Terry Fox

Terry Fox was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba on the date Monday, July 23rd 1958. He was born to Rolly and Betty Fox. He was raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. He had two brothers. The older brother's name was Fred as Terry's younger brother was Darrell. Terry also had a sister named Judith. (1958-07-28)

Terry Fox loved sports of all kinds. He especially loved soccer, diving, rugby union, baseball and diving. His coaches liked his determination, hard work and were extremely competitive. In Junior High school Terry Fox wanted to play basketball and guard position. At the time he was five ft tall. In order to accomplish his target he spent every day practicing his basketball skills. By the time he was in grade ten he was one of the best guards. In senior high school Terry started guard for the Port Coquitlam Ravens. He accomplished his goal because of determination.

The time Terry was in grade eight his coach insisted Terry should try out for cross-country. He joined and by the end he found himself exhausted. Fox's coach praised his work; ethic.

On November 12th 1996 Terry Fox's car hit a half-ton truck. He came out of the accident alive with his right leg sore. He was unfocused by a construction site. They were building a bridge. The driver of the truck was okay. Nothing happened to him.

In 1977 Terry had pain in his right knee. He was struck with Osteosarcoma. This is a disease that strikes men more than women. Fox had thought the car crash diminished his right leg. His doctors didn't think it was because of the crash. The causes of Osteosarcoma are not known. When Terry was in the hospital he saw patients suffering of forms of cancer. Many of the patients were children. It was then Terry realized that he should run around Canada and collect a dollar from every Canadian. He would decide to call the journey the marathon of hope.

After three years of one leg Terry decided to run coast-to-coast. This was to raise money for cancer research. His goal was to collect 1 dollar from each Canadian citizen. In February 1779 Fox started to train for the marathon Hope by running a quarter of a mile. In conclusion to his preparation training after 14 months Terry Fox had run 5,085 km/ 3159.5 miles.

Fox had begun the marathon by dipping his right leg into the Atlantic Ocean in St.Johns Newfoundland. He planned to dip his leg in the Pacific Ocean. He wanted to do this when arriving at Victoria, British Columbia. He filled two bottles of Atlantic Ocean water. He wanted to keep one as a souvenir and wanted to pour the other one in the Pacific Ocean. He was going to be running approximately 42 km/day this is the amount of a typical marathon. No one had done anything close to what Terry was going to be doing. When outside of Ottawa Terry had run 3,113 km into the marathon of hope. Terry has passed Atlantic and Quebec successfully before receiving a dominant welcoming in Ontario in July and August 1880. Many people bunched up and formed a crowd, lined up in the streets of Toronto and Southern Ontario to encourage on Terry. In July 11 1980 Darryl Sittler gave Terry an NHL sweater. Fox wasn't able to continue his run. His bone cancer had affected his lungs. X-rays had shown on his right lung had a lump the size of a golf ball. His left lump had the size a lemon. Terry was forced to stop September 1st 1980 north-east of Thunderbay, Ontario. Fox had run 5,373 km through Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, P.E.I, Quebec and Newfoundland.

In June 1981, Fox had pneumonia, went into a coma and died. This was exactly a month away from his birthday. Today he is considered a hero of Canada and was voted 2nd greatest man in Canada. More than about $400,000 million was donated for the cancer research.

Each year schools around Canada participate in an event called the terry fox run. This isn't competitive it doesn't have winners or losers. It's just for people wanting to donate and give a little extra.

This concludes my report. After you read everything I'm positive you think Terry's an awesome guy. After running around Canada and raising more than $400,000 million for cancer research who wouldn't? Anyways thank-you for reading my report.

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