The rampant rudeness

While some say we are not rude to one another, RUDENESS IS MORE RAMPANT TODAY THAN IN THE PAST. Today we see rudeness in different places and a variety of circumstances.

Most people agree that bad parenting- the failure to instill god behavior in kids- is the major cause of bad manners. Kids are no longer having respect for their parents and they do what they wish. They are demanding, order their parents around, and they fly off the handle at the slightest provocation and escalate it to yelling and screaming very quickly. When you ask them to do something, they reply angrily, "you are not my boss," or "you can't make me." Kids nowadays dig in their heels about every decision. Fewer kids say "thank you" and "please." Parents are under stress and almost pushed to the edge dealing with their kids' behavior and it is not getting any better.

Recently, it seems you can't get through a day without someone stressing you. People are ruder. Road rage is increasing. Our manners are worse today than 20 or 30 years ago because we as a society have a serious lack of patience and respect for one another.

Rude driving and aggressive drivers (drivers who tailgate, exceed speed limit, run red lights and switch lines with no warning or consideration) contribute to the more than 6 million crashes in the US each year (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). Road rage is our #1 traffic problem.

A classic example of a typical road rage incident everyone will find too familiar. It's the story of drivers who fail to acknowledge the courtesy of another, and in no time flat this assumed slight escalated to just shout of physical violence. How many times, on any highway, is someone passing on the right, or conversely sitting in a left lane forcing people to go around them? Many people constantly complain about high auto insurance rates, yet they get into their fast cars and run stop lights, signs, tailgate, weave and speed, and cut off in order to be "first". Probably the most disturbing one I notice is that no one will respect an ambulance any more. I have seen ambulance flashing their lights, while people continue to try to make it across, turn or whatever right in front of them.

Cell phone rudeness is another that is on the rise. Some psychologist says that cell phones are a way of minimizing the importance of the group. Cell phone users are telling the rest of us that "you don't matter and I am very important". (Dr. Joseph Miller, New School for social research).

Cell phones are necessity, but not a license to be rude. Everyone needs to communicate with other people. People talk on the phone while driving in heavy traffic. They are infuriating. A typical example of cell phone rudeness is this. While waiting in line, you have to put up with someone talking loudly on their cell phone. None of the people standing in that line is interested in his personnel business or whoever on the other end of the line.

Just because we can now use cell phones to talk anytime, anywhere does not mean that we should. Yet, people still do it, and now we can't shut them up. Even when cell phones interfere with critical hospital or airline equipments, selfish people haul them out of their pockets anyway. Perhaps they could be prosecuted for causing harm to a patient undergoing a critical procedure or an airline disaster.

Lack of education on proper behavior and good ethics is the main reason for increasing rudeness in our civilized and educated country. Therefore, the young generation in America doesn't even know the difference between rudeness and kindness. Rudeness affects task performance and helpfulness. Different forms of rudeness converged to produce the same effects. Results from several studies showed that rudeness reduced performance on routine tasks as well as creative tasks. It also found that rude behavior decreased helpfulness. Through the last several years, I've noticed more and more often that people make excuses for others and their rudeness. It now appears to be acceptable to be rude in "certain" situations or to "certain" people.

We are all in such a hurry to do this, that, or something else- that we don't care whom we run into, cut-off, or pass in the process. Not referring just to traffic, mind you. I'm referring to everyday activities, like grocery shopping, working out at the gym, taking our children to playgrounds, etc. Yes, we are teaching our children the fine art of being rude, complete with excusing rudeness and justifying it. We don't even notice when we are rude to others anymore. How can we expect our children to learn proper manners, empathy for others, tact and respect towards other human beings- if we no longer display the same qualities or set an example for them?

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