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Informative essay. Ilike the sound of that but I am conflicted as to what to write. Do I go with a paper writing sololy on facts or do I do what I do best and twist the facts to meet the standards of my on personal agenda. Well I think I will take the latter and how about a borad topic like health care. That sounds good. Health care in America has been a great source of revune for a select few and has even helped to make the poor poorer and sicker. Who else can say that. In class last week we had a little debate about how America is switching to a solical est socity. Which is what I have decided to writye mty research paper on. I have no problem with socialism I think it is a great system if you waqnt to be poor for the rest of your life.and if you think it is your job to pay for the life styles of the rest of your copunty. Heathcare is another place where Americans seem to be shifting to this solicalist view with unversial heathcare. You have got to be kidding me so I already pay for poor people to have babies that they cannot afford but know I should pay for their dad to have his finger put back on after his dumbass lobbed it off with a saw? No way in hell is that the American way of life that I know and love. The American way is any man has the abillty to be what ever he likes. There are know dukes and erals. We are all equals. But it would seem that this dream is being trown awy so that we may all become equally poor. And then

Introduction, I need to lead in with an undecided tone and begin to push my personal agenda near the end of this paragraph with a thesis statement.

Now we find ourselves pivotal moment in time where we can sit quietly in silence while our failing government reaches deeper into our wallets, or we can stand up point out the fact that this is America. A Nation that was founded on ideas and principles that oppose the very idea of free heath care and the concept of heath care reform.

Statement one: The men that founded this country were opposed to taxation without proper representation so much, that they founded this nation. ( from this point compare proposed healthcare taxes, to taxes like the Sugar Tax, that helped to cause the formation of this great nation) Close with sentence that will create a gentle transition from the revolutionary era to America's lower class citizens.

Statement two: We should be honest with ourselves. When it comes to health care who is it that truly cannot afford to buy it? (This is a good time to cover the intended demographics to be effected by these changes. Also, use this time to hit the reader harder and harder. This will give you an edge in persuading the audience and will make the rest of the paper seem more informative) Find away to sway the topic, so that it will make the reader feel as if he can afford health care, even if you know he cannot. Now we need to close with the current financial crisis that the country is struggling with.

Statement three: As our economy falls deeper and deeper into this hole of debt that seems to be strangely intertwined with our government's welfare system. (At this point we will give a few examples of how the current welfare system gives the federal government a little too much power over the people, and how it weighs down the shoulders of the everyday Americans.) Shift the topic towards a comparison of America's proposed system and the current European systems.

Statement four: We are a country that was founded with the belief that all men are created equally and with this belief in mind we can clearly see that is was not the intention of our fore fathers for us to live in fear of our rulers. But to say that they where meant to fear us. (Show how proposed health care changes will take away from the natural beauty of a truly free society, and how it is not your neighbors job to feed you so, why should he pay for your medical care.) Prepare them for a brief recap, and reduce the tempo so as to allow for a comic relief the opening of the conclusion.

Conclusion, At this point the reader may have lost interest in the topic, so you need to re-energize their mind and pick up the tempo. Lightly touch on your supporting statements and focus the energy so as to make it seem as fact based as humanly possible.

Review, make sure that your paper is focused on being informative, but it is okay to be persuasive. Double check world usage(i.e.)were, where and their, there; make sure to triple check punctuation( use completed assignments for comparison)

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