The history of my favorite

I chose the topic of the history of my favorite sport, soccer. I chose soccer because I think it's amusing both in watching and the playing point of view. I think I know quite a bit of information of soccer, because I have been playing and watching soccer for over eight years. Also, I used to watch videos about the history of soccer and in one of these it said that soccer started in China; however, it was officially made a sport and became popular in England. I also know that the first world cup was in Uruguay in 1930, and that the winner of this world cup was the country of Uruguay; however soccer was played in the Olympics before this. The most recent world cup was in 2006, held in Germany, and the winner of this world cup was the country of Italy. The topic of soccer interest me because I am currently playing on a travel team and would like to know more on the sport that I am playing besides what I already know. I wanted to discover where the name came from, how many world cups have there been, where the next one will be, and how popular soccer is around the world compared to other sports.

My topic has deepened my understanding of God's world in many ways. One way would be how God has used soccer to maybe spread His name and the Bible throughout the world. My topic has deepened my appreciation of God's creative power by showing me how God intended soccer to be played worldwide. He intended this so that people who play in different countries and visit others for a match might talk about God and the Bible. My topic has influenced me to do the right choices. I could try to reach a goal, but if I make a bad decision this would lessen my chance of getting there. The research I have done has impacted my faith by teaching me more about God and his creation through my search. What I learned has changed the way I look at the world because by knowing more about soccer I can learn more about other cultures worldwide.

I had a couple of choices for my interviews but I chose my dad and my older brother even though I tried emailing other people who might have had helped in my search. The written sources I used in my search were library books. The internet sources I used were mainly sites about the history of soccer. I also used sites that had information about the world cups. For my search I interviewed my dad and my older brother for information about soccer. I picked my dad because he has been playing soccer for a long time. He started when he was a kid playing with his friends. Later on as he grew up he began playing with his high school team. The highest level he got to was college soccer. He said he would of have tried to keep on going up in divisions but he had a car accident were his knee was damaged badly. I learned from my dad that there are many sports similar to soccer. One example would be rugby which is a mixture of soccer and football put together.

The second person I interviewed was my older brother who has been also playing soccer for a long time. I picked my brother because he has had a lot of experience playing soccer. At one point in his life he was playing soccer for a professional soccer team, but he quit because he had a desire for being doctor. What I learned from my brother is that soccer is a fast paced and challenging game . There weren't many surprises from my interviews. However, I was a little shocked that almost 40 percent of professional players began playing in the street. This surprised me because I would think they learned to play on nice soccer fields. Besides this I did not hear any surprises.

Soccer resembles some parts in many sports. This is true because the point of the game is getting the ball into the net of the opposite side. One sport that has the same objective is ice hockey. I wrote about this because it was one of the main things from my interviews.

I used as an internet source. I used this website because it is the official website of the organization Fifa. Fifa is a organization that controls most soccer leagues around the world. I found information about all the world cups there have been and the results. I discovered that the next world cup will be held in South Africa, beginning in June. My reflections and thought about what I learned from this website is that there are many countries all around the world participating in leagues which are controlled by Fifa.

I used The Ultimate Guide to Soccer and Soccer: The Ultimate Guide as book sources. I used these books because they had a lot of information about soccer. Even though both of these books were written by the same author they both had totally different information. From The Ultimate Guide to Soccer I learned a lot of information about how soccer started. What I learned is that Asian priests were the first people to be kicking a soccer ball around. This was said to be a stress reliever. My thoughts and reflections from what I learned is that soccer can also be played for fun or relaxation. There was one disappointment from my search in this book. The disappointment was information about the world cup was not available in this book. My second Book source was Soccer: The Ultimate Guide which was very updated. This book was very useful because of it being so updated. This helped a lot in my search because it helped me have more recent and accurate information. What I learned from this book source was that Brazil has won the most world cups. I also learned that the best player throughout the history of soccer is Pele, who was a Brazilian soccer player. I found one surprise from this book. There are some countries participating in the organization of Fifa that I never even knew that existed . One example would be Côte d'Ivoire who has made it to the world cup. My thoughts and reflections would be that soccer is very popular around the world. I think it is hard to believe that there are some countries throughout the world that participate in the world cup that are a bit unknown. There were not any disappointments or frustrations in this book source I use.

In conclusion, I learned a lot of information. I learned that soccer is famous all around the world. Soccer is a fast-paced and competitive game. Also that the sport can be played for various reasons. I expected to learn a few more things than what I learned. For example, I did not learn what material is used to make soccer balls. My search was quite successful because I learned a lot of things that I was hoping to learn. My connection with my faith statement was changed a slightly. I learned that soccer is more famous than I thought it was. This has changed my faith connection because spreading the Bible could be very easy because of the many nations there are participating in soccer world wide . This is the end of my search which was very successful and threw it I learned many things about the history of soccer.

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