p. 136

  30. What did the 65 year-old Mouzafer do to help build Korphe's school?
  31. Why did Haji Ali confiscate Greg's plumb line, level and ledger?
  32. Why did Haji Ali smile after he handed over half the wealth of the village?
  33. Ch. 13. "A Smile Should Be More Than a Memory," p. 154

  34. How did Greg hold off the black water of despair?
  35. What did Greg learn about the character of the Wasir that he might not have if he had heeded the advice of Haji Ali not to go alone and to seek the hospitality of the village chief?
  36. Ch. 14. Equilibrium, p. 174

  37. What kind of equilibrium did Dr. Hoerni need to learn?
  38. What kind of equilibrium did Greg Mortenson need to learn?
  39. What did the author mean by "the planet's relentless march toward equilibrium."
  40. Ch. 15. Mortenson in Motion, p. 184

  41. What two adult education centers did Greg start and for what purpose?
  42. Ch. 16. Red Velvet Box, p. 198

  43. What was the reason for the judgment kept in the red velvet box?
  44. What did Mohammed Aslam Khan have to endure to attend school?
  45. Ch. 17. Cherry Trees in the Sand, p. 211

  46. Whose war was causing the refugees in Baltistan?
  47. What was the refugees' chief need?
  48. Ch. 18. Shrouded Figure, p. 225

  49. What was the surprising result of Greg's talk to three people in Apple Valley, MN?
  50. Identify two problems Greg needed to address in himself.
  51. What did Greg admire about Mother Teresa?
  52. Ch. 19. A Village Called New York, p. 241

  53. What made the promise to the Kirghiz so difficult to keep?
  54. What about Syed Abbas' speech did Greg wish some Americans would hear?
  55. Ch. 20. Tea with the Taliban, p. 261

  56. What is your impression of the quality of questions the CIA asked Greg during his passport replacement process?
  57. Ch. 21. Rumsfeld's Shoes, p. 278

  58. Following 9/11, what was the general public perception of Greg's work?
  59. Greg told his Pentagon audience that the worst thing the military could do in Afghanistan is _______________.
  60. Why did Greg turn down $2.2 million offered from the military after he had just compared the cost of a missile to the cost of a school?
  61. Ch. 22. "The Enemy is Ignorance," p. 297

  62. Why did Greg hand dynamite to the would-be watchman?
  63. List at least three benefits to CAI that came from increased donations.
  64. Ch. 23. Stones into Schools, p. 314

  65. Why was the jeep stopped in the tunnel?
  66. What did the stones painted red signify?
  67. Who was shooting across the road?
  68. What in Sadhar Khan's speech indicated he was turning his thoughts towards peace?
  69. Acknowledgements, p. 337

    Which of these suggestions makes most sense to you and why?

    Summative questions (answer in at least 4 paragraphs):

  70. The author contends that Greg Mortenson has waged the war on terror with his schools. Like many war heroes, he has been wounded by his efforts. Describing at least three incidents that have wounded him, tell whether he should be considered a war hero.
  71. Doing social justice with the poor involves a distinctive way of using power that enables without imposing. Cite at least three incidents from the book that show how Greg discovered this balance between courage and consultation.

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