The death and resurrection

To ensure the life of your computer, never drop it in a puddle of ice water. It is a known fact that computers and water do not mix well. On January 9, 2010, my worst fear became a reality. On the morning of January 9, I received a telephone call from my friend William. "The reason I am calling is to let you know I am having a football party, stop by if you can". "I have nothing planned, and I will definitely be there". "Ok great, I will see you when you get here". After the telephone conversation, I informed my wife of my plans for the evening. "Bill called, he wants me to stop by and watch the football game later, is that OK"? "That is fine, but you do realize they are calling for snow today right"?" I am aware of that; I will walk to his house, instead of driving". At 5:30PM, Bill called back to see if I would bring my laptop down so we can burn some music discs'. I told him I would bring it along with some blank discs'. After I finished eating my dinner, I let my wife know that I would be leaving in a few minutes. "OK dear, be careful, call me when you arrive, so I know you got there safely". I walked upstairs to collect my laptop computer, some blank discs', and then called Bill to let him know I was on my way. I arrived at his house around 7:00PM.

When I knocked on the door, I was greeted by my friend Bill, who told me I could go ahead and set up the computer. The house was full of people, and they appeared to be having a good time. As I was setting up my computer, I happened to glance out the window; the snow was coming down harder than when I left the house. There was thirty minutes before the kickoff, so I had time to download and burn a couple of CD's. The game has officially started and one of the CD's I made is playing loudly, can barely hear myself think from all the noise. The time is now 9:15AM, the snow outside has turned to a snow and rain mix, it is really getting bad out.

At halftime, we began to play a drinking game called quarters. I think it is a bad idea, but played anyway just to be sociable; I am going to regret this in the morning, I thought to myself. The second half of the game has started, no one seems to care, and it is all about the music and alcohol now. It is now 10:00PM; the wind is really blowing hard, and you can see the snow piling up on the windows, I hope I get home OK." Bill, can I talk to you for a moment"? "Yeah Tony, what is going on"? "The weather is really getting bad, I will be leaving soon"." OK, if you want, I will drive you home"." No thanks, you have been drinking, and the weather is terrible". The time is now 10:30PM, and two things are still happening, it is still snowing, and I am still drinking. This is really it, I have to get my things together, and get out of here, before I get snowed in. I called my wife to let her know I was on my way home, and she could wait up. I packed up my computer, said goodbye to Bill and his guest, and proceeded out the door. As I stood on the porch in a drunken stupor, all I kept saying to myself was please do not drop this computer. My journey home had begun, and it would be a long one. I tripped and slipped all the way while walking home.

When I reached the corner, and stepped into the street, I slipped and fell on a patch of ice. My laptop computer also fell, right into a puddle of ice water. I thought to myself, this is the one thing that I always feared, and it happened. By the time I reached the house the drunk feeling I had, had turned to a feeling of anger. I was angry and upset because I knew I would not be able to fix the computer. I live near the ocean, so the water that was inside the laptop was salt water. When I entered the house my wife was waiting up, and she could see that something was wrong. "What is the matter Tony"? "You are not going to believe this, but I dropped the computer in ice water". What I failed to tell you in the beginning of my story was that my wife warned me not to take the computer out, and I did anyway. As my next two Kaplan classes approached, I stilled did not have my computer back that I sent out to be fixed. I was afraid because I had no other computer I could use to login to my seminars, or to do my assignments. However, my laptop came back that morning of seminar, so I did not miss class or any assignments. I will never take my computer out in weather like that again.

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