The live positively

"'You have to live positively. You shouldn't sit back and wait for the time to die. By the time of my death, I will have planned for my children; they will have something to live on'" (Fleischman). Women around the globe have no voice or choice in a male dominated society. A woman deprived of her rights fights to her death like a fish without water. With the government in denial, a female must struggle to survive without any security. Her will to live must prove stronger than her will to die.

"7.3 million young women are living with HIV and AIDS and 14 million females ages 15-19 give birth each year" ( Girls). If a woman refuses to sleep with her HIV positive husband, he may force her to have sex with him, throw her out of the home, or abandon her. Women feel vulnerable to HIV, since they have no control over their sexual and reproductive lives. With men usually as the sole bread winner and property owner, the woman suffers serious consequences if she refuses him sex, even if she suspects the HIV virus has infected him. He may leave and take everything, kick her out with nothing, or force her to have sex, leaving her few options. The continuing practice of polygamy becomes an issue, since the risk of infection increases as the husband takes on new wives. Divorce becomes a difficult decision, due to the social stigma attached to an unmarried woman. Therefore, they often remain in a fatal marriage, simply due to worrying about what people think.

"Although many Americans believe that slavery came to a halt along with the close of the civil war, it is estimated that between 14,500 and 17,000 people are currently enslaved in this nation" (Easley). Modern day slavery includes the sexual exploitation of women and children. "The U.S department reports that 800,000 persons, many women and children, are trafficked internationally each year and as many as 27 million people are enslaved worldwide" (Easley). Trafficking, the modern name for slave trade, can take place within a country or along national boarders. Algeria, Cuba, Iran, Moldova., Burma, North Korea, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Syria, name some of the worst trafficking offenders. Some victims become lured from their homes to take part in selling themselves or find their back against the wall in the sex trade by deceitful promises of job or educational opportunity. "9.6 million girls participate in hazardous labor including slavery, prostitution, and armed conflict" (Girls).

Women suffer as wives, mothers, and as human beings. "96 million girls ages 15-24 are illiterate and 450 million women are stunted from childhood malnutrition" (Girls). The women generally get blamed for bringing the HIV virus into the family, regardless of who gets sick first, and may become rejected by her husband and his family. Urganda has a serious problem with the increasing rate of infection of girls ages 15-19. They have a six times higher incidence than boys the same age. So called "sugar daddies" prey upon the young girls whom they consider AIDS-free. They provide economic benefits such as payment of their school fees in return for sexual favors. In an effort to decrease the rate of young girls being exposed to "sugar daddy" predators, the Urgandan government passed an amendment rising the age of sexual consent from 14 to 18. However, because the penalty of death was considered too harsh and most girls get married before 18, such cases were never even prosecuted. The government has considered raising the age higher and reducing the penalty. Throughout Urganda, women confront the AIDS epidemic by trying to build a more independent life for themselves and their children. This, in turn, has helped to empower these women; however, with this level of change, they will encounter great resistance.

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